Niibori’s Original Alto Guitar String, made by SAVAREZ, was put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue for this month has put together special issue on guitar (instrument) and topics on “string”, giving big influence on the sound of guitar, are reported for this time.
Bass guitar string and Contrabass guitar string, developed by cooperation with Niibori Guitar Academy and French company “SAVAREZ”, were put on sale in last year and string for high pitched guitar = Alto Guitar was put on sale for this year.
Several new corners are started from April in this magazine. Mr.Tomio Suzuki, incumbent manager of Instrument Department, released his writing in “Recommendation corner by Instruments Department”, one of the new corners, and it is introduced here.

From the new corner, Recommendation corner by Instrument Dept.
Continuing to Bass Guitar String and Contrabass Guitar String of last year, Niibori’s Original Alto Guitar String was completed by cooperative work with French “SAVAREZ”, the official sponsor for Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) and having excellent reputation for manufacturing Classic Guitar String in very high quality.
Recently, fans, saying “completely satisfied with brilliant sound of SAVAREZ String”, are increasing. Some of users seemed to hesitate about using present pink labeled SAVAREZ String with gritty feeling. That came from grinding nylon string to have exact uniform thickness and exact pitch. That is thought to be an outcome of improving product quality of SAVAREZ. The set of high pitched 1,2,3 ALLIANCE strings and wound 4,5,6 Cantiga strings, massive and big sound, brought so many SAVAREZ fans.
Relation with trust between SAVAREZ and Niibori began at the meeting with Mr.Bernard Maillot, President of SAVAREZ, and Mr.Yoshinori Takeuchi, chief manager of Niibori Guitar Academy Overseas Department & Planning Dept., introduced by Mr.Masayuki Kato (control manager of IGOA for Europe) when Mr.Takeuchi had a trip to observe to prepare Niibori’s 50th anniversary concert of N-Orch. in Vienna & Munich. Mr. Maillot, impressed by activity of Niibori, agreed SAVAREZ to willingly support Niibori as an official sponsor.
Then, late Mr.Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki (manager of Niibori Guitar Instrument Dept. at that time) and Mr.Maillot met at the place of String Instrument Fair in Japan and agreed to develop SAVAREZ STRING for guitars of each sound range.
The first sample string came from SAVAREZ was string for Guitarron. We surprised at clear and beautiful sound. Beautiful sound is important for Guitarron but it was far from ideal one because sound pressure was insufficient for instrument beating rhythm to call rumble of the floor.
And the first completion of developmental work was strings for Bass Guitar and Contrabass Guitar. But, samples sent from France were too thick or too short to examine sound quality. Too much work was necessary. At every time of receiving samples, successive feedback of necessary improvement points to SAVAREZ had been needed, asking advice to Prof.Kiyomi Niibori (member of N-Orch.and NE), specialist for Bass Guitar and Contrabass Guitar. The 4th sample was judged as reached to product quality. Then string in package printed as Niibori next to SAVAREZ was completed.
Developmental work for strings for Alto Guitar for this time was started just the same manner as former ones. Short string for children’s guitar was sent for us and we felt again it was indispensable to have exact understanding of instrument to develop string. Developmental work was proceeded with cooperation of member of NE as the same manner as strings for Bass and Contrabass Guitars.
How to get better 1 string was the problem for Alto Guitar (tuned perfect 5th higher than Prime Guitar). We thought it will be easy to use Prime Guitar string 1 for 2 of Alto Guitar utilizing knowhow of SAVAREZ. But sample sent to us having satisfactory sound volume showed very high tension to give feeling of fatigue.
Having satisfactory sound volume but too high tension to give feeling of fatigue will not be suitable to practical use. Our request, problem of “balance of sound volume and tension”, was sincerely accepted by SAVAREZ and paid their effort to improve.
Then, trying many samples, finding characteristic of string, “Hard” suitable to guitar orchestra and “Normal” suitable to ensemble and repertoire of ladies’ quartet with soft sound were decided to put on sale.
Now, improving again Guitarron string is going on.
The day, strings developed by Niibori and SAVAREZ for guitars of each sound range being used in all over the world, came.
That is all. Price is shown below.
SAVAREZ Niibori Alto Guitar String
1=140yen, 2=140yen, 3=154yen, 4=176yen, 5=294yen, 6=294yen, 1 set=1,198yen(tax included)
Furthermore, orders for N-Method Guitars of each sound range and teaching materials will be accepted at Instrument Department
E-mail :
And, for request for teacher’s guidance and concert, please ask to N-Planning (Mr.Yoshinori Takeuchi)

First in the world! 3 Music Therapy CDs of N Guitar Orchestra Sound were put on sale simultaneously!
One more Dr. Hiroki Niibori’s research for long years is realized. 3 music therapy CDs, by N-Method Guitar Orchestra and Ensemble, suitable to each one’s condition, were put on sale. Of course, selection of music and editorial supervision were done by Dr.Hiroki Niibori.
“Therapy of Healing” for fixing mind and body calmly alone, “Therapy of Vigor” for needing vigor and courage, and “Therapy of Beloved” for hungry for human companionship and sympathizing with some one else, are 3 kinds of therapy and CDs for these purpose had never existed. Details and contents of impression will be carried on next issue.
Price is 1,260yen (tax included) for each.

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