- N. Chapel -

& PLERA Room

Left side is N. Chapel and right side is PLERA room and Dr. Niibori's residence
N. Chapel (Niibori Chapel) is on a small hill in Hayama of Kanagawa prefecture. Shonan Enoshima which is very popular among the youth is near the hill and a sacred Mt. Fuji can be seen from the windows. Of course, the beautiful sea in front of the hill shows us different faces every day. Hayama is well-known as a modern and clean town where lots of artists and musicians live, and an Imperial Villa and sophisticated houses decorate the town. A white house stands out most is the founder of Niibori Guitar Music Academy, Dr. Niibori's office and residence. As his office has a point shaped roof and a beautiful stained glass window designed by Dr. Niibori, it is called N. Chapel. The entrance hall is covered with black granite, and the Alma mater of Niibori Guitar Music Academy 'gavotte op.6-10' by Handel is carved on it.

Stained Glass
In the stained glass, you can see the alphabets 'Y', 'S', 'G' that stand for the initials of 3 Niibori Guitar Music Academy's campuses, and 'NE' that stands for Niibori Guitar Ensemble. In the daytime, soft sunlight brightly illuminates the room, and the dream world stimulates Dr. Niibori's imagination. In the night, heartwarming lights from the stained glass comfort people pass by as if it is a chapel in the dark.

Dr. Niibori's office
In the office, there are great amount of variable books, records, panels trace the history of Niibori group, and guitars and musical instruments he uses for the composition very neatly. Lots of hot news about music and arts come to the office from all over the world, and new compositions and method are originated one after another every day. Stained glass is above the modern pentagonal terrace on the south side of the office. When Dr. Warren Walker, the president of Honolulu University visited here, he saw the mystic lights from the stained glass and said that he felt the power of the universe and the energy of peace.


120 inches screen comes down from the ceiling !
PLERA stands for 'player's opera' and means a synthetic art for the 21st century consists of music, sound effects and stage effects. In PLERA, players don't stay in the orchestra pit but express music with their whole body on the stage. A symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' composed by Dr. Niibori is a masterpiece in a style of PLERA. This PLERA room with the most up-to-date facilities give people the feeling of being at a live performance.
At first sight, it looks a normal living room. But as soon as a button of the touch panel beside a sofa is pushed, soundproof shading shutters cover all windows and 120 inches screen comes down from the ceiling, and the latest facilities show their true abilities. There is a sun deck side of the room for the coffee break, and beautiful scenery with Mt. Fuji and Miura bay can be seen from the deck.

Audio visual facilities
PLERA room is equipped with W VHS video recorder, beta camera for business use, HD decoder enables high vision and replay very clearly on the large screen, LD player and TV that can deal with high vision, S-VHS video recorder (2), selector, European handmade speakers, video projector (3 tubes & 3 lens), super woofer and 120 inches screen. In addition to the excellent facilities, air conditioner and soundproof shading shutters can be controlled by the touch panel beside a sofa. In white closets, there are a great number of video cassettes recorded the 40 years of history. The room can reproduce the sounds of over 20 famous concert halls from European small church to stadium. Therefore, the most suitable hall can be selected according to the scale of the music. New employees are invited to this room and experience exciting concerts and movies with high quality sound and vision. You'll hear the thundering sound of helicopter and surely turn around with a stoop !!