N-Schools’ Spring Anniversary Concert 2012

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The vocational colleges in guitar (music), Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president, = Educational Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Fujisawa campus), Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Tokyo campus), Educational Foundation_Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), Nihon Guitar Music School, approved by Metropolis of Tokyo and Dr. Niibori worked as president, and Educational Foundation_Niibori Music Academy in city of Jouetsu, all of these campuses are called as N-School in generic name. Great number of OB & OG gathered together to have successful meeting of alumni association held at new school building = Live Building, introduced photogravure pages of last issue.
Now, Fujisawa campus (International Niibori Music Academy), being talked much about of newly built school building as the main part of N-School, has professional course, corresponding to college, and high school course, and many students are learning to become professionals in music. This campus has additional courses as the 2nd department (night school course, Saturday course with concentrated lessons in every Saturday, morning course and junior class), Music Business course + Health Science course, and the course to obtain international diploma.
Tokyo campus is the school of the 2nd department with concentrated lessons in every Saturday for workers and students of the other schools etc., and many students with wide range of their age are learning.
Selected students from these schools (many times of audition were held since autumn of previous year) perform solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra of each school and joint orchestra at the regular concert held in every spring.
The concert for this year was held at the big hall (capacity is 1,500 seats) of Kamakura Geijutsukan (Kamakura Performing Arts Center), in Kanagawa prefecture, on Feb. 5 (Sunday).
The hall was filled to the capacity and strictly selected 32 pieces of music were performed at the concert taking more than 4 hours.
Students of classical guitar of course, electric guitar, flute, vocal music, drum, and others perform solo, ensemble (not only with classical guitars but also with guitars of each sound range of N-Method), guitar orchestra, ensemble only with percussions, chorus with dance and many new inventions and idea of students are being presented at the concert. All students learning classical guitar is unchanged.
For this time, the affairs of the regular concert are introduced on and after page 8 in this issue, and here, “Greeting messages” from Dr. Niibori, president, and Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, vice president, carried on the program of this concert are introduced.

<From “Greeting messages” on the program of N-School’s regular concert >
From Dr. Hiroki Niibori, president (musical director)
“Splendid performance” should be synthetic one perfectly suitable for the situation of audience at the time on the day with no longer than only super technique.
You should make the audience feel good, repeating mistakes with teachers of course and all behind-the scenes supporters, revealing all of you alone in everyday’s practice. Today is in the age of no allowance even for a PA losing any drive to do it.
Mistake by lighting technician will be fatal.
Your clothing as a performer will be important far beyond your imagination.
The best suitable clothing will be necessary to have full cooperation of all. Even a shirt, an accessory, putting enthusiasm into concert will be needed. Artist of the first rank repeats to try fitting for more than a year. The first ranked in the world has the first ranked clothing and manner. It is impossible to be the first ranked artist only on the day of the concert for one usually wearing, speaking and acting dreamlessly as in poor quarters like slum. Especially, way of speaking will make one just as the way. Environment is the most important. Bad environment (friend) will change you worse before noticing it.
The new school building, “Live Building”, is aiming at the first rank in Europe in this aspect. Jeans, canvas shoes, and women’s natural face are prohibited especially for “Music Friend Hall” finished like Vienna style. Interior of elevator was designed like top ranked society in England. Especially cocktail dress and tuxedo will look very nice.
However, artists should urgently discuss and move your body sufficiently at the place where audience is not watching. For that purpose, suitable training room, research and trial room, rehearsal room and practicing room are needed. They will be completed in next March. That is the new main building.
Here, “O studio” for Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra, the most advanced in research in the world, with 160 members, “N studio” for the most advanced Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE, “L studio”, live studio the band, with concrete soundproofed wall of 50cm thick, and so on, 40 rooms in total will be completed. Furthermore, “Manufacturing atelier” will be added, thus, you can arrange your own instrument at any time on every day just like Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien. As for the result, sound quality will become the top of the world.
The selected students for this regular concert are splendid performers shouldering bright tomorrow with beginning to obtain the merits of our school advancing toward the best environment. I am looking forward to have your warm support and strict advice for them.
From Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, vice president (chief conductor)
We had sensational event, opening of new school building = Live Building, in last November. This will be said as compilation of 55 years’ history and also said as music facility of future style, not only having many stage facilities but also staring fixedly at the future society. This facility was designed with thinking of making good health of well balanced 3 factors as “Body”, “Mind” and “Brain”. This will be the facility of giving the feeling of happiness for many peoples. We instructors feel necessary to learn more to attain the purpose. Present age became diversified and peoples’ sense of values is changing rapidly. Exaggeratedly speaking, I sincerely hope this “Live Building” will become a source of hope to overcome many accidents and natural disasters, happening unexpectedly in future.
Furthermore, simultaneously with opening of the new main building completing 1 year later, this school grown up as having 4 year course and giving degree of Advanced Diploma MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), sparkling students of this school on the stage will have advantageous condition to act actively in the real world.
I would like to ask your kind support to youngsters dreaming future musicians and masters of human life intending to enjoy delight of life.

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