Guide to The 47th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert (2)

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Many Candle Concerts for this year will be held with variety of Concert by N-Orch., recital of bamboo flute, live performance of Bands, and so on. Then, the biggest scaled public performance in Fujisawa is introduced at first.
Charity Concert “Praying for Peace” = Public performance in Fujisawa
Public performance in Fujisawa holding up “Praying for Peace” will be held inviting Chinese Bamboo Flute performer Wu Chia-Chen and home Junior Chorus.
The wonderful guest = Chinese traditional Bamboo Flute performer, Wu Chia-Chen will be invited. She is a leading disciple of Ye Hong-Qi, Chinese traditional Bamboo Flute performer, played together at International Friendship Concert by N-Orch. (Beijing, Nanjing, Japan) in 1992 commemorating 20th anniversary of returning normal diplomatic relation between China and Japan.
Mr. Ye is visiting professor of International Niibori Music Academy and now he is teaching at universities and schools in China & Taiwan. Ms. Wu is an excellent performer among them and appearing at overseas’ public performances and on TV programs.
Ms. Wu, seeing big disaster in Japan, proposed charity performance saying “I want to encourage Japanese peoples and give vigor” and we invited her.
She will perform “The 1st movement from Concerto for Flute D-major K.314” composed by Mozart with N-Orch.
This piece is the memorable one played with NE and Mr. Ye in 1992. She will also perform Chinese pieces with Piano accompaniment, played by Natsumi Koga (lecturer of International Niibori Music Academy). (Recital by these 2 performers will be held on Dec. 23 at Music Friend Hall in Live Bldg.)
Home Chorus by children in Fujisawa (Fujisawa Junior Chorus and others) will join this time for Chorus “Let There Be Peace On earth”. Accompaniment will be played by N-Orch. and Ms. Wu will join. Conductor will be Dr. Hiroki Niibori and the most suitable performance for this piece will be expected.
With Baton of Dr. Niibori, “Serenade of Don Giovanni”, performed as an encore at main concert in Sept., and “Wonderful Morning”, cheer piece giving vigor composed by Dr. Niibori, will be performed. These pieces will be performed with Dr. Niibori’s talking, of course. You can hear live talking by establisher of guitar orchestra in this concert.
Furthermore, N-Orch. conducted by Mr. Kazuyuki Terada will perform big scaled “Grand Jingle Bells”, well received at Christmas Concert of last year, and “River Dance”, well received at main concert of this year with conducting & arranging by Hiromu Taguchi, electric guitar (solo : Masahiro Suzuki) and guitar orchestra. (Part of drum line in this piece will be different from last version.)
Popular ensemble = DANROK and Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet Dreamers the 3rd(D3) will also appear on stage. “Ave Maria” by Schubert will be performed by Hand-bells Ensemble accompanied by Old Instrument Carcassi Guitar (made in 1816 and restored) and Lacote Guitar (made in 1824 and restored), these are performed only in this concert, + guitarron. Old and simple tone will surely heal your heart.
Buying the ticket for public performance in Fujisawa, 1,000yen will be discounted for each of other public performances, sponsored by head office, (except for concert with drink service).

NE will perform! at Public performance in Suginami, Kami-oh-oka, Funabashi, and Sagami-ohno.
Public performances mainly performed by NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) are introduced here. They will be held in Suginami-ward, Tokyo (Dec. 7 at Nishi-ogikubo Kinnrou Fukushi Kaikan ~ Worker’s Welfare Center), for Kanagawa, Kamiohoka, (Dec.9 at Konan-ward Culture center “Himawari no Sato” and Green Hall Sagami-ohno Multi Purpose Hall, and Chiba, Funabashi-si (Dec. 14 at Funabashi-si Working Citizen’s Center. For public performances in Fujisawa and these public performances, the local home ensembles will appear on stage.
NE will perform all movements of “Winter” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” (soloists: Tetsurou Ihara and Ayumi Takahashi), talked much about at public performance by NE in this year. And the second coming of ladies’ ensemble, excited London in 1974, = “The Dreamers (named as Daughters of Heaven in England) = female members of NE (+ male Guitarron performer) & flute solo by Yuko Koshibe, will perform Flute Quartet No.1 D-major K.285 by Mozart.
Joyful Guitarron Concerto = “Washington Post (march)” (soloist: Shigetsugu Tanaka) and Hiromitsu Hagiwara’s Marimba Concerto “Zigeunerweisen”, well received at NE public performance in June, will be performed.
Costarring Vocalist Mari Imai and NE, Christmas Songs & Children’s Dance, well received at candle concert in last year, will be also performed for this year. Pieces of music are “The Christmas Song” composed by M. Torme and “Santa Claus is coming to town” composed by F. Coots. The Hand-bells Ensemble, DANROK and D3 will appear on stage of these concerts also.
Then, as announced by concert schedule on last month issue, memorial opening performances at “Live Building” of Niibori Music Academy, Christmas Party by NE (Dec. 11 with drink and hors d’oeuvre), Ultimate Live with bands of the teachers (Dec. 18 Guest will be Koshi Yamada), and DANROK’s Public Performance in Meguro (Dec. 21 at Meguro Middle-Small Enterprise Center Hall) are scheduled.
The concerts are full of variety and held in many places and there is one thing continued from the first start of this concert in any places. That is big chorus of “Silent Night”, a hymn composed with guitar, with all of audience and performers, accompanied by guitar orchestra. If some of foreigners staying in Japan at that time, please join the concert. We are looking forward to see you at the concert.

The 42nd All Japan Guitar Concours, 2011
The 42nd All Japan Guitar Concours was held from Sept. to Oct. 2011 and that is specially featured in this issue. This concours is sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku Guitar Remmei <NKG> and International Guitar Orchestra Association IGOA(President: Hiroki Niibori), and this is a world’s exceptional, synthetic concours (10 departments in total) organized for each of solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra, conducting, arrangement, composition, education, guitar & mandolin, guitar manufacturing, and electric guitar.
How these kinds of concours are going on in your country?
Especially when you have concert of guitar ensemble, we will be very happy to be informed of how they are going on. We are looking forward to having your information.

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