First in the world! 3 kinds of CD with Niibori’s Philharmonic Sound for Music Therapy are put on sale simultaneously!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The introduction for 3 kinds of CD for music therapy, supervised by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, as announced in last issue, is shown here!
Sentence written by Dr. Niibori himself will be the most suitable one for the purpose.

<Dr. Hiroki Niibori’s greeting message in the CD for therapy>
Music Therapy is wonderful
Microscopic view of sliced ice made from “water” listened beautiful music shows brilliant crystal structure of hexagon. It is impossible to make such beautiful crystal with noise. Human body contains more than 70% of water. It is a kind of animal fixed properly by good sound.
It was music therapy beginning with sound of knocking guitar that helped children suffering from aphasia caused by tremendous fear of war in Vietnam. Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, active doctor in his age of above 100 at St Luke’s International Hospital, eagerly told in the tape of his latest lecture that patient of aphasia tried many kinds of therapy for 2 years showed miraculous recovery in front of him by therapy with guitar.
The school song of Niibori Guitar is “Gavotte from Concerto Grosso Op. 6-10” composed by Handel, and an attempted suicide hearing this piece began trembling and crying – after a short while, he came to himself saying “what had I been doing?”, that was an actual happening in my experience, feeling splendid power of music (guitar), that is why this piece was set as school music as many people know.
Now, what is the most effective way to use music therapy? I tried to summarize these most important items to following classification from long term practical clinical data, as an active professional musician.
My method of therapy is the one thinking as a premise “human body and mind are changing at all times”. That is to say, the therapy suitably fit the man at the time.
First of all, “Therapy of Healing” will be suitable for one wishing to go away from noise of town, feeling fatigue with human relations, wishing to fix own body and mind calmly alone.
The 2nd, the most suitable pieces of music are prepared for “Therapy of Vigor” for one wishing to have vigor and courage, needing big decision.
The 3rd, “Therapy of Beloved” will be suitable for one wishing to have warm feeling of relation to some one else, feeling hungry for human companionship, wishing to sympathize with someone else, wishing to be understood.
Next, to obtain firm effect, the environment will be important. Specially arranged room to concentrate one’s mind and audio equipments to give suitable sound to be easily accepted by heart will be necessary. And the most important item will be musical sound of well balanced 4,000 Hz, which is ideal.
The facility to be able to experience all of above is “Live Building” in Fujisawa.
That came true finally.
Therapy using “Guitar” is the oldest one among many kinds of therapy, and it existed from ancient Age of Mesopotamia (more than 6,000 years ago), became to be said as unified god and ceremony in Age of Egypt, practical use of guitar reached its climax in Age of Greek, then guitar spread to all over the world with musical scale of DoReMiFa—from Rome, and now in 21st century, became the most beloved instrument by all people on the earth. Instrument beloved by god is the most effective to mankind, child of god. (Especially, philharmonic 4,000Hz is the best. The CDs contain all of pieces with 4,000Hz of philharmonic sound of guitar. This is the first in the world.) Full practical use of them will be recommended. And please realize splendid anti-ageing.
That’s all.

These CDs are prepared for use of therapy, not for enjoying, but you probably can enjoy them and recorded pieces are introduced below.
[Therapy of Healing] 1.Gavotte from Concerto Grosso Op.6-10 (composed by Handel),2.Waltz in woods (Hiroki Niibori),3.Pretty Waltz (Hiroki Niibori).4.Le Cygne(Saint Sains),5.Poljusko-pole (Russian Folk Song),6.The 2nd movement from Guitar Concerto in D Major (Vivaldi),7.Catari-catari in baroque style (Masaaki Hayakawa),8.Pantomime (Mozart),9.Nanatsu no Ko in baroque style (Masaaki Hayakawa),10.Natsu no Omoide (Yoshinao Nakada),11.Nocturn (P.Mauriat).
[Therapy of Vigor] 1.Le nozze di Figaro Overture (Mozart),2.Overture from Die Fledermaus (Strauss),3.S-Blues (Terukazu Seto),4.Concerto for two flutes C Major RV.533 (A.Vivaldi),5.Ponte Felice (Yudai Hatanaka),6.Wonderful Morning (Hiroki Niibori),7.Tsubasa (Kengo Momose),8.Radetzky-Marsch (J.Strauss),9.Muss i den (German Folk Song).
[Therapy of Beloved] 1.Moon River (H.Mancini & J.Mercer),2.Minuetto from Divertimento No.17 (Mozart),3.Serenade from Don Giovanni (Mozart),4.Souvenirs D’Enfance~Concerto Pour Jeune Fille Nommee (Senneville & Toussaint),5.Waltz Op.64-2 (Chopin),6.The variation of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” K.265 (Mozart),7.Pizzicato Polka (Strauss),8.You Don’t Have to Say “You Love Me” (Donnagio),9.The Hawaiian Wedding Song (C.E.King).

Price for each is 1,260yen (tax included).

<Guide to events of “Niibori Group”>
Some events from July are introduced here.

”Guitaristas Nippon” Public Performance 2012
July 4 (Wed.) 19:00 curtain rise. Place: [Yokohama] Minatomirai Small Hall
All seats are non-reserved. Advance sale: Adult 3,000yen (3,500yen on the day)
Student 2,000yen (2,500yen on the day)
July 8 (Sun.) 14:00 “Guitaristas Nippon” Salon Concert is scheduled at Music Friend Hall in Niibori Academy “Live Building” 3F.

July 27 (Fri.) ~ 29 (Sun.) School Festival of International Niibori Music Academy = Shonan Festival will be held. It will become grandeur in this year combining with festival of City of Fujisawa = Bon festival of Yugyou. Fujisawa is the birthplace of Bon dancing in Japan, and popular Beer Party of NE will be held on 29 (Sun.).

Koushien of Guitar, Students’ Guitar Festival (All Nippon Primary, Middle and High School Guitar Festival), Department of Solo and Ensemble, Local Pre-selection, will be held in July.
Pre-selection in Kanagawa, on July 24 (Tues.) starting at 1:00 pm for Primary School, and July 26 (Thu.) starting at 1:00 pm for Middle and High School will be held. The place for both is Music Friend Hall in Fujisawa Campus.
Pre-selection in Tokyo(Solo & Ensemble of Middle & High School) will be held on July 31 (Tues.) starting at 11:00 at “Camellia Hall” (Koto-ward Kameido Culture Center), and Pre-selection in Tokai on the same day starting at 1:00 pm at big conference room in Shizuoka Citizen’s Bunka Kaikan (ensemble seminar 3:30 pm ~) will be held.
And, The final selection on Aug. 27 (Mon.) starting at 12:00 noon at Big Hall of Suginami Public Hall will be held for Solo, Ensemble and Orchestra Department.
This festival, entering in of course, enjoying and hearing comments by judge, will be very useful for your study.

DANROK Italian Wine Night (concert with food and drink)
July 22 (Wed.) Place [Fujisawa] Niibori Live Building B 1 Live House N
1st stage Open 16:00 Start 17:00 2nd stage Open 19:00 Start 20:00
8,000yen (Foods and Free Drinks) or 7,000yen (Foods and Free Soft drinks)

Aug. 1 (Wed.) ~ 5 (Sun.), International Niibori Music Academy Fujisawa Campus (F-School) “Summer Seminar” will be held. Concert by lecturers will be held on every day. (Please ask details by

On Sept. 9, 2 public performances by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra commemorating 55th anniversary will be held at latest Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT). This will be introduced in next issue.

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