Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra playing 'Variations on Sakura'

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra was formed in 1957. This is the first guitar orchestra Dr. Hiroki Niibori formed, and the 8th professional guitar orchestra in Japan. It has been active for 40 years without any suspends. It created new tradition and is accumulating musical achievements year by year. It is called the parent body of all Niibori Guitar Orchestras, and a core of Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra that performed symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori. Through this orchestra's activities, research and development of Niibori Method have been remarkably progressed. It released LP record for the first time in guitar field in Japan. It recorded epoch-making cassette tapes, CDs and video tapes one after another. Its popular and experimental repertories are followings: 'Concerto for flute and harp' (W.A.Mozart), 'Variations on Sakura' (Michio Miyagi), 'Toccata & Fuga' (J.S.Bach), 'Concerto for electrical guitars and guitar orchestra', 'NRM18-01' (H. Niibori) and so on. With its interesting activities, it has been giving people a lot to talk about all over the world. It accomplished lots of international concert tours and attracted people in various countries by its great performances.


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