From the greeting messages sent to New Year Concerts (Recitals) by Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobby.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This March issue has put together a special issue on schools with Niibori-Method (Guitar Schools, Music Schools, and Circles etc.).
Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president of vocational colleges of guitar as International Niibori Music Academy but he first established Niibori Guitar Music School for general public and he is continuously working as president. Niibori Guitar Music School has classrooms directly managed by head office and schools of Niibori Brand individually managed by leading disciples in many places in Japan. And these schools have about 100 times of students of vocational colleges.
For this time, the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori for New Year’s Recitals = New Year Concerts of Niibori Guitar Music Schools is introduced. And another greeting message of Mr. Norihiro Uemura, the chief professor in vocational college = an educational foundation, Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, is also introduced.
Introducing Hobby Schools = Niibori Guitar Music School (motto for this year) through them, we will be very happy when it become to be a good reference for your (teachers’) musical activities.
[From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori]
“Happiness” is a “Happy Feeling”. Visible things are important of course, but “feeling” will be essentially important. “Feeling” is felt by brain. When the brain came to be delightful, hormone giving vigor to whole body will be secreted and body and mind become lively. Anti-ageing is promoted. Hearing and experiencing the well balanced philharmonic sound, people say Mozart Effect, wave of 4,000 Hz = wave of music, will be most effective.
The sound range of general guitar is narrow and higher sound above 982 Hz is impossible to generate. Sound of ensemble in Niibori-Method, using Spranino guitars, Soprano guitars, Bass guitars, Contrabass guitars, Guitarrons, and Cembalo guitars of each sound range, reached to 4,000 Hz with harmonic sound system. Furthermore, adding NRM (guitar-drum-rhythm-method by Niibori Guitar Orchestra System with small, middle and big sized guitars), we are sending 4,000 Hz with guitars to all over the world.
Supremely balanced sound reverberates to mind and brings up “peaceful mind” existing beyond the impression by music. And it has full of the warmest effect to heal damaged mind.
All of these effects will be actually experienced at the “building” equipped with therapy rooms, and that is “Live Building” of Niibori Music Academy, the educational foundation. Concert stages also for Classic Hall (3F Music Friend Hall), jazz and rock (1B Live House N), gallery (2F Gallery Stage), lobby (1F Lobby Stage), and street (out door Street Stage) are prepared and it will be a utopia, the first in the world, for performers of guitar and music. And peoples do not perform will be able to get “happy feeling” at the plaza. In this year after all, I hope you enjoy more tasteful life fully utilizing this facility.
Today is the day of peoples (students), beginning to sense the effect of 4,000 Hz, step out the courageous and heated first step (the first stage). This experience, regardless of the issue, will surely engrave tasteful page in life. I send hot encouragement from my heart representing all of teachers and supporters.
[From the greeting message of Mr. Norihiro Uemura]
Congratulations for opening the New Year Concert. Greeting New Year with refreshed mind, this New Year Concert, friends through music meeting together, starting this year to “make this year comfortable with music!”, is the most expecting concert for me. I am working as a judge in many places in every year and I am always enjoying as an audience rather than a judge with fresh sound fulfilling in every place, “Niibori-Method” like comfort atmosphere and variety of program.
That should be because of each performer feel it twofold increase when you feel pleasure and delight jointly with someone else through “Niibori-Method” and performing vividly.
In last year, the new school building “Live Building”, with 8 halls, as “Music Friend Hall”, “Live House N”, and so on, furthermore, “Shapeup Room”, “Music Therapy”, “Aroma Therapy” and “Radon Therapy” to make healthy, worthwhile life was completed. All forefront equipments could be used by everyone even for who does not learn at the school and practicing to heal mind, to make own life healthy and worthwhile with live performances is possible for everyone. Actually experiencing to make your raison d’etre with “take music into daily life” as the theme settled since the first establishment of Niibori Guitar Music School will be possible with using forefront equipments fully prepared here. Every audience of today is suggested to visit and make friends to share delight of life.
This year is the 55th memorial year since the first establishment of Niibori Guitar Music School. Public Performance of “Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra” in Italy is already determined. All of students will have various big events and this year will be very precious year in their lives. Today will be the first step and I am expecting good performance showing daily exercise.
Talked much about “Live Building” of Niibori Music Academy
The Opening Party of “Live Building” of Niibori Music Academy on this January 6 was gorgeously hold having many guests such as members of Guitar business world, musicians of course, related staffs of the Academy, statesmen, therapists, related constructors, professional baseball players, and other well known peoples. (Snapshots ~ page 2) And TV, radio, journals in music world, guitar journals, etc. became to take up next by next. It is very glad to be written in favorable sentences with full of dreams.
Introducing again, “Live Building” was formerly built as Movie Theater having 4F 1B with 2,000 square meters in total. Outside walls are bright white tiled. 8 individualistic stages were realized. Recording Studio in 1B, front counter, space for relaxation (possible to buy soft drinks and foods), show room of Niibori instruments & trial room and 6 lesson rooms in 1F are prepared. Floor of 2F with Segovia Studio is rose wood. Niibori Museum possible to learn history of Niibori Guitar, music and culture of the world with books, CD & DVD and lesson rooms are also prepared in this floor. “Music Friend Hall” in 3F is basically colored in white and gold, and 154 seats for audience are colored gorgeous red. And 4F, as introduced in last month, is the floor for promoting good health and relaxed communication, as Dr. Niibori was particular about, proposing “100 years old is a nonstop station”.
Musical instruments journal reported as “wonderful structure utilizing former movie theater, and surprising top quality of environment for students”.
Readers in overseas will be suggested to visit “Live Building” when you come to Japan.

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