Niibori Guitar Ensemble

Spain Concert Tour

Guitar Orchestra Visited the Mother Country of the Guitar


May 1978
Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE)
conducted by Dr. Niibori

In the courtyard of the Alhambra Palace
Dr. Niibori on the off day
It was said like "Miracle in the guitar world" that the guitar orchestra consisted of 16 Japanese accomplished the concert tour successfully in Spain where was the Mother country of the guitar. People in Spain was shocked and moved by the beautiful and minute sound of the guitar orchestra. After this concert tour, Mr. J. Ramirez and Mr. M. Contreras who were world famous guitar craftsmen, started studying Niibori Method and manufactured the alto guitar.

After this concert tour, people who were moved by the sound of the guitar orchestra started forming guitar orchestras in their country. For example, Dr. J. Cardoso got guitarists together and formed "Madrid Niibori Guitar Orchestra". Then, the news stimulated people in the central and south America, and guitar orchestras by Niibori Method were formed in El Salvador and Costa Rica. Actually, I have listened to their performance by cassette tapes and they were so wonderful and impressive.

By the request of a records company in Spain, Niibori Guitar Orchestra unexpectedly recorded their performance and released LP and a cassette tape titled "Remembrance of Alhambra" there. They are still in a souvenir shop in the Alhambra Palace and everywhere in Spain. It is interesting that Japanese tourists buy them as a souvenir in Spain while they don't know.

(This is the extract of Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama's dissertation of the degree "bachelor of arts in music")

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