US-Japan Goodwill Concert '95 in Honolulu

May 13, 1995 in Orvis Auditorium
Standing Ovation was caused !!

On May 13, 1995, US-Japan Goodwill Concert was held in Honolulu.

Performers visited Honolulu this time was a crack unit consisted of 20 members selected from Niibori Guitar Orchestra (about 100 members). They showed great performance with 22 types of Niibori Method Original Guitars. The concert started from 4 o'clock in Orvis Auditorium located in a campus of University of Hawaii. When the first number "Haru ga Kita" was started playing, the audience was strongly attracted by the first guitar orchestra sound. Difficult concertos were played one after another, and after the last number "Guitar Concerto A-major Op.30" by Giuliani, applause lasted for a long time. Then, "Hawaiian Wedding Song" was played as an encore, the whole audience stood up with joy and some even shed tears.

*** Program ***

Concerto for 2 Alto Guitars, "Haru ga kita" in Baroque Style
(M. Hayakawa, arr. H. Niibori)
Concerto for 3 Flamenco Guitars, "Tanquillo De Cadiz"
(J. Beherend, arr. H. Niibori)
Concerto for 2 Double-strings Alto Cembalo Guitars
Original: Concerto for 2 Mandolins
(Vivaldi, arr. H. Niibori)
"Fantasy Sakura" for Alto Guitar with NRM
(S. Ohmiya)
Concertino No.2 for 2 Alto Guitars "Pretty Divertimento"
(H. Niibori)
Concerto for 2 Bass Guitars
Original: Concerto for Horn
(W. A. Mozart, arr. H. Niibori)
Concerto for 2 Alto Guitars "Variations on Sakura" with Koto Picks
(M. Miyagi, arr. H. Niibori)
"Prayer for Peace" by NRM Ensemble, Folk Guitar and Japanese Flute
(M. Ishizuka, arr. H. Niibori)
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet "Clavelitos"
(South Spain Traditional Song, arr. M. Hashimoto)
Guitarron Concerto, "March & Trepak" from The Nutcracker
(Tchaikovsky, arr. N. Shibayama)
Concerto A-major Op.30 for 2 Prime Guitars
(M. Giuliani, arr. H. Niibori, M. Nishikawa)

Consolatory Concert

kuakini2.jpg On the same day with the concert, from 9:30 in the morning, Niibori Guitar Orchestra had a consolatory concert for a home for the aged at Kuakini Medical Center that was the only hospital run by Japanese in Honolulu.

Kuakini Medical Center was established as a benevolent hospital in 1900. In those days, lots of Japanese emigrated to Hawaii to work in sugar cane farms. They needed medical care for their hard work or accidents, but it was difficult for Japanese to find a doctor to see them for their severe financial situation and racial discrimination. Therefore, Japanese cooperated together and established hospitals for Japanese. But now, Kuakini Medical Center is the only hospital that established by Japanese and still exists today. It became a general hospital that has 560 doctors and 300 nurses as of 1995.

In the consolatory concert, an elegant Japanese woman who worked in the hospital served as the master. Residents at the center moved by their dear language and wonderful performance very much and even shed tears. Before the concert, Dr. Niibori gave the donation to the center on behalf of International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation. Then, after the concert, letters of thanks were given to every member and Dr. Niibori was hung a beautiful lei round his neck by a lady who was 101 years old. Niibori Guitar Orchestra played a few music that were not included in the program to express their thanks. The consolatory concert was finished in heartwarming applause.

10 Bachelors of Arts in Music

diploma.jpg This time, 10 members who played as soloists in concertos were conferred a degree of "bachelor of arts in music" by Honolulu University. The conferment ceremony and commemorative party were held in Hotel Nikko Waikiki the Irikai which was the first class hotel in Honolulu. In front of lots of people, Dr. Warren Walker who was the president of Honolulu University gave the diplomas to each person and shook hands with enthusiasm. They were full of joy and honor in a black gown and a mortarboard that were the full-dress uniform of the university. It was a historic record in the guitar music field that 10 people obtained the international degree "bachelor of arts in music" at the same time.

Dr. Niibori was conferred the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy"

Dr. Niibori with the honorable certificate
In the conferment ceremony, Dr. Niibori was conferred the official certificates of the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" issued by the Department of State and State of Hawaii. Dr. Niibori has already conferred the degree of "Doctor of Arts" in 1990 for his Niibori Method, but this time, his philosophy was highly evaluated and was conferred the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy". This means that "Niibori Method" and "Guitar orchestra" were approved as cultural assets in the world.

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