ConcertCD of exemplary performance of Collection of pretty small works for guitar solo & ensemble, “Text book to give beautiful sound”

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

We feel honorable and glad to say thank you very much for receiving New Year’s Greeting Messages to carry on January issue of Harmony from so many people.
Now for this time, 2 CDs for healing, put on sale in 2013, are introduced with message written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (the originator of guitar orchestra), supervised these 2 CDs. These 2 CDs are expected to give good effects for health, and recommended as well conforming to the theme of Niibori-group for this year, “music + health & actual practice for beautifulness”.
[From the message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, supervised CDs]
CD of exemplary performance of Collection of pretty small works for guitar solo & ensemble, "Text book to give beautiful sound".

Beautiful sound, not to be thought as existing in present world, surely exists.
Hearing such sound, brain will be pleased with trembling. And secretes supreme hormone next by next. Then, whole body will become well-regulated in each portion, resulting anti-ageing effect, and become fresh with well balanced body and mind.
This is the fact learned by my self for 79 years’ experience.
I am much healthier now than my age of 34, with decreased disease. My weight, decreased from 90 Kg to 60 Kg, is continuously and stably keeping for more than 30 years without rebounding.
Health with well balanced body and mind (become happy = being self-conscious of happy feeling) is the state of balanced working of left and right brain.
For example, using left brain continuously for examination, efficiency will decrease, and some one’s mind, in extreme case, will become out of order. People learn, hear beautiful sound and enjoy ensemble, at least once a week, will be safe. On the contrary, only hearing distorted sound used in rock music and so on, function of left brain will be damaged as suffering from difficulty to act as balanced human, and some of them will damage their health in extreme case.
There said to exist corpus callosum between left and right brain to communicate with each other, and using mainly one side only will damage the bridge.
For example, let a person always thought to commit suicide hear beautiful sound, began trembling and crying and soon after he told me he had been wondering why he was always caught by so gloomy thinking. After hearing beautiful sound, his eyes became bright. This means, when his left brain was just wearing out, right brain began to work to start bridge to activate, and he came to himself.
That is, experiencing beautiful sound, we human being made by god can originally take back the function of child of god.
Then, how can we get beautiful sound.
Saying about guitar, 1.good touch, 2.good guitar & 3.good breathing are the premise.
"Good touch"is to perform in good posture = form, with a little bit shorter nails, with deep touch and catch string as twisting = string moves rotating.
"Good guitar"is a guitar just fitting to your body size and having low height of strings to play easily; and those 2 will be the first.
"Good breathing"is the breathing just matching to express rhythm of composer’s thought for the piece of music.
These 3 elements will be taught soon in the school and by teachers, history down to Segovia being faithfully kept.
And today in 21st century, there exist DVD & CD as the texts instantly giving those essential items. Fully utilizing them, speed of progress jumped like "NOZOMI"(=the fastest express train in Japan).
As this CD, set of book and CD using Soprano Guitar, Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cembalo Guitar, Guitarron and so on is the first time in the world, and there will be no other superior one. And this contains important key effecting human body.
That is, classic guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar and so on placed in show windows of usual musical instrument shops have the sound range to 982 Hz and it means the left side half (low pitched sound range) of key board of piano. Adding Soprano Guitar, Cembalo Guitar and Guitarron, and octave harmonic sound being piled up, it will reach ideal 4,000Hz, and this wave motion has been understood recently as the key to secrete Dopamine and beta-endorphin from brain.
This is the CD making possible to give experience linked with “Text book to give beautiful sound” and to study instantly. This is epoch making and very effective.
Furthermore, all performers are specialists learned Segovia’s performing method at Niibori Guitar, and there will be almost no other one presenting so many personnel, scores, instruments and performances. I hope you should progress by leaps and bounds with fully using this to have actual experience.
Performers for this CD are (omitting titles) Kiyoshi Koyama, Satoshi Sakamoto, Hideaki Kobayashi, Kouhiro Sasozaki, Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet "Dreamers the 3rd"(Kyoko Momose, Hiromi Omiya, Hisako Yamamoto, Kiyomi Niibori, Youji Ochiai), Hiromu Taguchi, Tetsurou Ihara and conductor of ensemble is Hiroki Niibori.
Set with 2 CDs, pieces of music : Maria Luisa, El Noi de la Mare, Canco del Lladre, Moon light, Mister Lonely duet, Etude Good Friend, Serenade by Schubert, The Poet and I, Pantomime, Schlaf in guter Ruh! Taubert, Sueno, Souvenirs D'fenfance & Concerto Pour Une Jeune Fille Nommee "Je T’aime", etc.
All 64 pieces of music are recorded, 3,000yen (without tax), Collection Book of Pieces of Music 3,200yen (without tax)
CD "Selected collection for Relax" with guitars
Heals men of today & society
This is the CD for Music Therapy with collected pieces of music for healing.
This CD was made to reach your heart calmly.
This is suitable for use in beauty-treatment clinics. Hearing this when receiving treatment alone at aroma therapy and Radon therapy, the effect will be mostly expected. Of course, adjusting volume control, it will be usable at any place like nail or extension salon, therapeutic clinic relying on manipulation of bones and muscles, massage salon with old style in Thailand, hospital, kindergarten, in a train, home, coffee/tea shop, hotel, drinking bar, and so on.
"Music therapy in Niibori style" has 2 big features.
One is fully using “Guitar Sound”, having big therapy effect from the old age of Mesopotamia. Another one is not only using usual Prime Guitar with low pitched sound but also fully using "Niibori’s original Alto Guitar having 5 degrees higher pitch of sound".
These 2 points have been actually proved to have big effect in therapy.
Guitar sound, exceptionally having 6,000 year of history, is consisted of an element of "striking sound" at the instant of playing and another one "lingering sound". This is the sound, have become understood to have good effect to help generating plenty of alfa wave.
And, as another relation between Alto Guitar and Prime Guitar, sound of 5 degrees has become actually proved to have big effect to generate alfa wave.
Niibori sound has been said to be not only beautiful and joyful but also helping to fill with peaceful mind, since many years ago and won more than 70 prizes from many countries.
The alfa wave is likely generated when relaxing, rest & eyes closed. Mind will become calm and "peaceful mind" will become to fill up your mind, and that is the supreme brain wave.
Brain of a man, child of god, will secrete beta-endorphin (hormone in brain = morphine in brain) when hearing wonderful music and brain being pleased.
This will make whole body younger and fresh.
It is wonderful to be healed with music, adjusting balance of left and right brain, making whole body younger. Repeating this process will be an origin to realize "100 years old is a non-stop station".
Pieces of music: Prelude by Chopin, Pavane by Louis Milan, Gavotte by Gossec, Pretty Old Times by Hiroki Niibori, Recollections by Tarrega, "Winter" 2nd movement from Four Seasons, Wind in baroque style, "Silent Night", and so on
All 21 pieces of music recorded 1,800yen (without tax)
Information of Spring Anniversary Concert by Students of International Niibori Music Academy
Springtime regular public performance by guitar centered music vocational school, president is Dr. Hiroki Niibori, is scheduled to be held on Feb. 11, 2014, curtain rise will be at 15:30, at Kamakura Performing Arts Center (Big Hall). Highlights are many!
Ticket: Adult 2,000yen. Student 1,000yen.
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