NKG Senior & Junior High Schools Guitar Orchestra

Lots of professional guitarists were born
from this orchestra

With the establishment of Kichijoji girl's high school in Tokyo in 1962 as a start, Dr. Niibori has been devoting himself to promoting a musical education using the guitar, and he established NKG (Japan Educational Guitar Association, domestic name is NKG). From 1964 to 1989, Dr. Niibori taught the guitar at famous Japanese music school, Kunitachi Ongaku University for 25 years. As the result of his achievement, musical education using guitar was taken into lots of junior and senior high schools. This orchestra is formed by guitar club members and graduates of junior and senior high schools that belong to NKG. It conducts All Japan junior & senior high school guitar festival every year since 1976. This orchestra has been producing lots of professional guitarists.

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