Australia Concert Tour '96

Precious asset in the world
Sydney Opera House

On March 23, 1996, Australia-Japan International Goodwill Concert was held in Sydney Opera House.

After the concert in Sydney Opera House
Members tossed Dr. Niibori shoulder-high into the air.
For this concert tour, Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra consisted of 114 members visited Australia with a great number of musical instruments such as 200 guitars, 15 drums, 2 kegs, 3 synthesizers, 30 keyboard guitars, 30 hand-bells, xylophone, timpani, gong and so on.

The program consisted of two parts. In the first part, Niibori "Guitar Orchestra conducted by Mr. Yukifumi Murakami presented their standard repertories. At first, audience was surprised by the beautiful sound of the guitar orchestra, but they were gradually spellbound by it. After the last number of the first part, "Guitar concert A-major Op.30" by Giuliani, the hall was filled with enthusiasm.

Dr. Niibori's dressing room after the concert.
In the second part, all movements of "Spring" of a symphonic poem "The God of SAI" were performed by Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra. Dr. Niibori who was the composer of this symphonic poem and the originator of the guitar orchestra, conducted it.

"The God of SAI" is a musical pageant that wishes humankind's happiness in the coming centuries and describes the beautiful nature of Ohshima-mura in Joetsu area. It takes 45 minutes long to play it. During it, the audience didn't move and concentrated on the magnificent music. Scene 4 (the 4th movement) that makes full use of Japanese drums and guitar orchestra, is the highlight of this musical pageant. As soon as the scene was finished, the audience shouted 'Bravo!'. The concert was finished with a standing ovation.

Curtain Call
Melbourne concert on March 24 was succeeded as great as Opera house's. Melbourne arts center is the home ground of Melbourne symphonic orchestra. On the day, their concert had been scheduled, but the conductor Mr. Hiroyuki Iwaki changed their schedule for us. Lots of guitarists, guitar craftsmen and people concerning music who knew the success of the concert at Opera House visited a musical director, Dr. Niibori's dressing room one after another.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra has been promoting world peace through music. By this concert tour, it surely built a bridge of peace between Australia and Japan, we believe.

*** Program ***

Concerto for Takebue, Soprano Guitar, Prime Guitar and Contrabass Guitar
Original: Concerto for Flute & Harp K.299 I Allegro
(Mozart, arr. H. Niibori)
Double Prime Cembalo Guitar Solo
Passagio & Presto from Suite No.1 for Lute
(J. S. Bach, arr. K. Sasozaki)
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet "Un Blanc Jour D'un Charton - Tempest
(R. Stolz / Beethoven, arr. H. Kobayashi)
Concerto for Alto Guitar with Koto Picks "Variations on Sakura"
(M. Miyagi, arr. H. Niibori)
Concerto for 2 Prime Guitars and Guitar Orchestra
Original: Guitar Concerto A-major Op.30 No.1
(Giuliani, arr. M. Nishikawa)
Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra
Symphonic Poem "The God of SAI" for NRM Guitar Orchestra & Wadaiko
(Hiroki Niibori)

Appeared on a popular TV program !

tv.jpg On March 22, Niibori Guitar Orchestra appeared on the Australian No.1 TV program "Channel 9". The staff's speedy setting and perfect camera work let us feel their professional spirit and their high knowledge about music. In the program, according to the master's request, Dr. Niibori conducted and the orchestra played 'Guitar Concerto A-major Op.30" by Giuliani. After this, members were often talked like "We watched you on TV!" on streets.

Moreover, Dr. Niibori was interviewed by National radio station ABC, and Ladies' Quartet and Mr. Nishiwaki who acted the god of SAI in the concert were interviewed by mass media in front of Sydney Opera House. Beautiful women playing the guitars and Mr. Nishikawa in a a brave costume of "the god of SAI" were taken photographs a lot by not only people of mass media but lots of tourists.

Remodeling the Opera House !?

staff.jpg This time, all preparation of the stage and sound effects were done by the Australian staff except for the chief director. The staff of Opera House spent 2 days for the setting of the concert, and to our surprise, their professional spirits remodeled part of the world famous Opera House. The concert was succeeded in cooperation with the staff in Australia. In this meaning, this event was exactly a goodwill concert for both of us. We really thank the stage manager, Mr. Jeffrey and all staff in Australia.

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