Concert in Musikverein
in November 2007

Dr. Hiroki Niibori establishes Niibori Guitar Music School.
Dr. Niibori forms Niibori Guitar Chamber Ensemble (present Niibori Guitar Orchestra).
The school's bulletin 'Monthly Harmony' published.
First concert held at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.
First LP record by King Records.
School concert tour begun.
Performance of 'Concert Grosso' (Vivaldi) at Kudan Kaikan attracts considerable attention in the guitar world and earned praises such as: 'Their performance is beyond original!'.
Second LP record released.
Performances at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on November 23 and 28 were an unprecedented success.
with Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita
LP records released by King and Victor Records.
First Candle Concert (Christmas Charity Concert) started. To this day, this charity concert tour series is held annually with a total attendance of 120,000.
LP records released by Teichiku and Columbia Records.
Produced theme music for TV drama series 'Shizu' and the Movie 'Yu-Bue'.
Appearance as a guest on TV program 'Kimijima Norio Morning Show'.
Improvements made to Bass Guitar and Contrabass Guitar announced, and orchestra sound makes great progress.
Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet 'The Dreamers' formed.
Roughly 3,700 people attend concert at Kyoritsu Kodo and establish a new record for largest concert audience in Japan.
Izu educational center (present Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory) built.
Appearance on NHK (national boadcast) TV program 'Young Fellows'.
Successful performance of 'Tales of the Vienna Forrest Waltz' open the way for guitar orchestra performance of J. Strauss compositions.
'The Dreamers' sign with King Records, become regular performers at a well-known classic venue 'Little Play House'.
Ms. Louise Walker
Special concert with Louise Walker, one of the greatest woman guitarists.
'The Dreamers' appearance on NHK TV program, broadcast over all of Japan.
'The Dreamers' release LP 'Beautiful Dreamer' and 'Love Sound' on King Records.
All Japan Guitar Concours started.
Special concerts with J. Beherend and Maria Louise Aniedo.
Release LP 'Mozart Musical Masterpieces' and cassette tape series 'New Guitar Method' (total fifteen volumes).
Release LP 'Menuet'.
Appear on TV program 'TBS Satellite Studio' aas regular guest.
Appear on TV program 'Net 23 o'clock Show' as regular guest.
Appearance on live TV broadcast 'NHK Song is Friend'.
'The Dreamers' complete 40 day London concert tour, BBC produced special broadcast over all Europe.
Guitaristus Nippon first recital.
'The Dreamers' London
Concert Tour
'Evening Concert for Vivaldi' by 120 member guitar orchestra completed.
From this year on, candle concerts to be held all over Japan.
Formation of Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), a crack unit of Niibori Guitar Orchestra.
NE holds concert in the presence of His Royal Highness Hirohito Takamatsunomiya.
First NE recital at Tokyo Yubin Chokin Hall.
School concerts by NE become active and popular.
Start of New Year Concert Series.
'Bach-Vivaldi Comparative Concert' by 160 piece guitar orchestra.
Company Guitar Clubs form one after another.
Concert, '300 piece Guitar Orchestra and 15,000 Friends'. An audience of nearly 20,000 in attendance makes this large scale international guitar event a huge success.
NE completes Spanish concert tour, releases LP record, and is invited to appear on TV. Welcomed like Segovia.
NE makes regular guest appearance on ch 12 and familiarize the nation with the attraction of classical guitar.
NE becomes quite popular, this Spanish label LP is imported and enjoys brisk sales.
NE release: LPs 'Fascinating Masterpieces' (total 7 volumes). (most later re-released on CD)
New Ladies' Ensemble successful visit to Spain.
Mr. J. Cardoso with
female players
Beginning of Pops Concert Series.
Release of cassette tape 'Screen Music'.
Live Concert LP series begins starting with the live album: 'J. Cardoso & the Niibori Guitar Orchestra'.
'Concert for Japanese Compositions for Guitar'.
NE completes Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Singapore) concert tour, and are proclaimed to be like 'The dawning of a new ara in guitar history' in Singapore.
First Concert run through Japan.
The 'Niibori Kindergarten Chorus' invited to Innsbruck Music Festival, Austria.
Concert series 'Invitation to Tyrol' by NE for first-timelisteners, is a hit.
180 piece Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra formed.
Joint concert by Pennsylvania Boys Choir, Niibori Guitar Children's Ensemble and NE.
' Evening for Minuets and Wine' and other concert series begun.
'Niibori Guitar Music Republic participates in Nihon TV's 'Mini Independent States Olympics' the sounds of the Guitar Orchestra are broadcast on nationwide TV.
Concert ''Hiroki Niibori & the Niibori Guitar Orchestra' held at Suntory Hall.
Cassette tape series 'Niibori Sound Best 20' (20 volumes) release.
'Station Concert', Tokyo station.
CD 'Hiroki Niibori & Guitar Orchestra' release.
Epock-making CD 'NRM18-01' composed by Dr. Niibori release.
Performance at party sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture celebrating Dr. Niibori's receiving the 'International Arts and Culture Award' and degree 'Doctorate of Arts'.
Ladies' quartet on Chinese TV
Highly successful Inernational Goodwill Concert series celebrating 20 years since the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China in Beijing and Nanjing, by invitation of China. 80 piece orchestra's performance attended by some 36,000, with an additional 4 hundred million joining in by TV or radio.
