From the greeting messages sent to New Year Concert (Recital) by Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobby.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This March issue has put together a special issue on schools with Niibori-Method (Guitar Schools, Music Schools, and Circles etc.).
Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president of vocational colleges of guitar as International Niibori Music Academy but he first established Niibori Guitar Music School for general public and he is continuously working as president. Niibori Guitar Music School has classrooms directly managed by head office and schools of Niibori Brand individually managed by leading disciples in many places in Japan. And these schools have about 100 times of students of vocational colleges.
For this time, the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori for New Year’s Recitals = New Year Concerts of Niibori Guitar Music Schools is introduced. And another greeting message of Ms. Kyoko Momose, chief instructor of vocational college = International Niibori Music Academy’s 2nd Department (Night School), is also introduced. (Ms. Kyoko Momose is acting actively as a conductor and top performer of Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet.)
Introducing Hobby Schools = Niibori Guitar Music School (motto for this year) through them, we will be very happy when it become to be a good reference for your (teachers’) musical activities.
[From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori]
Rapid Express SHINKANSEN for anti-aging and healthy long life.
There is no superior one than live performance. Man having deep impression, the strongest hormone will be secreted to activate (rejuvenate) all cell. Moreover, “Memory with deep impression (right brain centered) can not be forgotten forever” has become understood quite recently. Even the patient of severe Alzheimer’s disease keeps memory of song. This means memories, not only for song but also for all state of affairs of that time (color, light, scent, and thinking), were kept. This is superior to memorize with knowledge (left brain centered), hardly compared with.
This is because of utilizing left brain is a partial activity of body and utilizing right brain is activity of whole body. When human brain is pleased, dopamine and endorphin will be secreted to get refreshed whole body, and that was understood long time before. Recently, secreting these excellent hormones, the trunk line of cranial nerves has become noticed to be strengthened in these years. That is to say, the more unforgettable impression, the anti-aging effect continues for the longer times and the physical condition declining to be illness will be improved. Especially musical wave motion of 4,000 Hz called as Mozart’s effect is effective. This is called as Full-Harmony Effect in Niibori- Method, and 4,000Hz is devised by Alto-guitar (high-pitched tone), Prime-guitar (middle-pitched tone), Bass-guitar (low-pitched tone) and Cembalo-guitar (maximum harmonics) etc. All members of ensembles and orchestras continuously take shower of that wave motion and so many peoples say “never experienced this kind of tasteful life before”.
You, having only sound brain even for physically sound or handicapped, can have bright human life. The excellent effect of impression by music for everybody has been actually proved in the entire world. Thus, the brain getting pleased highly, SHINKANSEN (introduced in the world as the fastest long distance super express train in Japan, calm and excellently stable not spill coffee), for healthy long life will be devised. And this “The NOZOMI” (the fastest train in SHINKANSEN) is the Live Performance. And that is DVD, vacuum packed to be able to reproduce the situation and taste it at any time in any where.
Our motto for this year is settled as “Impressive path of our lives with live performance and DVD!”, and let us proceed together.
[From the greeting message of Ms. Kyoko Momose]
A happy new year to you!
The day of recital has come. I hope the result of your hard practice being fully demonstrated! And I am looking forward to see performance of ensembles of each school having different characteristics!
Niibori-Method is considerate heart to others, heart to bring up, and miniature copy of ideal human society.
Now, sad news are continuously heard, but, when every one, family for example, could have common interest (hobby), understand each other, respect for each other, manage to make time to spend together, practice technique together, the family (peoples) will unite closely. Niibori-Method is the most suitable way for family to start.
Duet by husband and wife, ensemble by brothers, sisters and parents with children will be possible. Little children will play rhythm with NRM. Wonderful family ensemble will be organized at once.
I spent at the ensemble (Asagaya headquarters) at that time, during my susceptible ages, and I enjoyed ensemble with members, around the same ages of my parents. I, in my rebellious age, could not be obedient to my parents but could talk each other with ladies and gentlemen in the ensemble. Ensemble is another big family. Your ensembles are realizing the belief of Niibori-Method, “Serve good music to be your nourishment for your soul”. I am looking forward to grow prosperously in this year also.
And let us spend every day keeping open mind through music in this year also.
“DANROK” First Mini Album “First Impression” was put on sale!
Fans waited for eagerly! DANROK’s CD was put on sale! DANROK is very popular group of 6 gentlemen among the performance groups in Niibori group.
Basic organization of instruments is of course only in Niibori-Method with soprano guitar, prime guitar (flamenco guitar for sometime) 1 and 2, double stringed prime cembalo guitar, bass guitar and guitarron.
CD for this time was supervised by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director, and produced by Mr. Yoshio Okushima, famous in Japanese entertainment world.
4 pieces of music were recorded. The 1st one is only pure DANROK’s sound, original “S-Blues” composed by Mr. Terukazu Seto, previous member of DANROK. This piece fully presents thrilling, brisk and spirited charms of only DANROK.
2nd and 3rd ones are members’ original pieces as easy listening sound with additional percussion and synthesizer. 2nd one is “Patrinia Scabiosaefolia” composed by Mr. Hiromu Taguchi (arranged by Shiho Terada) and 3rd one is “Midnight Sky” composed by Mr. Tetsurou Ihara (arranged by Tatsuo Kato).
4th, the last one is world’s famous “Yesterday” (composed by Lennon & McCartney) arranged by Hiromu Taguchi, healing sound only by DANROK.
Price for mini album is reasonably set as \1,050 (tax included) and this is a CD for many peoples to enjoy easily.

“DANROK” CD “First Impression” Price \1.050 (tax included) separate freight

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