From the greeting messages sent to New Year Concert (Recital) by Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobby.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This March issue has put together a special issue on schools with Niibori-Method (Guitar Schools, Music Schools, and Circles etc.).
Dr. Hiroki Niibori is the president of vocational colleges of guitar as International Niibori Music Academy but he first established Niibori Guitar Music School for general public and he is continuously working as president. Niibori Guitar Music School has classrooms directly managed by head office and schools of Niibori Brand individually managed by leading disciples in many places in Japan. And these schools have about 100 times of students of vocational colleges.
For this time, the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori for New Year’s Recitals = New Year Concerts of Niibori Guitar Music Schools is introduced. And another message of Professor Masatoshi Ishizuka, chief of Tokyo Campus of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, 2nd department of vocational college (study a little more professionally than hobby, in the off time of work or other school) is also introduced. (His original scores have been frequently carried on this magazine and you will be able to watch performing them in overseas on “You Tube”, now.)
Introducing Hobby Schools = Niibori Guitar Music School (motto for this year) through them, we will be very happy when it became to be a good reference for musical activities of teachers.
[From the greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori]
Our motto for this year is “warm eye contact” and it is needless to say that “eye contact” is formed by existence of oneself and companion. Namely, it begins with existence of companion = concern about companion.
So, it is hard to form in self-centered manner. The more understanding for companion, the more easily it will be formed. Your deeper understanding will result to have the warmer eye contact from your companion. Everybody call as “love” for that.
Well-informed person often call as “Niibori-Method is love”. When you are in Alto Guitar Part, for example, you can hear sound of Bass Guitar Part, completely different part from you, very well. Also you can hear easily the sound of Cembalo Guitar and Guitarron. But in the case when all members play only Prime Guitars, considerable difficulties will occur. It was 60 years ago I became clearly aware of this. Then, I had worked very hard to develop musical instruments, strings and scores to make each part of individuality with all musical instruments having common mechanism.
Sound of Alto Guitar like butterfly flies around flowers, Cembalo alike twinkling of stars in the sky, sorrowful sound of Prime Guitar well express vanity of disappointed love, Bass Guitar and Guitarron sound like swell of ocean or bighearted to wrap up all,-----.
To another part, full of individuality, sending eye contacts with each other as “next is expression of big waves! Leave it to Contrabass Guitar ~”, “all right~”, “next is the scene of butterflies flying around rape blossoms, leave it to Alto Guitar~”, is desired.
Looking these scenes sending each other the warm eye contact, audience will be deeply impressed. Marvelous audience in Wien gave different handclaps for each piece of music. After a few moments, it is said to be filled up with peaceful mind.
Enjoying full of harmony with high pitched, medium pitched and low pitched sound, since you came in Niibori Guitar, finishing to enjoy only a kind of guitar, is recommended. When your life continues evolution of impression, Full-Harmony of Niibori brand will be able to warmly guide you hereafter.
Today, we are going to have fresh concert by people began to become aware of such direction of dream. Please enjoy the concert in the state of “peace”.
And for next time, let us perform with your family, friends, with all in state of “peace”. I hope from the bottom of my heart the concert will be successful.
[From the greeting message of Prof. Masatoshi Ishizuka]
Musical communication with eye contact
I will start from this story again for the students joining for the first time, because students often asked me “why this concert was held soon after busy time at the beginning of the year?”
“Concert performed by students” is scheduled as a yearly program in Niibori Guitar Music School.
The beginning of main curriculum is New Year Concert (New Year Live for electric guitar course) held usually in January. All of students will be able to perform solo and ensemble as the concert is held for each of schools. So, this recital has the meaning of “start” rather than “completion”.
Spring Concert (Spring Live or Petit Energy for electric guitar course) is held in April and performed combining some of schools in the area. Solo and ensemble for this will be limited to recommended, selected programs.
“Resound and sparkle Full Guitar Orchestra!” (Live Energy Pre-selection in July-August for electric guitar course) is held in June and public performances by each of all schools in Tokyo_Chiba_Kanagawa, all schools in Shizuoka, and all schools in other districts are held. It is also possible to appear on stage performing with full guitar orchestra in Niibori-Method combining with musical instruments except for guitar and vocals. Solo and ensemble will be limited to programs recommended through severe selection. Simultaneously it is regarded as pre-selection festival for “All Japan Guitar Competitions”.
“All Japan Guitar Competitions” sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku Guitar League (Live Energy Final-selection in November for electric guitar course) is held in October and compete for No. 1 in Japan for each of 11 departments.
Now, you must be understood all. Yearly goal is set in autumn, arts will ripe and best season for musical instruments, and New Year Concert, aiming the goal, is held and preparation starts in previous autumn. Of course, Niibori-Method allows entering the school at any time and you can make progress with enjoying it.
Stage practice is the short cut for making progress. Using DVD at the lesson pursuing beautiful sound with taking priority over right brain has been proved as the most effective way to succeed in stage practice. The successful stage practice is that the performers communicate each other by eye contact and transferred to audience. Thus, the theme for this year is “eye contact”.
Now, New Year is beginning. Participation has big meaning! Let’s enjoy fully!!
Supporters in this time are invited to perform together with us for the next time.

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