From President Hiroki Niibori’s Greeting Message to The 38th “All Japan Primary, Middle & High Schools’ Guitar Festival”

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

“All Japan Guitar Concours” is held in every October and preceding Guitar Festivals are held in every August and September in various districts in Japan as the pre selection for the concours
. “All Japan Guitar Concours” (started in 1970) is sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku (Japanese Educational) Guitar League <NKG> [International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA>] and it is the Japanese only one synthetic Guitar Concours covering performance of solo, ensemble, orchestra, mandolin, also for conducting, composing, arranging, education, and “electric arts category” added recently.
“All Japan Primary, Middle & High School’s Guitar Festival” is the pre selection for students’ department (high school students or under) of the concours and held in Kanto district, having so many participants to the concours (the affair of the festival is reported on and after page 8 of this issue).
The participants in the festival were also pre selected and, this time, participants in the festival in Kanto district were 14 persons for solo (6 from primary schools, 8 from middle and high schools), 22 parties for ensemble and 13 parties for orchestra. The level of guitar ensembles by middle school students are felt to be going up higher, year by year, and big organized groups with 40 ~ 80 members are increasing.
President Niibori’s “Greeting message” carried on the program of the festival is introduced here for this time.
<From President Niibori’s “Greeting message” on the program>
Method of study suitable to the times.
Until a little before, items of foreign countries and history are learned slowly and carefully with books and lectures, that is, they are taught mainly with desk and blackboard in school lessons. “The left brain”, taking charge of knowledge (theory) took important part in that method.
But now, world being connected with internet, books are made good use as evidence (as taking note) and method of study went “understand with feeling”. That is “learning method with right brain centered” with sensitivity (sensation).
For the detailed actual proof for this, specialist’s lectures will be heard and seen in many books and DVDs.
According to above, almost of all daily data are collected in “left brain” and classified to forget (throw away) considerable part of them while sleeping. Thus, overflow of brain (nervous breakdown) is avoided. Accordingly, one can not remember without repeated study for examination in left brain centered learning and forgetting all soon after the examination are seen in many cases. That was inefficient way of learning.
But, things remembered with “right brain (sensitivity)” are remembered clearly, surely even for sound, color and smell. Fire, broke out in my house in my age of 3, is remaining now in my memory even with sound, color and smell. And, all sound of marimba heard in my age of 2nd year of primary school is remaining in my memory. Recalling it gives me gooseflesh even now. That is because of remembering with right brain.
One can sing children’s song remembered in one’s infancy even for patient suffering from severe Dementia being unable to discriminate relatives.
Consequently, the best way to improve memory is using right brain to keep it active and use left brain to put them in order intelligently.
Therefore, entering into period to prepare for examination, stopping to have lessons of guitar etc., living every day life for all of knowledge centered, left brain centered, the memory will go down. Entering into preparation for examination, having busy work, being transferred to overseas and preparing marriage, there is no other thing rather than enjoying music once a week, immeasurably splendid thing, to keep mental and physical balance, to improve efficiency.
I can surely say above with tremendous amount of data from musical lessons for 56 years and my actual experience of education as a teacher of middle school, high school and university.
An international doctor (researcher), former student of this music school, gave me letters for many times from America saying his weekly guitar lesson, in his age of preparing for examination, was immeasurably useful for study in specialized field.
Thus, method of study continuously using right brain is splendid but I would like to add one thing to be noted carefully.
That is to say, “music of any kind” is not always good.
There is “harmful” music in heavy metal. Fully talk about with your teacher is the condition.
The best music for right brain is 4000Hz centered one. Sound containing sound of cembalo guitar is the best one to generate alpha wave.
The alpha wave leads to secrete the best hormone = beta endorphin (morphine in brain) from brain to body. This is the strongest rejuvenator (anti ageing) hormone. Hearing and playing philharmonic sound of guitar is the most effective for this hormone.
Not only rejuvenating each cell to promote beauty of whole body but also memory is said to be unbelievably improved. Imagination is also improved to have many chances to be inspired and feeling of happiness will go up. Thrilled in the back, eyes filled with tears, when hearing music is a proof of secreting beta endorphin.
Nihon Kyouiku (educational) Guitar League (NKG) is the oldest, biggest organization left so many achievements in the world, tackling this soon after the war. Prizes were awarded 76 times from many countries for contributing world piece through the music.
Today is the stage of contest by lucky students learned Niibori-Method, the heart, directly from headquarters. Performing honorable sound of 4000Hz to player’s heart’s content, fully enjoying genuine experience of making reason for living, you should make it your life long treasure, I hope.
(From the program on the day)

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Sound of “Book to give beautiful sound” (collection of works for solo and ensemble using guitars of each sound range), pursuing beautiful sound of guitar, written and edited by Hiroki Niibori, was realized at last. Performers are top performers in Niibori learned Segovia Tone. It is a luxury one with all 64 pieces of music, 2 CDs combined.
“Exemplarily performed CD of Book to give beautiful sound”
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