Live DVD of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Public Performance 2009 was put on sale!

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

For this time, the live DVD of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) Public Performance 2009, held at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall on Sept. 6, last year, An der shonen blauen Donau was put on sale and it is introduced here. This is a precious DVD, costarring with Balalaika for the first time and also having a scene of dancing in it.
N- Orch. public performance in every September presents widely from traditional sound (memory) to new trials (surprise) and they have full of worth seeing points!
They say encouraged by listening N-Orch. and you will surely agree when you see this DVD.
Recorded contents are described below.
1. Concert for 4 Cembalos BWV1065-----J. S. Bach (arr. Hiroki Niibori)
Cond.: Kazuyuki Terada Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (abbr. N-Orch.)
This is a traditional repertoire only for N-Orch. with 12 Cembalo Guitars actively working to express a cembalo with 2 Alto Cembalo Guitars and a Prime Cembalo Guitar (or a Bass Cembalo Guitar). Actual Cembalo is difficult, impossible, to change the strength of sound and tone quality but Cembalo Guitars make them possible and you will be able to enjoy the sound a little bit different from original piece of music.
2. Grand Duet on Theme by “William Tell”-----Demersseman & Bertheremy (arr. Yuko Koshibe)
Cond.: Kazuyuki Terada Performance: Niibori Guitar Ensemble
Flute Solo: Yuko Koshibe, Miki Yamamoto
This piece is presented as a concert for 2 flutes and guitar ensemble. This piece of music was originally composed for opera and various dramas will be developed as a scene of breathless excitement, peaceful scene and so on.
3. Gold Rush-----Kengo Momose (arr. Hiromu Taguchi)
Performance: DANROK (Niibori Guitar Men’s Sextet)
This piece is Mr. Kengo Momose’s original one setting it’s theme as the age of reclamation in U.S.A. This piece was performed at public performance in U.S.A. in 2005 as a concert for 2 electric guitars and guitar orchestra and audience was excited. It was arranged for the organization of DANROK (Soprano Guitar, 2 Prime Guitars, Prime Cembalo Guitar, Bass Guitar and Guitarron) for this time and you will be able to enjoy a little different taste.
4. Concert for Electric Guitar “The Mission”---E.Morricone (arr. Hiromu Taguchi)
Cond.: Kazuyuki Terada Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Electric Guitar Solo: Masahiro Suzuki
This is a hit number of Morricone! Grand cinema music “Mission” was performed as beautifully sounding electric guitar concert. The last scene with chorus will be also worth seeing point.
5. Dark Eyes-----Russian Folk Song (arr. Hiromu Taguchi)
Cond.: Kazuyuki Terada Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Balalaika Solo : Sho Kitagawa
This is the first costarring! The costarring with the first Japanese winner at the contest in Russia in 2008, Balalaika performer = Mr. Sho Kitagawa and N-Orch. was realized!
6. “Spanish Dance No.1” from “La Vida Breve” Falla (arr. P.Netceporenko, Hiromu Taguchi)
Balalaika : Sho Kitagawa Prime Guitar : Hiromu Taguchi
Please enjoy costarring 2 young geniuses, Mr. Sho Kitagawa (born in 1984) and Mr. Hiromu Taguchi (born in 1983).
7. Souvenirs D’Enfance ~ Concerto Pour Jeune Fille Nommée “Je T’aime”-----P.Senneville & O.Toussaint (arr. Hideaki Kobayashi)
Performance: Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet
This is performed with the sound of origin of Niibori Method, the most simple and pure beautiful guitar sound, by Ladies’ Quartet (quintet) having excellent reputation. The theme of N-Group in 2009 was beautiful sound. And CD of “Text book to produce beautiful sound” will be put on sale soon! This piece is carried on the collection of pieces as final one and hit number of this group.
8. Polka “Eingesendet” Op.240-----Joseph Strauss (arr. Kengo Momose, Hiroki Niibori)
Cond.: Hiroki Niibori Performance: Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Grand Orchestra (abbr. G.O.)
The organization of orchestra became bigger from here and Dr. Niibori appeared on stage! This piece is a work of Joseph Strauss, younger brother of Johann Strauss 2nd, King of waltz. This piece is charming one with cheerful and dialogues, and elegant.
9. Waltz “An der shönen blauen Donau” Op.314-----Johann Strauss 2nd (arr. Gu Xi-An , Hiroki Niibori)
Cond.: Hiroki Niibori Performance: G.O.
Dance : Naoya Mihashi, Shigemi Mihashi
This is a memorial repertoire promoting to harmonize musical instruments except for guitar with N-Orch. You can enjoy solo of each instrument by this arrangement.
Furthermore, you can enjoy not only sound but also visually also with dancing Wiener waltz by professional dancers at this concert.
10. Wonderful Morning-----Hiroki Niibori
Cond.: Hiroki Niibori Performance: G.O.
Pieces of music hereafter are performed for encore. We suffered from world wide economic depression in 2009. In such occasion, this piece presented to audience is a supporters’ song to give you vigor composed by Dr. Niibori, and many guitar orchestra have been performing in Japan.
11. The 2nd movement “Silent Night” from “Christmas” in baroque style----Gruber, adapted by Masaaki Hayakawa (arr. NE)
Cond.: Hiroki Niibori Performance: G.O.
Ending this concert, this piece of music being adapted hymn “Silent Night” composed by guitar for baroque style was performed. This is a small piece of music setting one’s mind at ease with harmonizing flutes and sound like pipe organ to guitar orchestra.
Live DVD of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra Public Performance 2009 ,An der shonen blauen Donau
Price 3,150yen (tax included) separate freight
Further, now, N-Orch. Live DVD 2008 ,Waldmeister Fantasy, is also put on sale.
This is the public performance realizing the costarring with French guitarist Mr. Arnaud Dumond. Program was carried on September, 2009 issue (Program of N-Orch. public performance in 2009).

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