From “View Point No. 100” written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Equation to realize Healthy Long Life

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

We feel honorable and glad to say thank you very much for receiving New Year’s Greeting Messages to carry on January issue of Harmony from so many people.
Now, for this time, writing from “View Point” written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori reaching the 100th in carrying on last December issue will be introduced in brief.
Here, facilities and rooms for health being set up at the 4th floor of Live Building = the new school building of International Niibori Music Academy, completed in last October, are explained.
From “View Point No. 100” written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Equation to realize Healthy Long Life
Completing “Live Building”, my dream for long time came true.
Human being, standing together, can finally attain realization of dream by thinking with brain, drawing the plan, starting actions, gathering collaborators, and raising degree of success with repeating failures.
6 machines to make healthy body are installed at “Shape-up Room” in 4th floor.
When I was 34 years old, I had fat and unhealthy body said as “I can not guarantee your life up to 40 years old” by doctor. Then, I set up a room in my house for improving my health and I got present healthy body. This was reproduced as the “Shape-up Room”. I have been continuing 8 steps of exercise, adding preparatory and finishing exercise to these 6 machines, for 30 years, decreasing weight from 90kg to 60kg without any rebounding. Reproducing this course, massage chair and shower room were additionally installed, and the wall was finished with scenery of grove of white birch.
Adjacent “Music Therapy” Room is a music therapy room concentrating latest data, “The philharmonic sound of guitar is the most effective tool”. It is a system enabling to spread effectively all over the body (especially brain) the sound of 4000Hz, generally called as Mozart effect, generated by sound (harmonic and resonant sound) of Niibori Guitar Orchestra with using guitars of each sound range.
Listener’s state of mind is classified into 3 and each suitable music therapy will be given. 3 kinds of CD = “Therapy of Healing”, “Therapy of Vigor” and “Therapy of Beloved” are prepared, and they will be suitably used according to state of mind and what are you looking for.
Music therapy using guitar is said as the most effective one and I also have plenty of experience. An aphasiac got well by music therapy with guitar, reported in CD of lecture by Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, honorary director (in active service) of St Luke’s International Hospital, exceeding 100 years old in this year, eagerly saying “this is a miracle” and it sounded deeply in my heart. Sound and wave shape of guitar gives special pleasant feeling and resonance to the brain of human being, child of god, and dopamine (transmitter substance of nerve, hormone) will be secreted as a special feature of human being to adjust various part of body and to get younger.
First of all, “happiness of human being” will mean the occasion of brain aware of “feeling of happiness”. So, one wasting one’s life, without worthwhile life even for having plenty of materials, will appear. Man’s happiness and health depend upon “brain is happy or not”, and therapy with guitar is said to be the first step of healthy long life. The genuine door for it was opened at “Live Building”.
The next is the room for “Radon Therapy”. Doll stones, generating GAS of “Radon”, were pasted over the walls and staying in the room for a few minutes improves circulation of blood and gives many effects such as curing pain and fatigue of body, becoming the most popular therapy among the rooms for health in “Live Building”, now. I also have a Radon room in my house and I am continuing Radon therapy for more than 1 year. I think it will be very lucky to be able to experience the extract of Misasa Hot Spring, famous from old times. This therapy immediately spread from breathing = lungs to whole body and the effect is surprising.
Then, “Aromatherapy” gives treatment (with hands) suitable to state of body using botanical extracts and it is a reliable treatment, has been actively done in the world, to take energy into body through the skin. Japanese women have the longest life in the world and I think it will be better to go forward taking this method into the way to get long life for men also. I have received the therapy periodically for more than 10 years and the operator I asked for Aromatherapy in Live Building giving not only massage with aroma oil but also chiropractic and finger-pressure therapy is very effective and helpful for me to recover conductor’s special fatigue. I realized also here the specific one determined by my actual experience for long times.
Next is “The Fortune-telling”. Science deduced from full use of statistic data of birth, time, day, month and year, (Four Pillars of Destiny, Astrology), respected by influential persons in always through ancient times to now, was fully utilized to improve certainty of one’s course to take, and so many examples exist. Many people say “you have high success rate” and that is, in some respect, also because of continuing to pay my effort with respecting advice given by four fortune tellers.
There are many dreams in “Future” but it is the most uncertain one. “The present day” is uncertain in half. “The past” is the results and it is definite. Then, to estimate future from statistically collected data of past will be most effective way.
I am carefully keeping data of failure, good data of course. My physical data also has been kept for more than 40 years, classifying with different colors, to make possible to know my physical condition instantly. So, my future physical condition will be easily estimated. I have my doctor and I can have advice referring to the past data at thorough medical checkup. The doctor will check data thoroughly referring the past data when some doubtful data was found. Having past data, small change will be easily noted. Just the same thing will be said for business.
Even for looking like lucky or accidental matters, there should be many data (causes) before that and it is important to thoroughly consider it for lucky or accidental happenings.
Now, brain feels glad for Ö@ music therapy, ÖA Radon therapy directly through lungs, ÖB aromatherapy through skin, ÖC proof of one’s own exercise, ÖD statistical fortune telling and so on for raising probability for long life were explained above. Healthy long life will be concrete with actually doing above.
However, conclusion is “always receive philharmonic sound to whole body”, achieving the most satisfactory results. That is to put your body in the philharmonic sound of guitar.
Tasting and enjoying harmonic sound of 4000Hz with performing guitar is the best way to get young. It is possible only in Niibori. It is needles to say that is the best way to have experience the forefront of Niibori-Method.
It is wonderful to sense with body rather than words. You will be able to sense with your body in “Live Building” not with the words. Please use “Live Building” practically.
Above is repeated here.
Anti ageing (getting young) is to receive 3 therapies (music, Radon, aroma) + move your “body” by yourself, raise probability of long life referring statistics, and pour “philharmonic sound” of guitar over your whole body.
This is the equation to realize healthy long life, I am really experiencing with my body for long time.

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