From Niibori Guitar Music School’s 101st Recital

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The article introduced from page 8 of this issue is the state of affairs in the 101st big recital by Niibori Guitar Music School.
Niibori Guitar Music School, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori in 1957, is the guitar centered music school for hobby and acquiring culture. Subjects for lesson are guitars in general, guitars for each sound range especially in Niibori Guitar (Method) (Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cembalo Guitar etc.) of course, Ukulele, instruments close to guitar (guitar genus) such as Taisho-Goto (Key Board Guitar), and Flute, Vocal, Piano Drum, Cello etc. in big scaled schools.
Niibori Guitar Music School has branded schools and friendship schools in many districts in Japan, and the recital for this time is performed by students of schools directly managed by headquarters = districts of Kanto and Tokai.
Performers for solo and ensemble were selected in New Year Concerts and Spring Concerts in each district prior to this recital. They are selected from thousands of students and it is very honorable for them.
You can see from snap shots that their age is widely spreading. Performers of pre school age, 70s, 80s, 3 generations, 4 generations for some time, are meeting together and showing their results of daily practice. Students entering to Niibori Guitar Music School, age of 50s are quite general now and 70s or 80s in some cases having no experience are increasing. Why these things became possible...?
Here, greetings given by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (President of Niibori Guitar Music School) and Mr. Kazuyuki Terada, chief professor of vocational college = International Niibori Music Academy, former teacher in Niibori Guitar Music School, for this recital are introduced.

<From Dr. Hiroki Niibori’s Greetings for program of the recital>
53 years has passed since it’s the first establishment. All members of the staff of our music school are musicians. My heart is filled with deep emotion with present state of our school having students of our grandchildren, resulting from paying continuous effort of group of artists with various personalities to research and development, overcoming management crisis with their work as a united body. I appreciate all of continuous supporters.
It is called in the world as “Niibori-Method is love”. It comes from “method feeling for one’s partner”. Alto Guitar (melody-high pitched tone) performers are required feeling for performing to Bass Guitar (low pitched tone) performers’ lead. Prime Guitar (middle pitched tone) group is required feeling for going between them. The most prominent feature of Niibori Method is completing all of leading part, partner and supporting part and just the completion of development of this method confidently brought world’s support and long life.
“Rational love” is found in the teachings of Christ.
The teaching is “said to be disliking meeting with mother-in-law, disliking existence of daughter-in-law, to avoid meeting together is love, and you should serve her thinking the disgusting mother-in-law is your mother”. It is the teaching that there is such a love.
In some time, at the practice in my guitar orchestra, when Alto Guitars and Soprano Guitars were performed selfishly, Bass Guitars, sending unusual cool signals, did not join to perform together intently. Of course they performed completely at the stage, displaying “rational love” at the practice to go over toward magnificent love.
Thus, it is possible only in Niibori to taste joyfulness like miniature copy of human society. I would like to recommend you experiencing leading part, partner and supporting part in well balance rather than experiencing only Prime Guitar as in old time.
Harmony performed by N-Method Guitars (guitars in high, medium and low pitched sound ranges), we are using, generates sound above 4,000 Hz (frequency, vibration) and it sounds in whole body to secrete splendid hormones from brain, and also to enjoy youthful, pleasant, full-bodied raison d’être.
Today, we are going to have splendid concert by students began to learn only way in Niibori. Many of audience join in next year will be wonderful. I hope the concert will be successful.

<From Mr. Kazuyuki Terada’s Greetings>
Congratulations for appearing on stage. This year also I examined New Year Concerts and Spring Concerts and I could receive vigor from so many performers.
Seeing every recital in the districts I could see so many performers acting with vivid expressions to enjoy favorite music through the life in Niibori-Method.
Eagerly hearing comments on examination after the concert and encouraging each other at the closing party with smile of happy, wonderful enthusiasm filled the site. These were wonderful atmosphere for me to think of “I should not be a professional if I knew finding joyful happy life by learning in Niibori Guitar”.
We can feel stronger day by day the word Dr. Niibori continuously proposed for a half of century “building up an oasis for heart” and I am very glad to see daily progress of music schools in ideal and high leveled contents.
Now, the lesson is not “start from musical scores” and enriched, epoch-making and impressive lesson system with watching DVD at first, using original text books, joining events frequently held, finishing with eye contact, is being applied.
Many students are enjoying right-brain-sensed performing expression in music school proud of splendid contents. Meet with wonderful companions having common sense of value through experiencing ensemble or orchestra and can share the impression.
Now, the performance is the moment of progress of impression! I am looking forward to hot performance on this stage waited for long.
Students came over from Singapore
Schools and groups using Niibori Method in overseas are increasing and foreign students, visiting and entering International Niibori Music Academy to learn N-Method eagerly, are also increasing. It is also greatly delightful for us that students and leaders from Singapore, introduced by Mr. Thomas Liauw = the representative of Niibori Guitar Singapore, are increasing.
As introduced on photogravure pages (from p.2 ) of this issue, students and leaders of Victoria Junior College (about 30 persons) and National Junior College (about 20 persons) came by group tour to learn N-Method in June. For this time, they observed rehearsals of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra and Niibori Guitar Ensemble, attended the lecture on N-Method, leading method for ensemble and conducting, and Guitarron and Cembalo Guitars for each sound range, and joined at social gathering with student’s orchestra of International Niibori Music Academy.
We will accept students from overseas area willingly and visiting to International Niibori Music Academy will be suggested.

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