From President Hiroki Niibori’s Greeting Message to The 37th “All Japan Primary, Middle, High Schools’ Guitar Festival”

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

“All Japan Guitar Concours” is held in every October and preceding Guitar Festivals are held in every August and September in various districts in Japan as the pre selection for the concours
. “All Japan Guitar Concours” (started in 1970) is sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku (Japanese Educational) Guitar League <NKG> and [International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA>], both of them were established by Dr. Niibori in 1969 and he has been working as the president, and it is the Japanese only one synthetic Guitar Concours covering performance of solo, ensemble, orchestra, mandolin, also for conducting, composing, arranging, education, and electric guitar categories, added in 2004. Further, electric guitar categories are changed the naming as “electric arts category”.
“All Japan Primary, Middle, High School’s Guitar Festival” is the pre selection for students’ department (high school students or under) of the concours and held in Kanto district, having so many participants to the concours (the affair of the festival is reported on and after page 8 of this issue).
The participants in the festival were also pre selected and, this time, participants in the festival in Kanto district were 18 persons for solo (12 from primary schools, 6 from middle and high schools), 26 parties for ensemble (3 from primary schools, 23 from middle and high schools), and 12 parties for orchestra. Thus, participants from primary schools increased than that of last year, improving level of performance, and it became future expecting concours.
President Niibori’s “Greeting message” carried on the program of the festival is introduced here for this time.
<From President Niibori’s “Greeting message” on the program>
World’s biggest, in guitar society, specialized school building (Main building of International Niibori Music Academy) will be completed in coming March (2013).
Research facility to inspect the guitar orchestra from stereoscopic 3 directions will be completed on the 4th floor. This is the latest facility to be able to see each of performers of course, to watch conductor from every angle, to see musical director’s leading method, can not see at the concert, at rehearsal, to see detailed moving of manager and director, and to see studying way of stage director, PA operators and lighting technicians, from every 3-dimentional view point with changing your viewing position. “Studying floor”, world’s forefront in this kind of the field, will soon be completed. This facility will make it possible to learn with right brain (sensuous learning rather than theoretical) instantly for middle and high school students, possible leaders in next generation, coming to have “3-dimensional study” on every day from inside and outside of Japan.
Way of expression in musical art changed and evolved drastically in these 2 or 3 years with spreading of TV and internet. These 2 years will be worth for usual 50 years for evolution.
The field of enjoying solo calmly and carefully with eyes closed is important, of course, and people looking for the way of study & enjoy through 5 senses , sense of sight has been increasing overwhelmingly. For example, the tickets, put on sale on 90 days before the day, for public performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra including PLERA (synthetic art including visual performance, performers play like opera) on Sept. 9 at KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theatre) was sold out only in 25 days, this is the age we are in. About 2 years ago, it started to be sold out for the tickets for the concert attaching greater importance to original pieces frequently using NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method = field of using guitar as excellent drum), visual actions with philharmonic sound.
Especially after the big earth quake on 3.11, this trend was seen remarkably.
This will be the result of heightening of peoples’ interest in guitar orchestra, blowing out feeling of obstruction, rousing bonds of hearts, actually feeling “Japanese taste” and “Friendship”.
Thus, the answers for “good performance in here after” and “course of future Japanese music world” will be seen naturally.
Naturally, the direction of the way of study for middle and high school students will become clear.
That is to say “study something at first lying beyond good performance”.
“Something lying beyond” will be explained to be easily understood as the way of study thinking “being taken photograph with TV camera at all times” comes first. Almost all concerts will be thought to be video recorded.
Then, it is necessary to look first good reference thoroughly for action of body and abundant expression. You should be lively bright except for requiem. Conductors, leaders and directors are needed to fully lead in these points. Study by observation comes first for the case when you can not understand.
Next, you are looked by others and taking care of your hair style, costume well suited to the piece of music will be absolutely necessary. Looking at athletic club, swimsuit is necessary to swim. Just the same as that, leaders should be conscious of necessity of clothing suitable to express the piece of music. Advance will be impossible when leaders have one-sided, odd thinking and level. Especially, conductor is the vital point.
Candidates for conductor in a few years future should necessarily be a little more numbers of people nominated, instructed by special coaches, to avoid the loss caused by low leveled conducting. Actually doing this or not will determine develop or not for the guitar club. This is very important matter.
Next, I would like to tell the biggest, the most important items.
School is, your future is -------, “school is” the place to give the most possible advise for your future from past data.
Past = learning history thoroughly, then, it is the most reliable place to give you advise how to get along as “a man”, “a Japanese”, “a man on the earth”.
In your near future, I hope you become “a man giving full of delight of life” in Japan, 30 thousand of people committing suicide a year now.
Learning music can bring up “peoples’ delight of life” lying beyond enjoying and healing, having impression jointly with towns and countries, and the energy will give priority to proceed to utopia of “worldwide family”, I hope.
I hope you will think of what kind of piece of music and how to perform not only enjoying by yourself but also to give pleasure for others with your performance. The hint will be: you should be a man appealing to the world not only with world’s famous pieces of music by philharmonic guitar orchestra but also with “2672 years history of Japanese heart wishing for peace” by traditional and original pieces. I hope you should be a man in such side.
Now you are in the place to surely grasp the chance.
I eagerly hope concert will be successful.

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