Introducing events held by “N (Niibori)-Group”

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Many events are being held by Niibori-Group, and prominent events going to be held during July to the main concert of N-Orch. (Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra), going to be held on Sept. 4, will be introduced here.

Public performance of “Guitaristas Nippon”, from 7 p.m. on July 6 (Wed.), will be held at “Kanack Hall” in Higashi-Kanagawa.
“Guitaristas Nippon” was originally organized as a group of soloists in N-Group, and ensemble group, such as DANROK with 6 male members and so on, became to appear on stage in recent years.
Prime guitar solos, of course, and solo or ensemble with N-Method guitars of each sound range (Alto guitar, Bass guitar, Cembalo guitar) are the features of this concert. Since a few years ago, except for guitar performances such as dance, singing, percussion and flute were added to present new sounds with small organization here. Also in sometimes, classic sounds of electric guitar ensemble, using Niibori’s original Alto and Bass electric guitars, were presented.
Gathering all members of “Guitaristas Nippon” together is once a year and concerts mainly by the members in Kanto district are held regularly in every other month (once per 2 months) at the Live-House-N in Fujisawa campus of International Niibori Music Academy to present various trials.
”Guitaristas Nippon” public performance 2011
July 6 (Wed.) curtain rise at 19:00 Place: (Higashi Kanagawa) Kanack Hall
All seat not reserved Advance sale: adult \3,000 (\3,500 on the day)
Student \2,000 (\2,500 on the day)
[Program] Elegy (J.K.Merz), Poetic Waltzes (E.Granados~arr.Petoru), PreludeBWV1007 (J.S.Bach), Selections from “Platero y yo” (M.C.Tedesco), NocturneOp.9-2 (F.Chopin~arr.Tarrega), and so on.

School Festival of International Niibori Music Academy Fujisawa Campus = Shonan-Sai will be held on July 17 (Sun.) ~ 18 (National holiday). Planned events are Guitar Orchestra by students of vocational college, of course, performance by students of ensembles in Niibori Guitar and teachers, Beer Party (July 18 15:00~) by NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble). Entertaining program and Bazaar, refreshment booths by members of ensembles are also planned. You will be able to have good chance to be acquainted with teachers of vocational college and other ensemble members in enjoyable time.
(Please ask detailed information by E-mail:

Summer Seminar of International Niibori Music Academy Fujisawa Campus (F-School) held on Aug. 5 (Fri.) ~ 7 (Sun.) can not be passed up. Special high leveled lessons to bring up to professional artists and lessons never heard on usual days will be opened. Direct guidance by professors and mini concert will be also presented. Various subjects of seminar will be electric guitar, drum bass, jazz guitar, classic guitar, N-Method guitars of each sound range, percussion, dance, vocal etc., pursuing skill of left and right hands, composing and arranging. Please ask detailed information for seminar of this year.
As a Concert on the 1st day, “Summer Seminar Special Live”, live concert by teachers of jazz and rock, will be held. On the 2nd day, “Guitaristas Nippon” Salon Concert, and on the last day (3rd day), “Summer Special Concert” by NE are scheduled, and also set piece for All Japan Guitar Contest of this year will be performed here.
Further more for this seminar, you can have experiential lecture or lesson by teachers of F-School with free of charge during summer vacation, July 16 ~ Sept. 15), and reservation is necessary.
And also in International Niibori Music Academy Tokyo Campus (T-School), open seminar possible to attend lecture in July and August, and Summer Concert by students of T-School are scheduled on July 30 (Sat.). (Please ask for details. E-mail:

Pre-selections for “Live Energy”, said to be as a festival of band of musicians & contest, will be held in F-School on every Sat. and Sun. in August.
In July, the KOUSHIEN of Guitar, the local pre-selections for solo and ensemble departments of Students’ Guitar Festival (All Japan Primary, Middle and High School Guitar Festival) will be held.
Pre-selections in Kanagawa are scheduled on July 26 (Tues.), 13:00 ~, for Primary School Boys and Girls, and on July 28 (Fri.), 13:00 ~, for Middle and High School Students. The place is Live House N in F-School for both of above.
Pre-selection in Tokyo (solo and ensemble by Middle and High School Students) is scheduled on Aug. 1 (Mon.), 11:00 ~, at “Camellia Hall” (Kameido Cultural Center in Koto Ward).
And the Final Selection for solo, ensemble and orchestra will be held on Aug. 22 (Mon.), 11:00 ~, at the Big Hall of Edogawa Ward Cultural Center.
Entry for the contest, of course, enjoying the performances and hearing comments told by judges will be good lessons for you.

Introducing Public Performance 2011 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)#1
N-Orch. attained splendid achievement of all standing ovation at the both of concerts in Europe = Munich and Wien in 2007. Especially the debut and success of N-Orch. = Guitar Orchestra at Musikfereinsaal-golden hall in Wien, sanctuary of classical music, was the great pleasure for us. N-Orch., in big organization, is planning again public performance in Italy, in 2012, 55th year since first organized, and started preparation work. Program of public performance of N-Orch., this year, will be prepared with considering it.
You will be able to enjoy both of the latest N-Method (new challenge of guitar orchestra!) and traditional sound = memory and surprise. As the value of this concert is very high for leaders of guitar ensemble and also for related persons to guitar business, audiences come from all Japan and overseas.
Now, memory and surprise for this year will be ------?
Principal pieces of music are introduced here. Contents will be introduced in next issue.
Public performance 2011 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)
Sept. 4 (Sun.), 2011 curtain rise at 13:30 at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (big hall)
SS seat \9,000, S seat \7,000, A seat \6,000, B seat \5,000, C seat \3,500 (Primary school boy and girl, Middle and High school students \2,000)
(Buying ticket on the day +\500)
Conductors: Hiroki Niibori, Kazuyuki Terada, Norihiro Uemura, Hiromu Taguchi
Performer: N-Orch., NE, DANROK, Dreamers the 3rd, Cembalo Guitar Ensemble etc.
[Program] Die Fledermaus Overture (J.Strauss the 2nd), O Sole Mio in Baroque style (Masaaki Hayakawa), “Autumn” from Four Seasons (A.Vivaldi), Concert for 2 Flutes “Summer Bird” (Yudai Hatanaka), Riverdance (B.Whelan), etc.

Hot News
The performance of the 3rd movement of “Summer” of “Four Seasons” from NE Public Performance on June 1 is carried on YouTube. Title is L’Estae mvt 3 presto from le quattro stagioni by Antonio Vivaldi Niibori Guitar ensemble.

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