Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, invited as guest conductor, and attained big success in Taiwan and Singapore

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, attained big success in public performance in Italy in Nov. 2012 conducting N-Orch. (Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra) and NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble), was invited as guest conductor to Taiwan in Dec. and to Guitar Ensemble in Singapore in January, this year, and highly evaluated. Affairs of above are introduced below. Mr. Kazuyuki Terada is one of very important successor to President Hiroki Niibori, the originator of Niibori-Method.
Conducted in Concert of MIKO Guitar School, Taiwan
Vice President, International Niibori Music Academy and Conductor
Kazuyuki Terada
I was invited to MIKO Guitar School, Taiwanese Guitar School operated by graduate of International Niibori Music Academy, and conducted in the concert sponsored by the School.
Audience on the day was about 1,000 while more than 1,200 tickets were sold for big hall, and it was big success never seen before in public performance in Taiwan as big excited cry continued to sound between pieces of music as experienced in Italy.
M.C. lady said in surprise it was the first time that audience did not go home after finishing concert in Taichung. It was evaluated higher than last year in hearing impression of performers, enquete to audience and reputation peoples talking about.
The performers were 10 staff members and child students of MIKO Guitar led by Mr. Chao Pochung. Program used the latest N (Niibori) -Method adding solo and ensemble to guitar orchestra of small, middle and big organization and ending was organized with about 70 members in maximum. Although the most of members were children, the orchestra was highly well organized with performing completely from memory, looking carefully at conductor. Their manner gave impression of well trained.
As I was appointed to conduct all pieces of music for public performance of this time, stage was directed Japan as the theme, and I had warm reception as decollating wide lobby with cherry flowers in full blossom, hand made by staff members spending a week, reception ladies wearing Japanese KIMONO to meet guests, duet of Japanese piece of music by 2 ladies wearing KIMONO being incorporated in program. Having their teacher from Japan was introduced in M.C. and interview, and I was deeply impressed by the image of light of hope shining in relation between China and Japan.
The state of affairs in city of Taichung seemed to be developing rapidly as economic growth of Japan in 20 years ago, BUBBLE BOOM, and seemed to be an image of very different from a few years ago. Major companies came to build big factories, high-class condominiums (sold at price for each household of billions) were under construction, luxury cars and traffic congestions increased, clothing and hair style of youngsters became smart, and many sightseeing travelers of European and Americans were seen. MIKO Guitar School is located in shopping arcade of main street, and visitors of parent and child came into class room next by next at a glance.
Class room placing emphasis on child was bright to give an image of bright future.
I hope to increase foreign students of N-School from here.
State of affairs of Guitar Orchestra in Singapore
Visiting Singapore for long years to give guidance for their guitar orchestra since the public performance of NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) in 1981, Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, chief conductor of NE, was called to the concert of NUS Alumni Guitar Ensemble, having top ability in Singapore, (the name is Xposé Guitar Ensemble and organized with members of OB and OG of Singapore National University Guitar Ensemble), for this time.
Concert was held on January 13 (Sun.), but the guidance (rehearsal) for the concert started as soon as arrival at the airport, Jan. 10 (Thu.). For this time, the half of 2 hours’ concert was scheduled for Mr. Terada to conduct. Few days left for the concert and the situation was just like a boot camp (training camp).
Niibori Fans in Singapore study very eagerly and very passionate. The name of “Niibori” means “perform guitar ensemble” already. Now, it is not a name of a person. Guitar Ensemble has been spread so much.
Singapore is said to be possible to travel around the country in 2 hours and getting information out side of the country seemed to be natural. Members of this ensemble are not exceptions and trying to touch the heart of “SAKURA Variations”, they were going to perform, they experienced Japanese “HANAMI (flower viewing)”, to catch the essence of “HANA NO EN” (Kengo Momose’s original piece) they visited Kyoto, I heard. They, living in country having no “four seasons”, tried to understand the pieces experiencing in Japan, perhaps.
The title of the concert of this time was “Impressions of Japan” and performing various “Japan” by them was the theme. They were so eager to distribute “confetti” (Japanese sweets) to all of audience after performing “Sweets Suite” (Yudai Hatanaka), theme music of Twinkle (ladies’ guitar ensemble).
The first half of the concert was conducted by Mr. Ow Leong San, regular conductor, and performed enthusiastically “Final Fantasy” and so on from Japanese animations.
The later half was conducted by Mr. Terada and audience feeling wonderful performance being drew out by his sharp conducting, the concert finished in big success with big cheering and clapping.
Reporters of Singapore newspaper came to cover the concert on the day and reported largely 2 days after on the newspaper as “dancing conductor, Kazuyuki Terada”. Mr. Abishganaden (honorary conductor of NUS Guitar Ensemble), 86 years old now and pioneer of guitar orchestra in Singapore, and other VIPs came to the concert and could have energetic conversation after concert.
International Niibori Music Academy has continuously send instructors for long years to NUS Guitar Ensemble. Success of this concert would come from training given by former excellent conductors such as Mr. Toshio Matsumoto as the first, Messrs. Kiyoshi Koyama, Mitsuji Nishikawa, Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki and Kazuyuki Terada for this time. Now, students coming from this country have been increasing.
Eye must be kept more and more on Guitar Orchestra in Singapore.

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