From the President Niibori's greeting message sent to the graduation concert of N-School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue in this month has put together a special issue on N-School. N-School is a generic name of vocational schools of guitar, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D) and he is working as president for all of them.
Now, the most noteworthy school among N-Schools is educational foundation – Niibori Music Academy = International Niibori Music Academy in Fujisawa. As reported before, the new school building "Live Building" was completed in 2011, and the new school building with 6 floors will be completed in March, 2013. Finally, educational institution with 12 stages, in large and small scale, and about 100 rooms will be completed. Simultaneously, adding to traditional courses, 4 years' course will be started to become possible to obtain "Advanced Diploma"(KOUDO SENMONSHI = the highest rank for Japanese educational institution = vocational college) from Japanese MEXT (= Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
And "Health Science course" as attached course, fully utilizing facilities for health in "Live Building" = Music Therapy Room, Aroma Therapy Room, Radon Therapy Room and Shape-up Room, will be prepared and cooperating with "Niibori Guitar Music School", to be said as the biggest synthetic Guitar Music School in Japan, "Music Business Course" and "International Diploma Course" will also be started.
Specialty Course corresponding to college, High School Course corresponding to high school, night school course and Saturday concentrated course in the 2nd department as attached course, and other course such as being possible to learn for students of other school and so on are prepared in International Niibori Music Academy (Niibori Music Academy).
N-School is introduced in this magazine for many times and reading the Home Page of Niibori Guitar = Niibori Guitar World (English version is also available) will be recommended for new readers.
These are educational foundation and foreign students will be accepted.
"Evening of Concerts by New Faces" is the graduation concert of N-School.
Performing solo or ensemble for High School Course and solo in concerto for Specialty Course is required to graduate from N-School.
In this year, the graduation ceremony and concert are held on Mar. 11, just 1 year from the earthquake disaster in northeast Japan, and silent prayer was offered for the victims at the beginning of ceremony. We are deeply grateful to all of you giving support for reconstruction and continuous support for us.
"Presented words" written by President Niibori for the concert is introduced here.

<From "Presented Words" for N-School graduates in 2012 by President Hiroki Niibori>

Everybody is waiting for you.
Now in 2012, so many people are looking for "mental richness". This 20th century styled expression will be too old and weak. It became as "mental care is necessary for so many people". I have no choice but to say we came into an age of musicians to plan with thinking eagerly for the first as "mental care for many people", "making pleasure of life", and put together training and live performance, transcending "to do the best performance" and "to perform excitingly". Accordingly, it would be said as professionals, as a matter of course, should have capability to give considerably advanced music therapy.
For that purpose, at first, knowing full of harmony with 4000Hz fixing right and left brains comfortably in well balanced manner and doing it exactly effective way discriminating state of clients at that time into 3 patterns (healing, giving vigor, sympathizing) have been understood as the most important. In this school, "Live Building" for that purpose was newly completed and became possible to have the latest study.
Now, graduating professionals in embryo are all students learned the latest Niibori-Method. Departing with keeping marvelous diploma today, they will undergo many ordeals and experiences to become leaders able to do genuine mental care, and your encouragement for them will be expected. I surely believe all of them will not forget the most important big goal of "making world warm" as a human being and musician.
I, representing Niibori Music Academy, would like to say thank you from bottom of my heart for teachers brought up such an important matter and supporters, and also to give hot hand claps for graduates keeping genuine diploma.
I am expecting wonderful performance.

