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Monthly Harmony' was first issued on June 10, 1960 as a bulletin of the Niibori Guitar Music School. The name 'Harmony' means a harmony of people's hearts who love music and learn study the Niibori Method. All staff wish that this magazine helps develop a mutual understanding among students, instructors, and members of guitar ensembles and guitar orchestras and that harmonizes their hearts through music.

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Information for subscription of Monthly Harmony

Greetings from chief editor of Monthly Harmony

Chief Editor
Naoto Shibayama
Monthly Harmony. This magazine is a bulletin of the Niibori Group and loved by lots of many guitar fans all over the world. It brings you so many information about guitar orchestras every month. With the policy of 'Serve good music to be a nourishment for your soul', we'd like to keep trying hard to make a good magazine. We'll appreciate your cooperation.

Greetings from the staff of Monthly Harmony

Kiyomi Niibori
Monthly Harmony, was born created in 1960, as is a magazine especially for the guitar, which has 6,000 years of history and many attractions. It has been picking out Monthly Harmony provides a wide range of news about the guitar music such as solo, ensemble, orchestra and instruction methods. Guitar has 6,000 years of history and has many attractions. In addition to the fresh news about the guitar, it contains lesson corners for various types of guitar and music scores for the guitar orchestra. Music scores that are carried published as soon as it is completed, and. Also, Dr. Niibori's essays are some of the attractions of the magazine. As An the English language page, that provides the latest news of the Niibori Method, is provided for people who don't read Japanese can get the latest news of Niibori Method. If you make use of the mail-order page, text books, guitars, strings, video tapes, CDs and any thing you need will be arrived at your house shipped directly and immediately to your mailing address.

Every Each staff member are members of belongs to the Niibori Guitar Orchestra. This has been true since the magazine was first issued. I belong to Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet, Niibori Guitar A-group, and Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE). This keeps my days very busy and sending very busy days. But I'm trying so very hard to make a high quality magazine days and nights. I'm very happy if you enjoy the magazine. Please say hello frankly to me when you see me at concerts or anywhere.

Kazuko Yamamoto
I'm spending am so busy these days to ask and get trying to obtain manuscripts , but it is hard and time consuming to get information from people around me seem to be keeping me at a distance. Doing this job is not a happy is very difficult, but there are lots of people our many subscribers who are looking forward to seeing our magazine every month, and so I encourage myself. The Niibori Method can become more global and fly high by with your encouragement and support. Please let us know the hottest news about the guitar if you know! If you have some interesting and hot news concerning the guitar, please let us know! We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

Greetings from the staff of publishing office

Michiru Ishida
Hello, everyone! My name is Michiru Ishida, I'm working work in the publishing office of Niibori Group. I'm making write music score books, text books and so on. Every book we've ever published is made with a deep love of professional guitarists, and caused that sensations in the music world. Every The whole staff loves music and guitar from the bottom of our their hearts. I'm very happy if I can help your dreams come true or enrich your life through publishing.

How to subscribe to Monthly Harmony.

First, please send a remittance check to our account at Mizuho Bank. And next, send your application to editorial office of Monthly Harmony by mail or FAX. (The application is available at the editorial office, so please ask it by mail or fax) Then, we will send 'Monthly Harmony' to you every month.

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