Guide to Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)Public Performance 2010

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

N-Orch. achieved splendid success with all standing ovation for both of public performances in Europe, Munich and Vienna, in 2007. Especially, debut and success of N-Orch. = Guitar Orchestra at sanctuary of classical music, Golden Hall in Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien was great pleasure. Now, N-Orch. in also big organization is planning and beginning preparation for public performance in Italy in 2012, 55th year since it first organized.

Preparing public performance in overseas, we N-Orch. usually select pieces of music of the country to visit and a little more a half of program will be our own Japanese pieces. More pieces of music than actually planned to perform in public performance will be usually prepared. Japanese pieces of music possibly are all original ones and wonderful pieces are being composed year by year recently to become possible to perform all of program with original works.

Actually we are going to present it at the main concert by N-Orch. in this September. All pieces of music, such as pieces performed by Guitar Orchestra with N-Method Guitars of each sound range, of course, and pieces for ensemble, will be original works! Moreover, all of the works are said to be composed by guitarists.

N-Orch. had concert entitled as "Japanese and Guitar Orchestra" with especially collected pieces composed by Japanese in 1981. At that time, some pieces were not original ones such as arranged ones of Japanese pieces known in overseas. It will be surprising thing it will be the first time in the history of N-Orch. to perform all original ones.

Perform again Symphonic Poem "God of SAI"!
Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the originator, foster parent, musical director and conductor, are going to conduct for this time will not the works by J. Strauss, conducted for these few years. He will conduct his master piece of NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method), he researched for long years, the 4th movement from Symphonic Poem "God of SAI", "Feast of God of SAI".
This piece of music is a musical pageant, expressing spring in Ohshima village, Niigata Prefecture, locating in heavy snow area in Japan.

This piece came from basic thought of having happiness (spring) after overcoming hardships (winter with heavy snow, hardships in human life). The symphonic Poem is consisted of 4 scenes, scene 1 is "Overture" (spring), scene 2 is "March" (Wonderful morning), scene 3 is "Waltz" (forest), and scene 4 is "Drums" (feast of God of SAI).

"God of SAI" is one of citizen's religions existed since before Buddhism came to Japan and it is traveler's guardian deity for prosperity of posterity, marriage, and good harvest. It is also god of protecting from plague and disaster (god to get rid of maliciousness and sins) and festival of "God of SAI" is held at beginning of New Year of Japanese calendar (January 15th).

Setting wood block of chestnut tree at the center, binding branches of bamboo around it, covering all by straws, it is burned. It will be good reminding big campfire. It is said that Dr. Niibori actually attended many times at festival of "God of SAI" and composed this piece. Roaring sound of fire and exploding sound of bamboo ---- this scene is described vividly in the piece of "Feast of God of SAI".

Thus, the content of this piece is Japanese ancient age of Gods, but scores and composition are described in world's popular style of music, Do Re Mi = western styled scores. And, "Feast of God of SAI" is costarring of Japanese Drums and guitar orchestra, and it is also piece of music, Dr. Niirobi's challenge to synthetic art enjoyed also visually, player's opera = PLERA, with various directions, illuminations and sound effects.

The number of work in NRM is NRM38P-1 and it means No.1 piece consisting of 38 parts. There is no other piece of guitar orchestra with 38 parts. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to perform. Combination with big sound of Japanese Drums and delicate instruments = guitars will not to be ordinary considered. However, actually realize it to perform in Japan, of course, in Australia (Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Arts Center) in 1996 and praised highly, that is this piece of music.

It costs much and needs many requirements be filled, to perform this piece, and after performing in 1992, '94, '95,'96, this piece has not been performed. It will be performed again after an interval of 14 years.

One of the reason is N-Orch. has 2 wonderful percussion performers and many students, specialty in percussion, were brought up now. Thus, high powered "God of SAI" and Japanese Drums will be worth seeing point for this time. Also, please watch 76 years old Dr. Hiroki Niibori, challenging again in conducting this piece.

Concerning to this piece of music, it is too much to talk about and it is impossible to describe all in this column. For details, please see NRM6, book & collection of pieces written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori. (Explanation is not written in English but you will be able to feel many things from snap shots and scores.)

All original pieces will be presented! Newly written pieces also.
Other original pieces will not be missed also. The opening piece will be a work of Mr. Yudai Hatanaka, said to be young genius composer! Width of genre and speed of his composing are highly praised and he is an OB of International Niibori Music Academy having knowledge of latest sound of guitar orchestra, needless to say. It was he presented overture to N-Orch. going to have public performance in Italy. That title is Overture of Italy Dedicating to N-Orch. "Ponte Felice". "Ponte Felice" in Italy said to be meaning "Mediator bridge for happiness". (Illustration in Euro bill is also bridge.) Dr. Niibori told significance to composer and it is splendid piece composed suitably to International Goodwill Concert, fitting closely to N-Orch. trying to mediate bridge to world peace with music. This time will be premiere concert.

The 2nd piece will be "Traveler of Wind", work by Mr. Toshinori Sugihara (president of Shibuya Niibori Guitar Music School), having thorough knowledge of folklore. This piece gives vigor with Andes racial instruments, quena and bombo, and chorus.

Ladies' Quartet will perform "Variation from Theme of 'Little Dance' by Hiroki Niibori", composed by Mr. Satoshi Omiya, pianist and guitarist = professor of International Niibori Music Academy. You will be able to enjoy true sound of original guitar ensemble and warm harmony of Niibori Method.

DANROK (men's sextet) will perform "Rondo", newly written original piece by Hiromu Taguchi, one of the members.

The last orchestra piece for the first half of the concert will be Electric Guitar Concert "Tears of EOS" composed by Kengo Momose. Kengo Momose's works are very popular and many guitar ensembles and orchestras are performing Momose's pieces now. CD of the collection of Kengo Momose's original pieces was put on sale and NE had special concert with collection of Momose's pieces last year. This piece was composed at his beginning stage of composing but it is memorial master piece showing his sense of composing.

The start of later half of concert will be "Moonlit Alcazar" composed by Mr. Hiroshi Iwao, Flamenco guitarist. This piece is describing cathedral in Seville, city of Andalusia, indication of Islamic culture is remaining. Rhythm is "Solea por bulerias + bulerias"and Arabic melody will be enjoyable. Performance will be done by Flamenco Group led by Mr. Iwao, guest for this time, = 2 guitars, cante (vocal) and baile (dance).

Next,"Japon siemple Japon" composed by Spanish guitarist, Mr. Manolo Sanlucar, will be performed. This piece is dedicated to N-Orch. by Mr. Sanlucar in 1980 and in May of the same year, Mr. Sanlucar came to Japan for costarring concert with Mr. Jorge Cardoso and N-Orch. , after going back to his home, saying Ågmemory of Japan with brimful tearsÅh, this piece was said to be written.

This piece was successful by daring technique with adding piano, cello, keyboard, chorus and percussion. This wonderful adaptation will be said as the herald of modern Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra.
This public performance with full of topics will be held at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall at 13:30 on Sept. 5 (Sun.). This wonderful hall has excellent sound effect and you will be able to feel performers closely. Do not miss it. And you will be able to enjoy dinner and shopping at Muza Kawasaki (urban complex facility).

Preparing wonderful plans from now will be suggested.

Public Performance 2010 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Sept. 5 (Sun.) Curtain rises at 13:30 at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
SS seat 9,000yen, S seat 7,000yen, A seat 6,000yen, B seat 5,000yen
C seat 3,500yen (Primary, middle, high school student 2,000yen)
(Ticket on the day +500yen)

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