First Performance of symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' last movement composed by Dr. Niibori at Shinjuku Bunka Center.
Ensuring the continuation of Dr. Niibori's teaching methods, three heirs are chosen to give a special summer concert, 'A Musical Evening of Guitar Orchestra with Three Conductors'. An immensely successful event.
The International Goodwill Concerts are deemed such a success, the 'World's Highest Honorable Award' is bestowed by The World Peace and Cultural Foundation, USA.
The US public service corporation: International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation is approved and established. Dr. Niibori, conductor and musical director, inaugurated as a Director.
First performance of all four movements of the symphonic poem for Wadaiko (Japanese Drum) and guitar orchestra: 'The God of SAI' Joetsu, Niigata prefecture in October. The age of PLERA (player's opera, a synthetic art consists of sound, stage effects and vision) starts.
40th anniversary of candle concert.
Concert in Honolulu
Dr. Niibori's philosophies: 'Serve good music to be a nourishment for your soul', and 'World-wide Family' are highly acclaimed, receives Doctorate of Philosophy.
Inaugurated as full professor at Honolulu University, and visiting professor at Tamkang University.
Niibori Guitar Orchestra completes US-Japan Goodwill Concert tour with last concert in Honolulu ending in a standing ovation.
Niibori Method awarded the 'Meritorious Cultural Service Award' by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture.
Niibori Method internationally recognized.
Australia-Japan Goodwill Concert tour in Japan held in November.
Australia-Japan International Goodwill Concert tour in Australia held in March.
Niibori Guitar Ensemble participated in World Peace Prayer Ceremony held in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the sound was applauded by the representatives from all over the world.
Niibori Guitar Orchestra had a concert as an opening event of Nirayama Jidai Gekijo in Izu.
The 40th anniversary concert of Niibori Guitar Music School was held in Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo
Niibori Group received a silver prize from Japan Red Cross for 30 years of volunteer activities, and also recieved a letter of thanks from UNICEF.
The 3rd Niibori guitar Orchestra Concert in Hawaii was held on April, and rendered unprecedented success as a charity concert, and received a certificate of appreciation from Kuakini Foundation managed a hospital for the Japanese in Hawaii.
United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) sent a letter of apprecation for the Niibori Group.
Japan - Taiwan International Goodwill Concert was held by Taichung Children's Guitar Orchestra and International Niibori Guitar Orchestra together. It was reported by mass media a lot.
In a concert of Tokyo Opera City, "OVERTURE OP.362 FROM DIE FLEDERMAUS" BY J. STRAUSS was played for the first time, and the traditional Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-group had a great start as a new unit "the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Guitar Orchestra".
The International Parliament for Peace Settlement (NGO based committee on disarmament at the United Nations) conferred a plaque of recognition on Dr. Niibori for his distinguished achievements for world peace through music for long time.
NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) had a guest performance in International Festival of Guitar, Gryfice-Trzebiatow 2002 in Poland, and passionate standing ovation caused in a church.
"Full Harmony Studio" was completed in the 3rd building in Fujisawa. Including this, concert facilities such as salons, halls, and studio became 15 places in all over Japan.
The compilation book "Guitar Orchestra Master Text Book" vol.1 & vol. 2 were published in June.
NE showed a joint performance with Andrea Diech as a Italian Fair.
The Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra played with the Japanese top guitarist Shin-ichi Fukuda.
Dr.Niibori was awarded “The Distinguished PRIX for the World Peace” from the International Academy of Education (NY Headquarters).In November, the guitar orchestra composed of the students from Fujisawa & Tokyo campus of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy and from Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory participated in the “Stuttgart International Guitar Festival” in Germany. They played at Fellbach and Schwabisch Gmund and were blessed again with standing ovations.The 40th Christmas concert was held under the proposition of “With Wish to Peace”, same one as the last year, backed by the WPPS (NGO in UN) and the Goi Peace Foundation.
The Fujisawa campus received authorization from Kanagawa prefecture and started as an educational foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, and was freshly open in April.This is the first music college organized by a guitar music specialist team in the metropolitan area, and made a giant step aiming at dream creation in the future.NE concerts were held 3 times successively at Fujisawa (Full-harmony Studio at the International Niibori Guitar Music Academy), Yokohama (Himawari no Sato (meaning “sunflower village”) at the Cultural Center of Konan ward ) and Tokyo (Casals Hall at Nihon University). Besides Dr. Niibori, Mr. Naoto Shibayama, Mr. Kazuyuki Terada and Mrs. Kyoko Momose appeared on the stage as the conductor.
Dr.Niibori received an award regarding world peace from pope Dalai Lama XIV. And he was awarded "Gold Prize" for the contribution to charity and health by George W. Bush, President of U.S.A.

