From the President Niibori’s greeting message sent to the graduation concert of N-School

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue in this month has put together a special issue on N-School. N-School is a generic name of vocational schools of guitar, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D) and he is working as president for all of them. The schools are consisted of Educational Foundation_Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu Campus = S-School), Educational Foundation_Fujisawa Campus of International Niibori Music Academy (= F-School), Foundation_Tokyo Campus of International Niibori Music Academy (= T-School) and all of them is called as N-School.
Specialty Course corresponding to university and High School Course corresponding to high school are prepared, and Night School Course and Saturday Concentrated Course are prepared in The 2nd Department.
N-School has been introduced sometimes in this magazine and new readers are recommended also to see Home Page of Niibori Guitar = Niibori Guitar World (both of Japanese and English versions are available).
“Evening of Concerts by New Faces” is the graduation concert of N-School.
Performing solo or ensemble for High School Course and solo in concert for Specialty Course is required for graduates of N-School.
“Presented Words” by Dr. Niibori sent to the graduation concert is introduced here in this issue.
<From “Presented Words” for N-School graduates in 2010 by President Hiroki Niibori>
Be a messenger to change one’s sense of values.
2300 years ago, mankind considered as “philosophers” were the most important voters in Greek national assembly. Science, politics, military science, agriculture, commercial science, engineering, economics, literature and art are all important, and Doctors exist in each of the fields, today. There are many Doctors made profound study in each of the fields, and the highest ranking among them was “Doctor of Philosophy”. Do you think why? The tops of each field have great achievements, but philosophy is the field of “thinking and declaring happiness of all mankind foreseeing future” and it has the highest value.
It was very happy for me that Father Warren Walker (former Chairman of United Nation’s World Leaders’ Meeting on Action Against Hunger and Poverty) explained the value of “the degree to spread happiness to whole mankind” touching the gown of Doctor of Philosophy having 2300 years history when I received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Graduating from this school, you are recommended to think again of one’s sense of value for the most important thing in this world, “mind”, not “material”. Certainly, persons having “materials, power = economic power and military power” were said as the winner in the former 20th century. But the results in present day are considerably damaged earth and more than 30,000 peoples committing suicide in every year in Japan, non-existent even in wartime.
Thus, graduates of this school should play part of messengers and leaders to change one’s sense of value first toward making the earth of human touch and warmhearted.
Therefore, we, teachers, tried our best to give “lessons toward the goal beyond good performance” and it is just your experiences at the international stages for many times and so on. I sincerely hope you think and practice the philosophy of “warmhearted living way is the most important and highly valued”.
I, as the establisher of 53 years history, am very happy to see that this philosophy was excellently expressed in papers written by graduates of today, the philosophy itself is excellent, and the effort of students, of course, quality and numbers of teachers understanding the philosophy of establishment of this school show considerable enrichment. I would like to say, from bottom of my heart, thank you very much for every supporters in the world.
Let us send warm hand claps again for new messengers in the 21st century.
“Congratulations for graduation”.
Above is the greeting message by President Niibori.
Now, graduation concert of N-School = “Evening of Concerts by New Faces” and N-School Graduation Ceremony are introduced from page 10 in this issue with snapshots.
Many concerts with not only prime guitars but also N- Method guitars of each sound range (Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar and Guitarron for this time), electric guitars, bass, vocals, and drums for solo were performed in this concert and graduate from conducting course was appeared on stage for this time.
Each campus is also introduced from page 2 of special feature articles, and please take a look.
N-School is accepting foreign students also. Lessons are given in Japanese language, and “Certificate of Japanese language school record” or “Certificate of Japanese language license above 2nd class” is necessary. Requirements are set especially for foreign students such as resident’s qualification should be “Foreign Student Visa”.
Please ask for details. (International Niibori Music Academy Fujisawa Campus
URL: E-mail:
Guide to Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public Performance
Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director, a guitar ensemble actively performing in and outside of Japan, invited as the important guest to the guitar festivals in overseas such as U.S.A. in 2005, Singapore in 2006, Seoul, Korea in 2007, and also performed in Munich and Golden Hall of Wien, Musikferein in 2007.
It became very popular and audience and critics in overseas praised highly as world’s top guitar ensemble for its ability of course, concert program, arrangements, organization, and high leveled professionals to be full of heart!
NE’s recital will be scheduled in June in Tokyo and Yokohama in this year.
The concept for this time is concerts. Soloists are all the members of NE and it will be said as the only NE, with splendid performers, can do such concerts.
Pieces of music and soloists are partly introduced here. From the traditional repertoire, 2 Alto Guitars concert, all movements of “Summer” from “Four Seasons” composed by Vivaldi will be performed and soloists will be Mr. Tetsurou Ihara (also top performer of DANROK) and Ms. Ayumi Takahashi (also top performer of Twinkle). All of “Four Seasons” was recorded by 1st generation of NE and the CD has been talked much about, and 30 years has passed. Young soloists for this time have superb technique making one forget everything else, charming beautiful sound and refreshing smile.
Please expect.
Doppler’s “Souvenir de Prague” will be performed with 2 flutes (Ms. Yuko Koshibe & Ms. Miki Yamamoto). But arrangement only for NE introduces Dovorak’s “Slavonic Dances” on the way. You will be able to have glimpse of NE’s charm points of grown-ups.
Talking about pleasant concert, in strong contrast to above, it is Mr. Shigetsugu Tanaka’s Guitarron concert! It is also a military march, “Stars and Stripes Forever”, is scheduled.
Percussion instrument = marimba concert will be performed and soloist for this time will be Mr. Hiromitsu Hagiwara, percussionist in NE. The piece of music will be Czardas composed by Monti. Hagiwara’s striking stick handling! Performance of individuality only for him will be expected.
Final piece in the concert will be guitar concert and soloist will be Mr. Hiromu Taguchi, concert master of NE. Guitar concert, said to be the most prominent one in classical age, Giuliani’s Op.30 is scheduled but ---- simultaneously Beethoven’s cello concert is being arranged for guitar concert. Any way, the concert will be worth hearing!
And, also popular ensemble by members of NE = cembalo guitar ensemble, DANROK, and Ladies’ Quartet will perform also. DANROK is said to be composing original piece now, and it will possibly be performed at this concert.
Calling the special version on concert, for this time, it will be not so strict one, and it will be enjoyable concert for NE fans, of course, music and guitar fans, and first comers of concert. We are expecting to see you at the concert.
Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public performance 2010
Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
[Public performance in Tokyo]
June 16 (Wed.) Curtain rises at 19:00 Hall: Sumida Triphony Hall (small)
[Public performance in Yokohama]
June 23 (Wed.) Curtain rises at 19:00 Hall: Yokohama Minatomirai Hall (small)
All seats reserved. Advance sale: S-seat 4,500yen, A-seat 3,500yen, (on the day +500yen)

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