From the greeting messages sent to New Year Concerts (Recitals) by Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobby.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This March issue has put together a special issue on schools with Niibori-Method (Guitar Schools, Music Schools, and Circles etc.).
Dr.Hiroki Niibori is the president of vocational colleges of guitar as International Niibori Music Academy but he first established Niibori Guitar Music School for general public. Niibori Guitar Music School has classrooms directly managed by head office and schools of Niibori Brand individually managed by leading disciples in many places in Japan. And these schools have about 100 times of students of vocational colleges.
For this time, the greeting message of Dr.Hiroki Niibori for New Year’s Recitals = New Year Concerts of Niibori Guitar Music Schools is introduced. And another greeting message of Professor Kyoko Momose, the chief professor in vocational college = an educational foundation, International Niibori Music Academy’s 2nd Department, is also introduced.
Introducing Hobby Schools = Niibori Guitar Music School, we will be very happy when it become to be a good reference for your (teachers’) musical activities through them.
[From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori]
Having Alto Guitar and Cembalo Guitar is the biggest advantage of entering Niibori Guitar. Guitar family has been basically standing on rather low pitched sound range to avoid interfering human voice (divine message of god) since 6,000 years ago. But in a short time, sound of considerably higher than the pitch of human voice was wanted and many kinds of musical instruments were made in various districts in the world.
After the war, the technological power of Japan reached the first class in the world with eye opening speed. My research work also taking this circumstance, the firm basis of N-Method was established developing guitars of each sound range such as Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Cembalo Guitar etc. in short period to make it possible to enjoy "guitar orchestra" of Niibori styled system of instruments’ organization, now enjoyed in 27 countries, as you know very well. The latest results in the field of science, medical science, engineering, and acoustics etc. began to prove "Niibori sound" is not only "enjoyable" but also very useful for "health and long life" lying beyond it.
The trigger was the words of Father Warren Walker (Ph.D.), an official of U.N., understanding the possibility of music therapy from various responses from children at special class in Los Angeles, said enthusiastically as "Niibori Method (sound)" is a best method of "bringing up feeling of happiness(bringing up peaceful mind)", and performers should first be conscious of it to have public performance in the world hereafter, and this called big attention to have honorable blessing from pope, as reported before.
Sound wave of Niibori-Method, standing a line with Mozart effect, (brought by harmonic sound of 5th musical interval) reaches 4,000Hz and it works to help human brain to secrete superb hormone to drastically resulting in anti-ageing. You can see many actual proof of it at museum in head office. Never miss to hear this sound when entering Niibori Guitar. Of course you will be able to enjoy sound, source of health and long life at any place in the building. I hope you, even in except for guitar course, of course, or do not perform, come to "Live building" and "Main building" and comfortably enjoy the sound making to realize "100 years old is non stop station".
[From the greeting message of Prof.Kyoko Momose]
In last autumn, volunteers from International Niibori Music Academy 2nd Department, where I am in charge of, went to perform to temporary housing area in Shichigahama, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the stricken area of big earth quake in Eastern Japan.
Feeling big anxiety, preparing thoroughly, we went there and results were impressive concerts with handclaps, singing, laughter and tears. Everyone in Shichigahama waved their hands and called "please come again!" until our bus went out of their sight, and thus we went back home with warm feeling.
The key points for success for this time were Niibori- Method guitars of each sound range, arrangements, programming, clothing (men in tuxedos, ladies in wonderful dresses, change clothes to match the piece of music), stage manners (as might have been expected, usual stage experience proved!), talking (humor), and smile!! Speed of progress was eye opening because of study having common purpose, with thinking together, improve together friendly rivalry, at the new building in Fujisawa, full of Dr. Niibori’s affection. ("Progress" means not only for performing technique but also for spirit as performer!!) Students in 2nd department having their jobs and could not spare enough time for preparation. Only thinking people in Hichigahama enjoy, practice and preparation were done and this concert tour resulted important experience unforgettable in life. Man feels "happiness = peaceful mind" accomplishing something with others. This strong happy feeling is never obtained alone. Dr. Niibori, in his primary school age, in his place of refuge in the 2nd world war, playing with local children, became aware of importance of music bringing up peaceful mind through ensemble with them, and he decided to be a musician. The belief of Niibori-Method does not change in this year, 57th anniversary since it was established.
Today is the day of making a concert by students of each school in the beginning of New Year. Please enjoy happy feeling with cooperating each other even meeting for the first time to put enthusiasm into concert and also with playing in close cooperation in ensemble! I am supporting all of you to have wonderful start of the year.

Dr.Hiroki Niibori won "Yukawa Memorial Peace Award"
Dr. Hiroki Niibori, winning many Peace Awards, won "Yukawa Memorial Peace Award" on January 1, 2014, for peace activity through music.
This prize has been continued by Mrs.Sumi Yukawa (honorary president of World Federalist Movement) inheriting peace activity & wishing for peace of Dr.Hideki Yukawa (winner of Novel Prize in Physics).
Mr.Kazuyuki Terada conducted Japan, Taiwan and Singapore international exchange concert.
Mr.Kazuyuki Terada, Vise President of International Niibori Music Academy & conductor of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra, invited as a conductor from Taiwan and Singapore in last year, was invited again from MIKO GUITAR in Taiwan in December 2013 and conducted.
In last year, concert was held as special issue of Japan and concert for this time was held as international exchange, inviting Singapore guitar ensemble, and joint orchestra (guitar orchestra by Niibori-Method) with Taiwan and Singapore was realized and Japanese Mr.Kazuyuki Terada conducted.
"Love Fortune Cookies Niibori"version was completed!
Many organizations in Japan are now showing dance of AKB48’s "Love Fortune Cookies"to distribute vigor, and broadcasting through You Tube is popularly done in Japan. And, at last, Niibori version was completed. Orchestra and sections in head quarters, Niibori-Method Schools and ensembles in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore are seen. Link is: http://youtube/5DxmKMuNRcA
Please watch it. The more access will call the more watchers. The more playbacks will be welcome.

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