Guide to Public Performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE>

The Public Performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE in this year is scheduled in May.
This year is the 55th year since Niibori Guitar was established, and memorial concerts, public performance by N-Orchestra at Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" di Milano, Milano, Italy on Nov.16 at 20:00, after that, President Niibori (conductor) and NE are going to perform at Pieta Church, closely connected to Verdi, in Venice at 16:00 on Nov.17 are determined. Then, NE will perform at International Guitar Festival in Warsaw on Nov.18. Connecting with that, the program of NE public performance in this year was made as consciously connecting to the concerts in Italy and Poland.
Adding to usual public performance in Tokyo and Yokohama, concert at "Music Friend Hall" in "Live Building" in Fujisawa on May 13 (Sun.) at 2 p.m. is going to be held. Here, concert with costar, Mr. Takahiro Mizuguchi, cellist, is scheduled. Main program is introduced here. Please come.
[Public performance at "Minato-mirai Hall", Yokohama & "Sumida Triphony Hall", Tokyo]
* From Canzone in baroque style (composed by Masaaki Hayakawa) 1.Santa Lucia, 2.Catari catari (with violin played by Hiromu Taguchi, concert master), 3.Funiculi funicula
* 2nd and 3rd movements from Flute Sonata (F.Poulenc) ----- Soloist is Yuko Koshibe
It is the first time for NE to perform the work of Poulenc. The piece has profound taste to be said as the best masterpiece for flute.
* HANA-NO-EN (Kengo Momose) ----- A part of the tale of Genji is described. The part of GAGAKU (Japanese music) on the way will be performed with costar Ms.Tomoko Yamamoto, genuine SYO (traditional Japanese instrument) performer.
* Guitar Concerto “MICHI-NOKU” (Yudai Hatanaka) ----- Mr.Yudai Hatanaka, came from Sendai, composed this piece wishing strongly reconstruction of Tohoku district (all of royalty will be contributed for reconstruction). This is a beautiful guitar concerto moving audience to tears. Soloist is Mr.Hiromu Taguchi.
* Waltz op.64-2 (Chopin) ----- This is a traditional repertoire of NE, pianist shouted in amazement, and famous performance in Poland, called all standing ovation, is recorded. Mr.Kazuyuki Terada (conductor) will challenge.
* Marimba Concerto "Carmen Fantasy op.25"(Sarasate) ----- Performed costarring guitar ensemble and Mr.Hiromitsu Hagiwara (Marimba solo), No.1 popularity in every year's enquete. Challenge will made to famous masterpiece with higher hurdles in musical and technical aspects.
[Public performance at “Music Friend Hall”, Fujisawa]
* From Canzone in baroque style (composed by Masaaki Hayakawa) Santa Lucia,
* 2nd and 3rd movements from Flute Sonata (F.Poulenc)
* HANA-NO-EN (Kengo Momose)
* Guitar Concerto "MICHI-NOKU" (Yudai Hatanaka)
* Marimba Concerto "Carmen Fantasy op.25" (Sarasate)
The piece of music only heard in this concert will be
* KIZUNA (Kengo Momose) ----- This work was composed in 2011 by Mr. Kengo Momose. Sympathy for Tohoku is filled in this piece.
The piece performed with Mr.Takahiro Mizuguchi (cellist) will be
* Cello Sonata op.19 (Rachmaninov) and The Swan (Saint Saens)
Furthermore, all of ensembles = Cembalo Guitar Ensemble, The Dreamers the 3rd, DANROK will appear on stages for all public performances.
Public Performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> 2012 conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
[Yokohama] May 9 (Wed.) Curtain rise: 19:00
Place: Yokohama-Minatomirai Hall (small)
[Tokyo] May 16 (Wed.) Curtain rise: 19:00
Place: Sumida Triphony Hall (small)
For Tokyo and Yokohama, all seats reserved
Advance sale: S-seat 4,500yen, A-seat 3,500yen (on the day +500yen)
[Fujisawa] May 13 (Sun.) Curtain rise: 14:00
Place: "Music Friend Hall" in "Live Building" of Niibori Music Academy
For Fujisawa, advance sale: S-seat 4,500yen, A-seat 3,500yen, non-reserved seat for student 2,000yen (on the day +500yen)
Inquiry will be accepted at N-Planning of International Niibori Music Academy

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