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As is well known, guitars are a unique family of instruments: also guitars portray butterflies fluttering delicately over rape blossoms; cembalo guitars reflect the mystery and drama of the constellations shining in the evening sky; prime guitars are best suited to express the sweet pathos of lost love; bass guitars surpass other instruments in describing the swell of the ocean; and so on. We are pleased to introduce you to our Niibori Method. This method enables you to make full use of the versatility of the guitar family to express both nature's elements and the subtleties of human emotion. This Method thus makes guitars more familiar and accessible to you.

The Niibori Method has enabled us to create guitar orchestras that encompass the traditional delicacy inherent in the instruments and the beauty of their novel sound; the influence of such orchestras will extend far into the next century. Overseas, the excellence of the "Niibori Method" and the "Niibori Sound" have already been discovered. More and more people now esteem "Niibori Method Original Guitars" above all others, and want to obtain them. Some counties have even awarded the Niibori Guitar Academy for its Niibori Method and related guitar orchestra activities; such honors include Artistic Prize, Cultural Prize, Honor Prize, Grand Prix, etc. In addition, we are proud to say that, thanks to our internationally respected craftsmen, our custom-made Niibori guitars have nearly achieved perfection, unfailingly producing the incomparable Niibori sound.

The Niibori Method covers five areas:

Musical theory created by Hiroki Niibori (new musical expression using various guitars, new methods for organizing instruments, arranging, and conducting). This area covers musical scores.

New dynamic Niibori techniques, including a playing method using the finger tips of the right hand, and the new Apoyand technique, which is a new breathing method. developed and improved from the traditional Segovia style. Holding a pick short and stroking strings rather hard with the left finger tips produces a full, monotone expression. This area focuses on performance techniques.

A wide variety of Niibori guitars (alto guitars, prime guitars, bass guitars, contrabass guitars, cembalo guitars, soprano guitars, sopranino guitars, piccolo guitars, etc. to be used as needed) are easy to play with the Niibori Method, and will produce familiar yet artistic expression. These guitars are designed and produced at the request of the Niibori Guitar Academy. This area focuses on musical instruments.

The Niibori Method has already produced many professional musicians and music lovers. This is because education systems have been thoroughly organized to explore and implement the three areas mentioned above. Niibori Guitar Academy is the only institution to own three public corporations, including two domestic educational foundations and a corporation in the United States.

In addition, support systems have been established to efficiently execute the above four items: For example, "PLERA", (a consolidated artistic form composed of performance, image, and sound elements), has been praised as state-of-the-art intelligent culture by various countries; and "NRM" (new rhythmic response method based on guitars) is also widely used. Niibori's know-how has enabled these systems to be implemented.

The "Niibori Method" is a method without equal, consisting principally of five areas: musical scores, performance techniques, instrumentation, education, and support systems. Everyone can find a unique niche in the area of instrumentation. With whatever instruments available, from lovely soprano guitars, established alto guitars, fresh cembalo guitars, large bass or contrabass guitars, or even guitarrons, people will enjoy playing music solo, in duet, or in ensemble, as they wish. School rooms adopting this method are filled with enthusiastic students who enjoy a wide variety of music. In addition, the above guitars are unique products derived from three principles of the Niibori Method:

1. all guitars have six strings;

2. all guitars are perfectly tuned to one another.

3. all strings are uniformly designed with the same prime ratio as in traditional guitars.

These features allow anyone with some knowledge of guitars to play any variety of the Niibori guitars. The Niibori Guitar Academy's guitar orchestra system transforms a long-cherished goal into reality. It is as if a person, after playing the violin one day, could play the cello with ease the following day. Accordingly, the Niibori Method has made inroads into many countries much faster and in a more accessible manner than other general orchestral methods. Niibori thus has played an active part in promulgating the joy of music. Impressed with the method noted craftsmen all over the world have now developed state-of-the-art instruments and supplied them to Niibori's headquarters. As a result, we now possess both the highest performance techniques and instruments of unparalleled quality. Both are required to produce quality sound.

What is NRM?

NRM stands for Niibori Rhythm Method and means a method using a Niibori style musical system based on rhythm.

In this case, a word 'method' doesn't mean only a way of 'performance' but 'instruction' 'formation' 'conducting' and 'score'. Music consists of 'rhythm' 'melody' and 'harmony'. The most important constituent is 'rhythm'. When people feel happy, everyone beats time with hands or beat everywhere while he doesn't know. Human beings knew beating drums before learning letters. Looking back a history, a record such as 'people celebrated a harvest by beating drums and dancing' easily can be found. It means that human beings instinctively knew the pleasure of moving to the rhythm and the pleasure of living together. Guitar without strings is a simply drum. As I developed from the piccolo guitar to the contrabass guitar and guitarron, there are a variety size of drums. I had an idea that if I used the human being's instinctive response educationally and artistically, anyone would enjoy music at once. When he plays the guitar, he plays it with all his heart at the moment. It's the same with playing a drum, cymbals or xylophone. We need to prepare everything before beating them. To play musical instruments well, a training just before playing it is very important. And it is the first step for the technique to play music brilliantly, and express the colorful harmony delicately. NRM draws out human's potential instinctive ability, and blooms his great musical sense. I believe that instructor's idea will widen NRM's and student's possibility and the pleasure .

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