The 103rd Recital of Niibori Guitar Music School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The big recital, reached the 103rd, of Niibori Guitar Music School is introduced extensively on and after page 8 in this issue.
Niibori guitar Music School, established and opened by Dr. Hiroki Niibori in 1957, is a music school for hobby and acquiring culture to learn and enjoy music in all aspect putting guitar, having long history, at the center. Branded schools and friendship schools are located all over in Japan, but this recital is performed by schools directly managed by headquarters, and students appearing on stage for solo or ensemble were selected by recitals of each district. They were selected from thousands of students and very honorable for them.
Here, the greeting message for this recital given by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (President of Niibori Guitar Music School, now) is introduced below.
<From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori for program of the recital>
We entered the age of more than 10 thousand of people passing their age of 100 in every year. Surprisingly “young looking people” is remarkably increasing. Beautiful people in their middle age, having remarkably wonderful “appearance” and “behavior” of course, grain of skin, voice and dream = “charms of human nature”, are leading surrounding people and people in the town to the way of their tasteful lives. Especially for the people enjoying music, the best hormone secreted from brain is more effectively useful than any other nutrients, and that is actually proved.
It has become clear that the most gratifying sound for brain is philharmonic 4,000 Hz. Sound of family of guitar, mankind held in their arms for longest years, is frequently proved actually the most effective one.
Today, the most of performers appearing on the stage are fulfilling above conditions. There are many people, from children to 90 years old, reaching today with the best condition.
So many people say “I can not believe”, hearing their age.
In our body consisting of 60 trillion cells, the basic particles are seemed to be slightly trembling. Giving vibration by music to the part of not healthy, it will be excellently fixed up. Then the brain will react as “feeling well” and originally having healing ability will be demonstrated.
The beautiful wave motion of music will be strengthened with adding 2nd, 4th and 8th harmonic sound. Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar and Sopranino Guitar in Niibori-Method are designed as to fulfill these conditions in the most proper way.
Thus, philharmonic sound with low, middle and high pitched sound is most beautiful, strong and effective. Please enjoy this sound, won the highest prize from World Scientific Council in 1995, today. And, please join us in next time to enjoy world’s top ranked Anti-ageing Sound. It will be the most grateful thing for the establisher that all of you actually feel “life is a trip to taste the pleasure of evolution”.

Guide to public performance 2012 by “Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)”
This year, “Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) is going to have public performances both at home and abroad commemorating 55th anniversary since it was first organized. In Japan, it is scheduled on Sept. 9 (Sun.) at the most advanced Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT). For overseas’ friendship concerts, following to public performance in Munich and Vienna in 2007 (50th anniversary), are scheduled in Europe---Italy. Concerts will be realized on Nov. 16 at the hall of National College of Music with long and distinguished history = Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi” di Milano (starting at 20:00), and on next day, Nov. 17, at church in Venice, closely related to Vivaldi, S.Maria della Pieta (starting at 16:00)!
We are going to send peaceful sound to all in the world with our gratitude as a Japanese orchestra for supports given to revive from the earthquake disaster. We shall be very glad to have audience from the district of course and neighboring countries.
Public performance in Japan preceding overseas will be the most important concert = main concert for N-Orch. for this year. For this time, quite different 2 public performances will be held.
Public performance starting 1:00 pm (part 1) will be proceeded as the same program for concert in Milano. Pieces of music representing N-Orch. in 55th anniversary and only for guitar orchestra are prepared. Here, Hiroki Niibori, the originator of guitar orchestra, will conduct! Masterpiece of Italian composer Giuliani’s “Concerto for Guitar Op.30 (soloists will be Hiromu Taguchi & Tetsurou Ihara) and Strauss’ favorite “Die Fledermaus Overture” will be presented. This overture is filled with spirit and ideology of Vienna = “joy of life, pleasure of living”.
This time, newly arranged one with cembalo guitars will be presented. Conductor Dr. Hiroki Niibori said as “the second coming of Carlos Kleiber” at the public performance in Europe, will be the highlight of course.
And, “HANA NO EN”, masterpiece of Kengo Momose adding only Japanese SHO (Tomoko Yamamoto)!, overture “Ponte Felice” (Yudai Hatanaka) exactly for N=Orch.’s public performance in Italy, “Traveler of Wind” in folklore taste (composed and conducted by Toshinori Sugihara) and so on, many original sound only for Japanese N-Orch. will be presented. Kazuyuki Terada will conduct Mozart’s “Concerto for flute No.2” (solo Yuko Koshibe) and “Three scenes in Japan” (Masaaki Hayakawa), and also popular ensembles = Cembalo Guitar Ensemble, Ladies’ Quartet Dreamers the 3rd and DANROK will also appear on stage.

In the part 2 starting from 5:00 pm, the first trial only at Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) (the most advanced theatre equipped with various facilities)! The Player’s Opera “OMINAESHI”, collaboration of live performance by N=Orch. and image (drama), will be presented. This could be said as new trial of PLERA = performers play and act, that is player’s opera, proposed by Dr. Niibori. Concretely explaining, image (drama having story, that is a movie) will be projected on screen behind the orchestra and music will be live performed by orchestra. And in some occasion, actor in the image will act on stage and play music also.
Pieces of music are “OMINAESHI” composed by Hiromu Taguchi, “HOSHI-ZUKUYO NI OMOU” composed by Kengo Momose, original pieces newly composed for this by Yudai Hatanaka, various adaptations from motif of “OMINAESHI”, all of these pieces are original ones by teachers of this school. There are full of varieties of pure sound of live guitars, costarring with percussions, electric guitars, song and wind instruments.
The story is an impressive drama describing power to live through with theme of love of family. All members of N=Orch. are appearing in the film. Performance of members of N=Orch. will be worth seeing. (Now, you can see preview of this on You Tube.)
KAAT is located in sight seeing spot in Yokohama, adjacent to Yamashita Park and Chinatown, and you will be able to enjoy them before and after the concert.
Event for this time will be full of topics. Do not miss.
Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) Public Performance 2012
Sept. 9, 2012 (Sun.) Place: Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) Big Hall
Part 1 <N-Orch. Public Performance commemorating 55th Anniversary
Curtain rises at 13:00
Curtain rises at 17:00
All seats are reserved for both of Part 1 and Part 2.
SS seat 8,000yen, S seat 7,000yen, A seat 6,000yen, B seat 5,000yen

Now, ticket for Part 1 is all sold out, and advised to wait for cancel.

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