Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra

China Concert Tour in 1992.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-group, Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet, Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), Solo performance group 'Guitaristus Nippon', Tyrol Ensemble and many professional guitarist groups make up the 'Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra'. Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra hold a concert at Kyoritsu Kodo in 1968 (attendance: 3,700), an 'Evening concert for Vivaldi' with 120 guitarists in 1975, 'Guitar Orchestra with 300 members/Companionship of 15,000 people' at the Nihon Budokan in 1977, a concert at Suntory Hall in 1987, and China concert tour in 1992, Sydney Opera House in 1996. The latest performance, a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' is attracting considerable attention around the world. Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra shows the real attraction of the Niibori Method.

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