N-Schools’ Spring Anniversary Concert 2011

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The vocational colleges in guitar (music), Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president, = Educational Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Fujisawa campus), Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Tokyo campus), and Educational Foundation_Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), all of these 3 campuses are called as N-School in generic name.
In Fujisawa and Izu campuses (Niibori Educational Institution), having professional course, corresponding to college, and high school course, many students are learning to become professionals in music. Also these campuses have the 2nd department (night school course and Saturday course) and many kinds of students in wide range of their age, some of them are working in daytime and some others are students of other schools, are learning.
These 3 schools have each feature and selected students from these schools (many times of audition were held since autumn of previous year) perform solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra of each school and joint orchestra at the regular concert held in every spring.
The concert for this year was held at the big hall (capacity is 1,500 seats) of Kamakura Geijutsukan (Kamakura Performing Arts Center), in Kanagawa prefecture, on Feb. 11 (Friday, national holiday).
The hall was filled to the capacity and strictly selected 27 pieces of music were performed at the concert taking more than 3 hours.
Now, N-School has departments of classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, flute, vocal music, drum, and others. Originally, department of classical guitar was the center of the school and solo_ensemble with classical guitars (although, not only for prime guitar but also fully utilizing N-Method guitars of each sound range), and guitar orchestras were presented at the regular concert. But, now, many new resources and ideas of students, next by next, such as performing electric guitars, of course, (including Niibori’s original alto electric guitars and bass electric guitars), and in recent years, ensemble with wind instrument and many kinds of percussions, chorus with dance, etc., are being presented at the concert.
All students are learning classical guitar and it is unchanged. This will be very rare case in musical colleges in the world.
This time, the affairs of the regular concert are introduced on and after page 8 in this issue, and here, “Greeting messages” of Dr. Niibori, president, and Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, vice president, on this concert are introduced.
<From “Greeting messages” on the program of N-School’s regular concert >
From Dr. Hiroki Niibori, president (musical director)

Japan is a peaceful country with 2671 years of history since the country was united. As far as peace continues, culture and art will be cultivated. Especially for literature and art, Japan has been leading the world for these 1500 years, and now, science and technology reached at the top of the world. The arts of the level of living national treasures have been created and polished up for many generations of parents and children. World’s excellent Spanish guitars have been generally brought up also for many generations.
Thus, aiming at the best performance and education, successors will repeat great loss with thinking only present generation. Therefore, I do not try to do every thing with myself, and I established the team of school paying effort to try to make use of the best ability of each individuals. Contributing my personal properties to the country, the properties of the school will be kept safe after my generation, so I am actually doing, and arts and systems will be brought up more.
Deciding to be a professional, all aimed at musical college before and learn abroad to become an international musician.
But now, you are not taught as “reached the goal! it is all right!”, obtaining all standing ovation at international stage. The strict and pleasant lessons are being given now to see beyond that.
Aiming at obtaining power of expression to have sympathy with peoples in any country of the world, after sharing common impression, and then becoming to be able to do action certifying “peaceful mind” and “worldwide family”, bringing up this kind of musician is set as the goal.
Attaining healthy long life exceeding 100 years old through musical life with necessary many kinds of exercise and study for minds (philosophy), this special curriculum beyond the imagination from usual college of music became to be prepared in college of music. The new school building able to realize “(bringing up peaceful mind) beyond the good performance and (bringing up successor with healthy mind and body)” will be established in this autumn.
This evening, we are going to enjoy the selected performance by the most advanced students = 21st century styled professionals in embryo. Grandchildren’s performance was already started here. I am looking forward to have your warm support for them throughout the concert.
From Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, vice president (chief conductor)
<Organizing method for instruments> and <power of expression on stage>, started from this school, are attaining eye-opening progress. Now, popularity is concentrating to guitar ensembles with full of individuality such as “DANROK”, “Grace”, “Twinkle” and “Fuoco”. The selected members are evolving and growing up not only for technique in high level but also for musical expression, contents, professionalism and stage manner, accepted at international stages. The fastest way of learning in this school (N-Method) with tradition of 53 years progressed more and more, and knowhow for musician as the means of living will be learned considerably through this “spring regular concert”. Selecting pieces of music, arranging, systematic practice, audition, recording, planning of big concert, preparing printed articles, for this concert paying big effort, to realize these brilliant big stages, all of these items will be precious treasures for youngsters wishing to become musicians and precious nourishment for lives.
Long awaited new school building “LIVE Building” will be completed in this year. The system to be able to absorb 53 years’ tradition in the shortest period with having true musical experience will be completed and I am looking forward to announcing various new individualities to the world.

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