From President Hiroki Niibori’s Greetings to The 36th “All Japan Primary Middle High Schools’ Guitar Festival”

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

“All Japan Guitar Concours” is held in every October and preceding Guitar Festivals are held in every August and September in various districts in Japan as the pre selection for the concours.
“All Japan Guitar Concours” (started in 1970) is sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku (Japanese Educational) Guitar League <NKG> and [International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA>], both of them were established by Dr. Niibori in 1969 and he has been working as the president, and it is the Japanese only one synthetic Guitar Concours covering 10 departments such as solo, ensemble, orchestra, and for the fields of performance, conducting, composing, arranging, education, manufacturing, and electric guitar categories, added in 2004.
“All Japan Primary_Middle_High School’s Guitar Festival” is the pre selection for students’ department (high school students or under) of the concours and held in Kanto and Shizuoka districts, having so many participants to the concours (the affair of the festival is reported on and after page 8 of this issue).
The participants in the festival were also pre selected and, this time, participants in the festival in Kanto district were 20 persons for solo (10 from primary schools, 10 from middle and high schools), 32 parties for ensemble, and 12 parties for orchestra.
Formerly, this festival was intended for middle and high school students and as so many excellent primary school pupils wanted to participate in solo and ensemble departments, their participation was officially approved in 2007 and the name was also changed from “All Japan Middle_High School’s Guitar Festival” to “All Japan Primary_Middle_High School’s Guitar Festival”.
President Niibori’s “Greetings” carried on the program of the festival is introduced here for this time.
<From President Niibori’s “Greetings” on the program>
Japan has many items to be proud of in the world. Just the same as “Shinkansen”, you must know, first of all, we have guitar orchestra, to be said as No. 1 in the world in “quality”, “number” and “achievements = continuation”, and came up to the level of being admired and respected by foreigners.
To keep continuously the high level, research and development should be continued and attaining success next by next, otherwise left behind immediately. Now in 2011, Taiwan is coming very close to us. Learning N-Method from their early childhood, coming Japan to study, obtaining the highest degree at “International Niibori Music Academy”, leaders are establishing schools to spread throughout China, and they are studying further. They came up to the level of obtaining golden prize in high probability, if they appeared on the stage of this festival.
Singapore shows overwhelming spread. Almost all school has guitar ensemble, the spread of guitar orchestra with instrument organization of Niibori-Method advanced, and leaders and students are frequently staying in Japan to study.
Thus, the philharmonic (with guitars of each sound range) guitar orchestra, born in Japan, is enjoyed now in 27 countries in the world and bringing up these orchestra has been done, needless to say, by the teachers of vocational college, International Niibori Music Academy. The biggest number of teachers, in Japan and in the world, of all instruments for guitar orchestra is lined up in this school.
The main specialized subjects are prime guitar, of course, cembalo guitars for each sound range only in N-Method (alto, prime bass), sopranino guitar and soprano guitar for high pitched sound range, alto guitar, star instrument in guitar orchestra, bass guitar (7 stringed also), contrabass guitar, stand performed guitarron for low pitched sound range, other plucked string instruments (lute, Portugal guitar, banjo, sanshin, flamenco guitar, ukulele etc.), and teachers for each subject are practicing night and day at more than 30 private concert stages to raise their level.
And, in the new school building, “Live Building”, to be completed in this October, 7 stages will be completed simultaneously in here, to prepare the more suitable environment for activism and ability first system (school of the best employment).
“Live Building” is briefly introduced here.
First, classical main hall “Music Friend Hall” will be completed on the 3rd floor. I am dreaming to make this hall having similar atmosphere as “Golden Hall” of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien in near future. Preparing lobby, bar and garden for dressed up peoples, I think, careful space making must be done to prepare suitable space to meet the environment where the pieces of music (European classical pieces of music) were born.
“Live House” suitable to popular music such as jazz and rock and live bar “Prelude” suitable to folk songs, recite to his/her own accompaniment and singing with all will be prepared on basement. And also genuine soundproofed chamber “Recording Studio” will be prepared on this floor. You will be able to make your own CD and DVD with actually studying in your school.
“Segovia Studio (S-Studio)” and “Museum” will be prepared on the 2nd floor. Lighting will be designed as to freely move to 4 directions to be able to set by each member’s creative intention corresponding to TV in S-Studio. You will be able to learn clearly 60 years’ history of N-Group and guitar orchestra in the museum.
West entrance for the front entrance on 1st floor, and south and east entrance, thus 3 entrances in total are prepared to meet and talk with each other for neighboring citizens of course and also for the peoples in the world, and that is the basic concept of the building. Preparing front desk, classrooms, showroom for musical instruments, test performance room, “solo stage” in lobby, and “street stage” in the entrance facing main street of town, “Yugyo-Dori”, thus, stages to call peoples having little chance to hear music usually will be completed.
The 4th floor, centered with “Salon for Music Friend”, will be the floor for rest and relaxation, friendship and shape up your body. Enjoying illuminated bamboos, room to enjoy DVD, room for music therapy, room for aroma therapy, room for radon therapy and counseling room will be prepared.
Furthermore, “Live Building” will also serve as Fujisawa Campus of Joint Department of Arts of Honolulu University, officially approved by President of U.S.A., Mr. Obama, and it will become possible to receive diploma of B.A., M.A., Dr., practically usable in the world, with finishing necessary courses. (Live Building will be opened with tape-cut ceremony on Oct. 30 and Grand Open is scheduled on Jan. 6, 2012. Before and after that day, the opening concert is scheduled on day after day.)
And, coming year 2012 is the 55th anniversary of establishment of guitar orchestra (Niibori-Group), and international friendship concerts are scheduled as Nov. 16 in Milano (Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi”) and Nov. 17 in Venice (Pieta Church, closely related to Vivaldi.). Specially selected students can have experience of these historic concerts with joining to Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra. Starting with public performance in London in 1974, overseas public performances have been achieved for about 40 years, and students of this school can directly learn the knowhow from active teachers of international level.
Bidding farewell to the 20th century, 66 millions of people were lost by wars, the specialists of music should take initiative to make raison d’être of lives, and bringing up healthy mind and body, for this time, in 21st century. Today is the day of enthusiastic performance by students having possibility to become such kind of social leaders. Let us expect the birth of many peoples from here who can think of “worldwide family” existing beyond good performance and act bravely. I am expecting successful performance.

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