N-Schools’ Spring Anniversary Concert 2010

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The vocational colleges in guitar (music), Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president, = Educational Foundation_Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus), Educational Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Fujisawa campus), and Foundation_International Niibori Music Academy (Tokyo campus), all of these 3 campuses are called as N-School in generic name.
In Fujisawa and Izu campuses (Niibori Educational Institution), having professional course, corresponding to college, and high school course, many students are learning to become professionals in music. Also these campuses have night schools = the 2nd department and many kinds of students in wide range of their age, some of them are working in daytime and some others are students of other schools, are learning.
These 3 schools have each feature and selected students from these schools (many times of audition were held since autumn of previous year) perform solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra of each school and joint orchestra at the regular concert held in every spring.
The concert for this year was held at the big hall (capacity is 1,500 seats) of Kamakura Geijutukan (Kamakura Performing Arts Center), in Kanagawa prefecture, on Feb. 11 (national holiday).
The hall was filled to the capacity and strictly selected 27 pieces of music were performed at the concert taking more than 3 hours.
Now, N-School has departments of classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, flute, vocal music, drum, and others. Originally, department of classical guitar was the center of the school and solo_ensemble with classical guitars (although, not only for prime guitar but also fully utilizing N-Method guitars of each sound range), and guitar orchestras were presented at the regular concert. But, now, many new resources and ideas of students, next by next, such as performing electric guitars, of course, (including Niibori’s original alto electric guitars and bass electric guitars), and in recent years, ensemble with wind instrument and many kinds of percussions, chorus with dance, etc., are being presented at the concert.
All students are learning classical guitar and it is unchanged. This will be very rare case in musical colleges in the world.
This time, the affairs of the regular concert are introduced on and after page 8 in this issue, and here, “Greetings” of Dr. Niibori, president, on this concert is introduced.

<From “Greetings” on the program of N-School’s regular concert by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, president>
The theme for this year is “warm eye contact”. When you can feel for the other, “eye contact” will be reached and you can understand each other.
Becoming to understand the other does not mean to think seriously about the other from the beginning. Many peoples are misunderstanding this and I hope you to hear eagerly what I say.
The first start is to calmly watch your own strong point and weak point and understand well.
After all, you can not understand “the other person” without understanding “yourself”. The other person’s pain and sorrow will be gradually understood only with experiencing your own pleasure, pain and overcoming many difficulties.
You, loose and indulgent for your self, not polishing up your strong point, escaping from your weak point, can not understand the other person at all and you can not go to the state of feeling the impression jointly with hugging each other.
But, our school is different. Hearing hot performance by teachers at the entrance ceremony, soon after starting school, going beyond the wall of class and genre, you can try for the world’s top class, cooperating with all, especially like B-group (guitar orchestra of voluntary students of International Niibori Music Academy.
Marvelous DVDs performed by teachers, old members of students learned that way, are placed side by side in library and the system of learning the extracts at any time by whole body (right brain) is completed.
The orchestra will collapse instantly when you come late for the orchestra because of cold weather, indulgent for your self. Your friends, teacher and all feel cold on cold day. You will be able to sympathize with the others only by overcoming your weakness and indulgence.
Today, winning high leveled auditions to get the honor of appearing on stage, performers can practice better “eye contact” than others. Their eyes, of course, whole bodies are lively sparkling. Only persons being able to sympathize with the others can be moved and grateful for parents, of course, teachers, schoolmates, surroundings and history. Only these persons can grow up warmly in talking and writing. Only these persons with warm hearted will be able to contribute to make society with full of peaceful mind in 21st century.
More than 60 world’s top prizes from many countries were given to our school, that came from not only for musical college bringing up persons with superb technique but also for “hedging bets on dream of making worldwide family with raison d’être”.
It will be the greatest pleasure for me, establisher, of course, and also for team of teachers taught them to have all of your warm eye contacts and hand claps to splendid performers sympathized with motto of this school.
And for next year, many more of you join bringing up raison d’être with music and peace will be also the greatest pleasure.

[Hot news]
*Dr. Niibori was awarded by 5 organizations of United Nation’s NGO
Dr. Niibori was awarded by World Peace Academy, consists of 5 organizations (ECOSOC, UNDPI, UNICEF, UNCED&UNESCO) of United Nation’s NGO on January 15, 2010. It is said to be recognized his peace activity through music for long years with leading Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra. It is the second time to be awarded by United Nation’s NGO since 2001. (Details are carried on page 14 of this issue.)
*ELECTRIC GUITAR TEXT BOOK “Advanced Grade” was completed!
Next to ROCK GUITAR TEXT BOOK, text book for electric guitar by Niibori Method = ELECTRIC GUITAR TEXT BOOK was completed! And put on sale.
This is the advanced text book to give power of expression like blues, funk and jazz.
(Interview about this book is carried on and after page 20 of this issue.)

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