The Dreamers London Tour

40 days of concert tour
Guitar orchestra by Niibori Method made a brilliant debut in the world !

May 1974
The Dreamers
conducted by Dr. Niibori

Poster in London
They were called "Daughters of Heaven" there.
The guitar orchestra made a brilliant debut in London where was the mecca of music world. Sunday Times wrote like "Japanese Invention (guitar orchestra) made a great success in London!" and applauded their first class performance and conducting. Mass media also reported the original guitars such as the alto guitar and the bass guitar as well as their concerts. This was the first time that the word "guitar orchestra" used in the world.

BBC was impressed by their beautiful sound and suddenly made a special program and broadcasted it repeatedly in Europe. By this concert tour, the guitar orchestra became famous in the world. After this, Niibori Method came to be spread in various countries.

BBC making a special program
When Spain invited Niibori Guitar Ensemble in 1979, they told us that they were so mortified when they knew our London tour because they called Spain was the mother country of the guitar. I think this is the proof that the London tour caused a big sensation in the world. Also in Singapore, people knew Niibori Guitar Orchestra by this London tour, and invited us later in 1981.

(This is the extract of Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama's dissertation of the degree "bachelor of arts in music")

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