From the President Niibori’s greeting message sent to the graduation concert of N-School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue in this month has put together a special issue on N-School. N-School is a generic name of vocational schools of guitar, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D.) and he is working as president for all of them.
“Evening of Concert by New Faces” is the graduation concert of N-School.
Performing solo or ensemble for High School Course and solo in concert for Specialty Course is required for graduates of N-School.
This time, the graduation concert and graduation ceremony were scheduled to be held at the hall in Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture) on March 12 (Sat.), but, as well-known, big earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred in off-shore of Sanriku in pacific ocean on Mar. 11 (Sun.) at 14:46 and, soon after the earthquake, big tsunami, said to be once a thousand years, hit northeast district of Honshu. Almost all transportation in metropolitan area stopped on the day and aftershocks frequently occurred on next day, Mar. 12, and transportation facilities could not return to normal operation. Furthermore, the hall, to be used for concert and ceremony, was damaged partly and the concert and ceremony were forced to be postponed.
Also, as reported, nuclear power plant in Fukushima, supplying electric power to the metropolitan area, and electric power plants in eastern Japan were damaged by this earthquake and tsunami, causing insufficient power supply for usual demand in eastern area including metropolitan area and now saving electricity in big scale is carried out. Each person and each enterprise do their utmost of course to save electricity and expecting insufficiency of electric power supply, scheduled blackout stopping electric power supply for 3 hours once or twice a day for each district in turn are carried out.
In this situation, the only graduation ceremony was held at main school building on Mar. 20 (Sun.) at last. And on Mar. 30 at Full-Harmony Studio in this school, small scaled concert by some students of the 1st department of the school with soloists of graduates performing concerts was held.
Now, the possible concerts and live performances are carried out as charity concerts. And lessons are done even in blackout. That is, we exactly support the thought of President Niibori, “contact with each other and music are the most precious matters especially in this situation”.
The following sentence is “presented words” written by President Niibori and mental care by music is also told.
<From “Presented Words” for N-School graduates in 2011 by President Hiroki Niibori>
Departure with keeping the best method to yourself!
Mankind could have marvelous orchestra with [wind instruments, stringed instruments and percussions] by 20th century. Stringed instruments as violin, viola, and cello etc., sinking deep into mind, wind instruments with sound of brass as saxophone, trombone, and horn etc., touching with dignified force, percussions decisive for brisk and spirited performance as timpani, cymbals, and marimba etc., all of these sound effects are suitable for hall of 20th century.
Somewhat delicate guitar orchestra, an enjoyable field any one of the world can participate immediately, was established in this school in the period from later half of 20th century to beginning of 21st century.
Ensemble only with prime guitars in 60 years ago, adding alto guitar, bass guitar, and contrabass guitar in the age of 50 years ago, establishing philharmonic sound with sopranino guitar, soprano guitar, cembalo guitar and guitarron in the age of 40 years ago, world’s first NRM (rhythm orchestra method with guitar drum) using full-orchestra-guitars in 30 years ago, the age of DANROK sound (reinforcing harmonic overtone) from 10 years ago, the age of adding healing sound of newest alto electric guitar, and at last, we could start the age of wonderful substantial age with big organized electric guitars making possible to produce sound of brass.
These specific sound effects (wave motion), became clear recently, give pleasure for brain, marvelous hormones are secreted next by next to fulfill our mind and body with “sense of reason for living” and peaceful mind is brought up.
Now, in Japan, 30 thousand people a year committing suicide in these 13 years continuously and it does not stop. It does not decrease in spite of increasing specific hospitals, counselors and medicine. If the medicine worked well, an outrageous situation will be expected. Outrageous increase of suicide will be expected without medicine. Data came from Vietnam reporting a child, lost words with violent shock of seeing parent was killed, said the first words hearing sound of guitar, tapping rhythm with guitar.
Guitar was said as the sound gave effect to 60 trillion cells of human brain to lead drastically to the direction of hope since the ancient Mesopotamia age of 6,000 years ago and actual experience has been repeated. N-method in this school reached at last to 4,000 Hz of Mozart effect.
Today, all of you, graduates can depart with keeping this marvelous method to yourself.
Please wrap up your family and friends with this method warmly. And please warm up various teams, towns, countries and the earth with this method.
The above is the greeting message (written before the earthquake) of President Niibori. Please look at the message, sent to students of Niibori Guitar a few days after the big earthquake, being carried on home page of Niibori Group (Niibori Guitar World) in Japanese and English languages.
Guide to Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public Performance
The public performance of Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE will be held in June for this year also. For this time, all movements of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” will be performed after an interval of about 30 years. This is arranged as concert for 2 alto guitars and soloists are Mr. Tetsurou Ihara (top performer of DANROK) and Ms. Ayumi Takahashi (top performer of Twinkle). Performance with satisfying light speed technique, charming beautiful sound and refreshing smile will be presented.
Please expect.
Orthodox performance will be presented at public performance in Tokyo and stage effect and arrangement will be added for public performance in Yokohama. This will be the first trial with the theme of “the earth, family, people, and love”, displaying works of famous sculptor, Mr. Kenji Shigeoka (studied under Italian Mr. Emilio Greco) working actively in the world, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, China, and adding dance with direction of Ms. Miyuki Sato, dancer and teacher, to represent “Four Seasons”. We will be happy if you enjoyed both of simple public performance in Tokyo and Yokohama with stage effect. Furthermore, marimba concert (soloist is Mr. Hiromitsu Hagiwara) “Zigeuner Weisen” by Sarasate will be performed. Of course popular ensembles such as DANROK etc. will also appear on stage.
This concert became to be held as charity concert for big earthquake in east Japan and suitable pieces of music will be also performed.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the concert.
Public performance by Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> 2011
Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
[Yokohama] June 1 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00
Place: Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (small)
Direction: Miyuki Sato (Dancer)
Donor of work pieces: Kenji Shigeoka (Sculptor)
All seats reserved Advance sale: S-seat 5,500yen, A-seat 4,500yen
(On the day 500yen added)
[Tokyo] June 8 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00 Place: Sumida Triphony Hall (small)
All seats reserved Advance sale: S-seat 4,500yen, A-seat 3,500yen
(On the day 500yen added)

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