The 43rd All Japan Guitar Concours, 2012

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The 43rd All Japan Guitar Concours was held from Sept. to Oct. 2012 and that is specially featured in this issue. This concours is sponsored by Nippon Kyouiku Guitar Renmei <NKG>, established in 1969, and International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA>, President of both organizations is Dr. Hiroki Niibori, and this is a world’s exceptional, synthetic concours organized with performance of solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra, mandolin and also with fields of conducting, arrangement, composition, education, etc. and electric guitar, added in 2004.
Further, concours for electric guitar differing from concours of rock band was changed the name in this year as “Electric Art Department”.
Here, for this time, “Greetings” for this concours, written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, chairman of judge for the concours, is introduced here. Studying method for music, now practiced in Niibori group, and the New School Building = New Main Building of Educational Foundation _ Niibori Academy are also written. We will be very happy when it was useful for your reference.
[From the greetings of President Niibori carried on the program of The 43rd All Japan Guitar Concours]
Studying method to become a top winner. (To get the top prize in Guitar Ensemble [school department])
Please understand first the fact of evolution is obviously going in more than ten times of speed compared with that of old times.
For the first, plenty of the wonderful “original pieces of music” for guitar ensemble (ensemble & orchestra) are prepared far beyond of comparison with old times. Just look at all of them hearing advices by professionals at the head office of NKG (Niibori Academy). Then select one of them most suitable to your ability in next year (assuming concours in next year).
Plenty of ideas (the most advanced sound making) are packed in the latest scores.
Using this, your surprising performance will be possible. It will be wasteful to begin score making (compose and arrange), sticking to originality, without special knowledge of guitar ensemble and career, frequently wasting time and labor for unsuccessful work.
Second, we are now in high leveled age, conductor determines every thing (performers brought up to read conducting), measures for conductors are important and nominating a few conductors, not only one, will be necessary. But there will be some possibility to have unexpected happening for 1 or 2 conductors and it will be better to nominate more than 3 by your self. And, nominated conductors should learn at NKG head office and conducting seminars with your coach and teachers (adviser) in long term planning. Ensemble and orchestra should be divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd organization to make conductors possible to conduct at any time to accumulate experience.
Third, it is the important point for performers, of course, and for all supporters to prepare having conscious of “being watched at any time”.
Resistance of swimming wear is researched for unit of hundreds of a second, now.
Musical expression (live performance) is just the same as above, and audience will never satisfied unless performers stand on stage with “best instrument” and “the most suitable costume” for the piece of music. Especially, modern high leveled audience requires conductor’s and leader’s care and sense. Judges also attend having wide standard of value greatly different from that of old times, now. It will be very hard to win top prize only with good performance.
All of dramaturgy, row of performers, outlook of walking, posture, PA handling, breathing, and especially smile suitable to the piece of music are subjects to judge.
Moreover in recent years, proportion, health control (diet), and manner are judged.
In old times, it was said as student and amateur can not do or need not to do, and such age was already passed.
It was quite natural to play or hear classical pieces (most of them were composed only 180~200 years ago) with eye closed and quietly in old times. Of course this is important but many, increasing rapidly, contemporary music lovers are receiving sound with whole body, riding on the wave of music, hoping to ride, and willing to have sympathies. Such kind of concert can not accommodate audience in concert hall, and concerts making not only a baseball stadium but also a whole mountain to the seats are actually held in Europe, America and many places in the world.
Tickets, put on sale on 90 days before, for original pieces of music, NRM (rhythm performance with orchestra of each kind of guitar drum) and PLERA (operetta with image-movie played by performers themselves) were sold out very soon, and that is the age came true.
In these days, absorbing rapidly “already completed best one” (especially original piece for guitar orchestra) will have decisive meaning as the shortest and quickest way.
Then, I decided to prepare the special observation facility, directly connecting to study with right brain, in the “New School Building = Main Building”, scheduled to be completed in coming spring (2013). Study by observation has been done already but observers positioned on the same floor of performers and could not move at all, with “holding their breath” to study. Especially for learning conducting, they were restricted to observe from one direction only and felt delicate check and talking among PA, director, lighting and manager were being done just like in separated world. But, it will become possible to observe and instantly absorb at your will in this school.
I decided to make the maximum floor areas of 3F (possibly perform with orchestra of 160 members) &4F in wellhole style, 3 dimensional structure, and it will be possible to observe performers in 3F from 4F (just like balcony seat of the hall). This observation corner will make it possible to observe from 3 directions, back of orchestra (front of conductor), left and right side of orchestra. And observation floor is connected to 3 directions making it possible to change the position to observe.
This is an orthodox observe and learning facility for domestic middle and high school students of course and foreign students from many countries, regardless of age. I designed and realize this. This is just “seeing is believing”. Observing once (study with right brain) will be superior (= possible to understand) than hearing lecture hundreds of times (imagine with left brain). This is the realization of dream.
Accumulated knowledge in right brain can not easily fade away.
I believe all members of NKG (IGOA), actively utilizing the most advanced facilities in the head office and data in Niibori Museum, will ride on the fastest course to win the top prize. Taking this into your action (yearly schedule) is strongly advised.
I hope performers’ success.

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