The 104th Concert of Niibori Guitar Music School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The big concert, reached the 104th, of Niibori Guitar Music School is introduced extensively on and after page 8 in this issue.
Niibori guitar Music School, established and opened by Dr. Hiroki Niibori in 1957, is a music school for hobby and acquiring culture to learn and enjoy music in all aspect putting guitar, having long history, at the center. Branded schools and friendship schools are located in all over Japan, but this concert is performed by schools directly managed by headquarters, and students appearing on stage for solo or ensemble were selected by concert of each district. They were selected from thousands of students and very honorable for them.
Excellent persons were discovered here in every year, and for this time, surprisingly gifted boy and Ms. Betty Yuzu (carried on front cover of this issue, student of ukulele) acting already as a professional musician appeared on stage.
Actually, many guitarists playing actively now started to learn in Niibori Guitar.
For example, Ms. Kyuhee Park and Mr. Yongtae Kim learned formerly in Niibori.
Here, the greeting message for this concert given by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (President of Niibori Guitar Music School, now) is introduced below.
<From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori for program of the concert>
I appreciate all of you attending here. I certainly believe you will have a “good time”. Niibori is now eagerly practicing development of method, providing appliances and planning of events to fulfill happy feeling to performers of course and also to people do not perform.
For that purpose, “The building for Learning (Main Building)” to develop a fine character was completed in this spring. Results developed here will be announced immediately at “The building for Meeting (Live Building)” and good things will be delivered to people in the world through Niibori TV (internet TV) to create “the moment with fulfilling happy feeling” even to the people do not perform, to bring up reason for living, care of mind, fulfilling peaceful mind and direct effect to making of worldwide family, I will pay my best effort to all of these items.
Saying concretely, my dreams, such as development of expression _ way of enjoying, development of method telling Japanese taste with international language of Do, Re, Mi, development of a field of healthy long life _ beautiful figure being demonstrated by art of Music, and bringing up specialists of 21st century for above, are expanding to big and wide.
The international ranking of Japanese economy and industry went down to No.3, 10, 30, and I think it will be the most important thing to pay the best effort to strengthen No.1 position of Japanese culture giving the birth in respect of culture _ arts such as well-known animation, Japanese cuisine and Guitar Orchestra in Niibori-Method etc.
In case of someone in the world intending to study abroad, it will be quite natural to look for world’s No. 1 rather than No, 4, No. 5. The age of catching up and passing Western countries past already and exceptional reformation is necessary. Niibori’s way to go is the way of refining Japanese No. 1.
Today is the concert started by teachers going that way with amateurs (students) in hands to hands. Many primary school boys and girls, and persons in advanced age will appear on stage. Persons actually felt “the taste of life” will appear on stage next by next. I am looking forward to seeing you joined us in the next time to feel in the body altogether.
I hope performers’ success from bottom of my heart.

Guide to public performance 2013 by “Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)”
The public performance of N-Orch. in this year became possible to be held again at “Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall”, renewal opened in this April, on Sept. 8 (Sun.).
This Hall is a splendid one having wine yard styled structure possibly to be felt performers in close range and also having wonderful sound effect. For this time, original pieces of music and newly arranged pieces, setting “pleasure and wonderfulness of life, reason for living! Vigor!” as the theme, will be presented.
Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the founder and musical director of N-Orch., will conduct “Celebration Overture” dedicated to N-Orch., newly written by composer Mr. Yudai Hatanaka, young composer increasing popularity now, and another one will be PLERA “Sun rises and flowers blossom”, adapted from original piece with intension “to deliver magnificent power” and having soprano singers Ms. Ulsura Kogure, as guest performer. Both of pieces of music have plenty of warm power.
The opening performance will be “Overture from The marriage of Figaro”, in 2013 version with adding oboe and flute, etc., conducted by Mr. Kazuyuki Terada.
The next one will be one of traditional repertoire, Concerto for Bass Guitar “Subaru” (composed by Mr. Masakazu Hasegawa) conducted by Mr. Naoto Shibayama with soloists, noted fresh players = Ms. Haruka Shiraishi and Ms. Mari Minakata, and back performers will be NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble).
Premiere performance in Japan, original work by Mr. Yudai Hatanaka, Concerto for guitar D minor (all 3 movements), will be said to be a concerto composed for Mr. Hiromu Taguchi (concert master). This piece of music will perhaps become one of masterpiece music in guitar world. And the theme piece “He’s a pirate” from “Pirates of Caribbean” costarring with electric guitars will surely be exciting.
For small ensemble, “Clouds dissolving in the sky” by costarring (guest performer)
Ms. Tomoko Yamamoto, SHO, and Twinkle, “Sketch of night sky” by Cembalo Guitar Ensemble, “Sexy beam” by DANROK, and “Melody of love” by Dreamers the 3rd all of these pieces are composed by Mr. Yudai Hatanaka, describing different touch for each. And joyful quintet NRM “Hi Hi”, composed by Mr. Takemi Sato and so on will be presented.
May we can deliver vigor with sound of N-Orch. in 2013 edition at the hall having latest _ top quality of sound effect.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) Public Performance 2013
Sept. 8 (Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00
Place: Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
Ticket for Advance Sale SS seat 9,000yen, S seat 7,000yen, A seat 6,000yen,
B seat 5,000yen C seat 3,500yen (Primary, Middle, High School students 2,000yen)
Now, ticket for S and A seat is all sold out, and advised to wait for cancel.

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