Niibori’s original string, made by SAVAREZ for Bass guitar and Contrabass guitar, was put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue for this month has put together special issue on guitar (instrument) and topics on “string”, giving big influence on the sound of guitar, are reported for this time.

Bass guitar string and Contrabass guitar string, developed by cooperation with Niibori Guitar Academy and French company “SAVAREZ”, the official sponsor for Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) and having excellent reputation for manufacturing Classical Guitar String in very high quality, were put on sale.

Now, we already have the first developed HARMONY string and German HANNABACH string for Bass guitar and Contrabass guitar, and used actually.

The sound range of Bass guitar is fourth below from Prime guitar and tuning from #1 string is B, #F, D, A, E, B, and #7 string for 7-stringed Bass guitar depending upon piece of music to be performed but usually A.

The sound range partly falls on the range of Prime guitar and Prime guitar’s (#2,#3)#4,#5,#6 string are used as for Bass guitar’s (#1,#2)#3,#4,#5 string. However, Bass guitar has longer length of string than Prime guitar and tension should be also higher, and it needs thicker sound so that the suitable Prime guitar string will be limited. Prime guitar string will not usable for #6,#7 string (you can not obtain suitable sound because of weak tension with Prime guitar’s #6 string, lowest sound of Prime guitar).

Exclusive string should be indispensable.

Now, Bass guitar string, developed for this time, suitably made for the purpose, having long length of string, thicker than Prime guitar string, metal wire being wound tightly to bear strong tension, can generate massive low pitched sound.

In the case of using Prime guitar string for Bass guitar, sound of #3 string (#4 string of Prime guitar) at higher position than 10th fret will likely to become weak and the new exclusive string, giving strong sound, making vibrato be possible, will make it possible to sing the melody greatly in low pitched sound.

This string is suitable to give strong masculine sound. And, #6 string of Bass guitar or Contrabass guitar string was usually used as #7 string of 7-stringed Bass guitar fitting to the piece of music to be performed. Now, SAVAREZ developed also #7 string. This string will keep up with considerably low pitched sound.

It is impossible to use Prime guitar string for Contrabass guitar. HARMONY string or HANNABACH string has been used as stated above. HARMONY string gives thick, warm, soft sound like Guitarron. It can give amiable strong sound.

HANNABACH string can give clear strong sound.

Both of string having considerably strong tension, good start of sound, strong sound, it will be hard to play unless the performer having powerful technique. It can be said as performer with insufficient power will not be able to overcome strong tension of the string and it will be impossible to play well.

Contrabass guitar string developed by SAVAREZ for this time has somewhat weaker tension comparing to HARMONY, HANNABACH string. Excessively weak tension can not give suitable sound and it is said to be controlled closely to limit to make it possible to be performed by ladies, aged persons, and students of middle school, having weak power.

And, string for low pitched sound (especially as #6 string of Contrabass guitar) becoming bigger in thickness, SAVAREZ string has smaller thickness at both ends to make it easy to wind.

I took part of developmental work for this string. I am a specialist of low pitched sound guitar in N-Orch. and I have been taking part of Contrabass guitar in N-Orch., and also Bass guitar in Ladies’ Quartet.

N-Method Guitars of each sound range are made to be possible to perform for anyone can perform Prime guitar. This is the most importantly considered factor by the inventor, Dr. Hiroki Niibori, and this is one of the merits (charms) of N-Method Guitars of each sound range. However, the special technique is necessary to make use sufficiently of the performance of each instrument. You can see at close range the special performing technique obviously being used at the concert of N-Method Guitar Orchestra to play stand performed Guitarron and Cembalo guitars with needles equipped for fingers of right hand.

Bass guitar and Contrabass guitar looking like usual guitar at first glance, they are not only big sized guitars but also tension of string being obviously different from usual (Prime) guitars. When the string was made at usual tension, it will be impossible to give strong low pitched sound of N-Orch.

It was 2~3 years ago I started cooperation with developmental work of SAVAREZ for this string. The first trial product showed weak tension and I remember my answer “it can not be usable”. (Rumor says such weak tensioned string for Contrabass guitar exists actually. Such kind of string shows rattling sound with strong picking and impossible to support ensemble with low pitched sound.

It is embarrassing matter that people think it is N-Method guitar with such kind of string. String of Contrabass guitar seems to be exceeding the limit of guitar string and it will be assumed to be difficult to produce without data.)

Developing this string, there were various subjects to be solved such as tension suitable to the instrument, feeling of playing, wire wound string and nylon string (materials and way of making), grow of sound, transparency and thickness of sound, etc. Starting with “not usable because ---” for the first trial product, honestly speaking, I thought at initial stage it will come to the end with “only made as a trial” and next trial product being sent to us after long period, almost to be forgotten, to respond our impression, repeated next by next. At last, I answered “it will be merchandise” and I felt it would be the final (completion). SAVAREZ, famous string manufacturer, sent finally 4 sets of string with different quality to us! Not 4 pieces, 4 sets!

Evaluating these 4 sets of string, 4 instruments in same quality made by same manufacturer were needed. That is Instruments Department of Niibori Guitar made it possible.

The completed string is said to be the merchandise that SAVAREZ judged and determined with considering our (Niibori Guitar) impression and request. I hope and will appreciate many of you use the string and give us your impression.

SAVAREZ will surely respond to your request.

I am very glad to have various kinds of N-Method Guitars of each sound range and variety of string also.

(I am expecting to string for Guitarron---. This will be far beyond of imagination of guitar string manufacturer--.)

Now you can purchase guitar string with discount of 30%. Price is shown below.

SAVAREZ-Niibori Bass Guitar String
#1 (331yen), #2 (331yen), #3 (529yen), #4 (529yen), #5 (595yen), #6 (816yen), #7 (1,279yen), 1set (4,410yen)
SAVAREZ-Niibori Contrabass Guitar String
#1 (595yen), #2 (529yen), #3 (595yen), #4 (595yen), #5 (816yen), #6 (1,279yen), 1set (4,410yen)

Mr.Tomio Suzuki, one of the members of development of this string, was assigned as Chief Manager of Instrument Department since this April. He experienced Chief (teacher) of classroom of Niibori Guitar Music School and assigned as a staff member of Instrument Dep. He is also a member of “Guitaristas Nippon”, group of solo and ensemble.

Communication with SAVAREZ was done by Mr.Yoshinori Takeuchi, Chief of Overseas Dep. He learned at university in U.S.A.

He is also Chief of N-Planning, managing concerts and events.

Purchase order for N-Method Guitars and teaching materials will be accepted at Instrument Dep. E-mail: and request for education and concert will be accepted at N-Planning (Takeuchi).

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