Guide to The 47th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert (1)

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Niibori Guitar Christmas (Charity) Concerts are held in many districts in Japan in every Christmas season. This concert, the 47th for this time, has been enjoyed by a lot of fans under the name of “Candle Concert”.
The series of this concert was originated by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, being deeply impressed by heart warming concert (joyful concert with performer's explanations for familiar, old and new musical masterpieces) under candle light at Mirabel Palace in Salzburg, in 1965, with his intention to take music in daily life in Japan.
This concert started as a very rare (the first one, perhaps) concert at that time in Japan with conductor’s (Dr. Niibori’s) explanation for the pieces of music. It will be sure that music & guitar lovers in Japan have been increased considerably by this concert.
Furthermore, the charity concerts with the heart of praying for peace were continuously held for long years and Dr. Niibori received International Art and Culture Prize in 1990 (many letters of thanks were received from Japan Red Cross and UNICEF). This concert could be said as the trigger to win many prizes for contributing for peace from United Nation's NGO (International Parliament for Peace Settlement) in 2001 and others. Then, since 2003, Dr. Niibori raised flag of "Praying for Peace” as the theme of the concert with cooperation of UN’s NGO, WPPS (World Peace Prayer Society) and GOI Peace Foundation, and songs and pieces of music praying for peace became to be arranged in concert program.
And, as the last concert of the year, the most popular pieces of music among the concerts in the year are also performed in this concert.
Raised funds from audience and earnings from the concerts are contributed to Japan Red Cross in every year, and, for this year, plenty of contribution will be needed for big earthquake disaster in east Japan etc. so that many more and various public performances than usual year will be scheduled.
Main performers and groups for concert will be Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.), Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), DANROK (Niibori Guitar Men’s Sextet), Chinese Traditional Bamboo Flute performer, Wu Chia-Chen, and pianist, Natsumi Koga, band by teachers of Niibori Guitar (teachers of electric guitar, drum and vocal), and singer song writer, Koushi Yamada.
Schedule of concerts are described below and highlights will be introduced in next issue.
The 47th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert
Concerts sponsored by Niibori Guitar Headquarters N-Planning
Concerts by N-Orch. as main performer
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Fujisawa "Praying for Peace"

Dec. 24 (Sun.) Curtain rises at 14:00 Fujisawa City Hall (Big Hall)
<Conducting and talk> Hiroki Niibori, Kazuyuki Terada, and others
<Guest> Chinese Traditional Bamboo Flute Performer: Wu Chia-Chen
Piano: Natsumi Koga
<Performers> Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.), DANROK,
Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet "Dreamers the 3rd (D3)", Niibori Guitar Hand Bells Ensemble, Yuko Koshibe (Flute) and others
<Opening Performance> Niibori Guitar Boys’ and Girls’ Guitar Orchestra, Fujisawa Tuesday Ensemble, Fujisawa Wednesday Ensemble, etc.
Buying ticket for this concert, 1,000yen will be discounted for other public performance sponsored by N-Planning. (except for concert with drink)
Concert by Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) as main performer
[Tokyo] Public performance in Suginami

Dec. 7 (Wed.) Curtain rise 19:00 Suginami-ku Kinrou Fukushi Kaikan (Worker’s Welfare Center)
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Kami-oh-oka
Dec. 9 (Fri.) Curtain rise 19:00 Konan-ward Culture Center “Himawari no Sato”
[Chiba] Public Performance in Funabashi
Dec. 14 (Wed.) Curtain rise 18:30 Funabashi City Working Citizen’s Center
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Sagamiohno
Dec. 16 (Fri.) Curtain rise 19:00 Green Hall Sagamiohno,Multi Purpose Hall
< Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada and others
<Performers> NE, DANROK, D3, Niibori Guitar Hand Bells Ensemble, Yuko Koshibe (Flute), Mari Imai (Vocal), and others
Super Live by DANROK
[Tokyo] Public performance in Meguro
Dec. 21 (Wed.) Curtain rise 18:30 Meguro-ward Small and Medium Enterprise Center Hall
<Performers> DANROK, AMANDA and others
Chinese Traditional Bamboo Flute Performer: Wu Chia-Chen Recital
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Fujisawa

Dec. 23 (National Holiday) Curtain rise 17:00 Niibori Live Bldg. “Music Friend Hall”
<Performers> Wu Chia-Chen (Bamboo Flute etc.), Natsumi Koga (Piano)
For above public performance: SS Reserved Seat 4,000yen, Non-reserved seat 3,000yen, Non-reserved seat for student 2,000yen, buying ticket on the day +500yen
”The Ultimate Live” by teachers of Niibori Guitar Music School
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Fujisawa

Dec. 18 (Sun.) Curtain rise 15:00 “Live House N” in Niibori Live Bldg.
<Guest> Koushi Yamada (Guitar & Vocal)
<Performers> PRETTY BAND, AMANDA, S.A.C., NEW MORT, R134, Irish Bull etc.
Non-reserved seat 3,000yen, Non-reserved seat for student 2,000yen, buying ticket on the day +500yen
Concert with drink & dinner at “Live House N” in Niibori Live Bldg.
DANROK Super Live (tentative name)
Dec.27 (Sun.) Open 16:00 Start 17:00 Open 19:00 Start 20:00
NE Christmas Party
<Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada <Performers> NE etc.
Dec.11 (Sun.) Open 16:30 Start 17:00
For each of above 6,000yen (Reservation is necessary, capacity 50)
Concerts sponsored by Niibori Guitar in other districts
Regular concert by Nagoya Citizen’s Guitar Orchestra
“Niibori Guitar Christmas Concert”

Nov.23 (Sun.) Curtain rise 13:30 Mitsui-Sumitomo Insurance “Shirakawa Hall”
<Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada, Hideaki Kobayashi etc.
<Performers> NE, Nagoya Citizen’s Guitar Orchestra etc.
All Non-reserved seat: Adult 3,000yen, Student 2,000yen, (same for buying on the day)
DANROK Super Live in Mie
Nov. 24 (Thu.) Curtain rise 19:00 Isemon Main Bldg.”Alica”
<Talk & Performance> DANROK etc.
Charge for music 2,000yen, order for drink (500yen ~) will be accepted
Niibori Guitar Christmas Concerts will be also performed at other districts in Japan

Hot News
New building of International Niibori Music Academy = International Niibori Music Academy “Live Bldg.” will be opened on Oct. 30!

The new school building = “Live Bldg.”, often introduced on articles written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, will be opened on Oct. 30. Parade will be held along Yugyou Street, running in front of “Live Bldg.”, on the day, and performance will also be done at “Music Friend Hall”, “Live House N” and bar “Prelude” in the “Live Bldg.”.
Admission free! Please look forward to the introductions of many facilities, usable from the day, in “Live Bldg.” next by next carried on this magazine, Harmony.
Further, grand opening will be held on Jan. 6 with attendants from inside and outside of Japan.

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