Guide to DANROK’s CD “Rock of Mozart” & Public Performance in Japan to support Public Performance in Poland

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

As introduced in this page of April issue, DANROK (Niibori Guitar Men’s Sextet) was invited as the main guest of The 17th International Guitar Festival in Trzesacz to be held on June 19~21 and concert is going to be held. And, Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, Vice President of International Niibori Music Academy and conductor of N-Orchestra, was also honorably invited as a judge at the festival.
For The International Guitar Festival in Poland, NE = Niibori Guitar Ensemble was invited in 2002 and attained big success. Musical director is Mr. Cezary Strokosz, the same person at that time. DANROK is going to perform at church in the suburbs of Trzesacz on June 19 at 20:00.
DANROK’s latest album CD “Rock of Mozart” became big reason to be selected as the main guest of this festival. Sponsors, hearing this CD, showed earnest desire to have “this performance for the festival in this year!”
The introduction for this CD in this page was rather insufficient and introduction in detail with writing of recommendation of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, supervised this CD, is shown below.
From the writing of recommendation of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, supervised this CD, DANROK’s 2nd album “Rock of Mozart”
Miracle in 21st century, perhaps___
Member of family (teacher) will likely give excessive praise or severe criticism, but this CD is really wonderful.
Speaking about baseball for instance, it will be equal to lining up 6 pitchers, having 160km/h speed ball. All of 6 members are classic guitarists and produce all kind of tone quality with fully utilizing all fingers. As all members can play electric guitar, they can fully express the field of electric guitar and this new CD, going over the wall of genre, will be miraculous one.
Basic instrument organization of guitars of Niibori system from left to right is:, Tetsuro Ihara (Soprano Guitar), Hiromu Taguchi (Prime Guitar), Sigetsugu Tanaka (Prime or Flamenco Guitar), Naoyuki Sawada (Double Stringed Prime Cembalo Guitar), Chiaki Onuki (Bass Guitar), and Hiroyuki Sato (Guitarron). This means it is possible to play NRM (percussion with colorful sound with particular knocking method). This will be also a miracle. Incidentally, no percussion instrument is used, except for classic guitars. Of course, no keyboards or vocals are used. This new CD is made with playing only classic guitars.
For more about miraculous items, almost all pieces of music are original ones composed in Japan. No piece is played by 6 members with classic guitars as just the same as scores of 200 years ago. All members are mates, learned guitar at International Niibori Music Academy standing aloof from wall of genre. All of members compose piece of music but many Yudai Hatanaka’s works are used in this CD especially. Mr. Hatanaka is also mate of them learned at International Niibori Music Academy and a member of present Niibori Guitar Orchestra, having been praised as "miracle of Japan" in Germany, Austria, Poland, England, France, America, Australia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea and so on.
Madams, fans of live performance, kneeling down around DANROK, some of them prepared money for debut on TV and manager and I, godfather, were filled with tears, recently. If it would be recommended to “KOUHAKU-UTA-GASSEN” (music festival of songs, highly evaluated in Japan) on NHK-TV, guitar fans, top population in music in the world, will surely be surprised by existence of another art (guitar ensemble), Japan being proud of in the world, coming next to animation.
All of DANROK is made in Japan. Members, pieces of music, musical instruments, organization (system), and school raised them, all techniques behind them, are all made in Japan. Tradition of Japan will be also completely expressed with wearing WAFUKU (Japanese clothing). The key point is performance with international language (Do, Re, Mi, Fa,,,,,,).
Program in the CD: Rock of Mozart (composed by Yudai Hatanaka), Rondo of Black Cat (Hiromu Taguchi), Opening the Window (Hiromu Taguchi), Metal Vivaldi (Yudai Hatanaka), Smoky (Yudai Hatanaka), Sexy Beam (Yudai Hatanaka), Diablo Rojo (Rodrigo y Gabriela), Fly Me To The Moon (B. Howard, Yudai Hatanaka), Outbreak (Tetsuro Ihara), Where The Rain Grows (M.Weikath, arr.Naoyuki Sawada), Gold Rush (Kengo Momose, arr.Hiromu Taguchi), OMINA-ESHI (Hiromu Taguchi). Price is 2,100yen(tax included).
Introducing concert to support DANROK
Concerts in Japan, preceding public performance in overseas, to support DANROK, are scheduled with the same program. Pieces of music recorded in CD "Rock of Mozart", of course, requested by the sponsor of International Guitar Festival in Poland, NRM pieces only in Japan & Niibori, cembalo guitars duo (Ihara & Tanaka), solo by Taguchi, and so on, and Polish piece of music will be prepared for encore,,,.
They are said to be aiming the best performance with receiving lesson from Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the musical director. Looking forward to have your warm support.
(Support money will be also accepted)
Program of public performance of DANROK in Poland & Memorial concert
*Rock of Mozart (Yudai Hatanaka), Metal Vivaldi (Yudai Hatanaka), Cembalo Guitar Duo‚The Parade of Tin Soldiers (L.Jessel, arr. Ryutaro Aihara) ,Smoky (Yudai Hatanaka), Outbreak (Tetsuro Ihara), NRM “GOJO-OHASHI (Hidekazu Maruyama), Rondo of Black Cat (Hiromu Taguchi), Rock of Beethoven <New Piece> (Yudai Hatanaka), Hiromu Taguchi’s 11 stringed Alto Guitar Solo‚ OMINA-ESHI (Hiromu Taguchi), Diablo Rojo(Rodrigo y Gabriela, arr. Shigetsugu Tanaka), Where The Rain Grows (M.Weikath, arr. Naoyuki Sawada)
[Public performance in Tokyo]
June 8 (Sun.), 2014. Place: International Niibori Music Academy Tokyo Campus, Guitar Gallery N. (1)13:00 ~ (2)16:00 ~
[Public performance in Fujisawa]
June 15 (Sun.), 2014. Place: International Niibori Music Academy Main Building Orchestra Studio. 15:00 ~
Ticket for each: Adult 4,000yen Primary, Middle, High School Student 2,000yen

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