Niibori Guitar Ensemble

Southeast Asia Concert Tour

The Beginning of the Guitar's New World !! Students start coming from overseas.

April 1981
Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE)
conducted by Dr. Niibori

News papers picked out the concerts.

This Southeast Asia concert tour unexpectedly had a new meaning in the guitar world. Mass media applauded the guitar orchestra like "The beginning of the new world !!". Before this tour was accomplished, people went to Europe to study music. But after it, people came to interested in Niibori Method and students started coming to Japan to study music one after another. Mr. Horng Tzaytian came from Taiwan was one of such students. He entered Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Japan disregarding his friends' going to Europe, and after returning to Taiwan, he established a music school by Niibori Method in Taichung. Guitar orchestras he formed are attracting considerable attention in Taiwan now.

Members on the off day in Taiwan

(This is the extract of Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama's dissertation of the degree "bachelor of arts in music")

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