Dr.Niibori was knighted for his services to world peace. It is the knight grand cross from the knights St.Theotonio of Portugal with blessings of Pope Benedict XVI and former Pope John-Paul II.
The Niibori Group greeted 50th year since the first establishment. The Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra held the 50th anniversary concerts in Tokyo, Vienna, Munich and Seoul. Each concerts caused so many people standing ovation.
Dr.Niibori and his orchestra received a testimonial from UNICEF for an act of endowment at the benefit concert in Munich and Vienna.
Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra showed a joint performance with Arnaud Dumond in September in French-Japan Goodwill Concert to commemorate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations.
Dr.Niibori received a golden medal,"ENEREL" from the Mongolian Red Cross Society on Jan.3 in the recognition of his contribution to the humanitarian activities for the vulnerable people of Mongolia. And he was decorated Global Cultural Prize on Jan.20, historical hereditary decoration from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Dr.Niibori was awarded Albert Schweitzer "Art Prize" from Austrian Albert Schweitzer Association in March, and 25th Anniversary Jubilee Medal was given for this time with the special message of Mr.Joerg Steiner, Secretary General of the head office of the association.

Dr.Niibori received the certification from World Peace Academy.

Bass guitar string and Contrabass guitar string, developed by cooperation with Niibori Guitar Academy and French company "SAVAREZ", the official sponsor for Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) and having excellent reputation for manufacturing Classical Guitar String in very high quality, were put on the market from this April.
Dr.Niibori was awarded "Gold Prize" for the contribution to charity and health by Barack Obama, President of U.S.A.
"Live Building", Dr.Niibori's dream and ideal building for musicians, was completed and "Society of Music Friends", anti-ageing club, was started.

Long-awaited "Public performances in Italy" were realized in November.

Dr.Niibori was knighted by the Lord of Westminster, UK in March. He also received an Order of International Cultural Exchange from the Embassy of Russia in April.
Our headquarters's new office in Fujisawa was completed in March. So, we have two main buildings, "Honkan building" and "Live-kan building"!!
Niibori TV started on June 9th!! You can see Niibori's Now on Ustream!!!

Dr.Niibori was awarded the Yukawa Memorial Peace Prize and received the certificate of appreciation from UN-WHF(World Human Facility). Danrok was invited to Trzesacz Guitar Music Festival, Poland.

Dr.Niibori received the recognition and he was given Asian Renaissance art conduction ambassador from Thai International Committee of the Red Cross.