The era of Beautiful Sound with PA exceeding live performance

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

We are feeling honored and grateful to have been given New Year’s messages for New Year’s issue of this magazine from so many people. Thank you very much.
Now, for this time, the sentence from “View Point” carried in this issue, written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori is introduced here.

Extracts from the sentence of “View Point 82” written by Dr. Niibori
The era of Beautiful Sound with PA exceeding live performance
Now in 2010, we are going in to the times of “opening concerts seeking more beautiful sound than the sound of live performance” by many of top performers in the world utilizing high leveled PA (Power Amplifier) technique.
It will be the worldwide trend, I think. For the public performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra in Europe, 2007, guitar concert was performed with the experienced guitarist, living in Germany, at the traditional halls of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien etc. and he used his own PA apparatus especially for solo.
Talking about the past, in 1974, we had 40 days’ concert tour in England, the most advanced country for classical guitar, the place of dispatching the latest music. At that time, our guitar ensemble utilizing guitars of each sound range was praised as “fully harmonic sound with alto guitars, bass guitars and so on, is a wonderful invention and showing clearly the future of guitar”, and talked much about as broadcasted by BBC. However, at that time in Japan, sound from alto, bass guitars was abused as doing in the wrong way and desecrating guitar solo. Then we selected the way to have audition in London, where professionals fighting and the place of the most advanced city for music.
36 years has passed since that time. Now, it became the times of peoples in 27 countries in the world enjoying fully harmonic sound of guitar orchestra through internet. Now, in Singapore, the brand name of “Niibori” became a pronoun for enjoying guitar orchestra in fully harmonic sound. Almost all schools and cities are doing “Niibori”.
However, in Japan, the same thing as in the past is occurring again. That is prejudice against “utilizing PA” and “electric guitar” for the first on the list.
At the top ranked live houses in Tokyo, such as “Blue Note”, “Cotton Club” and Billboard”, wonderful concerts aiming “more beautiful sound with PA than live performance” are being held, but until a few years ago, it was “how to get closer to live sound” for PA. Now we are going superior way than before. And we entered “the times of beautiful sound of electric guitar exceeding that of classical guitar”. I heard David Walker on the other day and there existed such a beautiful electric sound.
Also in the field of aroma therapy utilizing “aroma” and “sound” to fix one’s mind and body, it became the times to utilize mostly beautiful sound of electric guitar as for healing sound.
I was surprised to hear that some organization of classical guitar required condition as “never use electric apparatus”, and the same thing happened in the small local city in this month. But I was relieved to hear some one appeared to show clearly “no” for that.
The sentence continues. How about the situation for using PA apparatus in your countries?
Hot news
Dr. Niibori was awarded Albert Schweitzer “Art Prize”
Austrian Albert Schweitzer Association to communicate the heart of Dr. Albert Schweitzer devoted his life to medical treatment at deep in jungle, having the philosophy for peace of human race, as an excellent organ performer, won Nobel Prize for Peace, became to greet 25th anniversary in 2009. Simultaneously, commemorative ceremony and ceremony to award Albert Schweitzer Prize, to be given to “the person devoted to peace of human race”, recognized by the association, were held on Oct. 8, 2009 at Wien Ehrensaal der Milit_rpfarre.
As a Japanese artist, Dr. Hiroki Niibori was already awarded Schweitzer Prize in March, and 25th Anniversary Jubilee Medal was given for this time with the special message of Mr. Joerg Steiner, Secretary General of the head office of the association, to become possible to introduce here.
As many people know, Dr. Albert Schweitzer had plenty of knowledge about guitar.
That is, Dr. Isao Takahashi, a doctor and a pioneer of Japanese guitar society, worked together at the hospital of Dr. Schweitzer.
Furthermore, people in the association supposed to be gotten more knowledge about guitar at the public performance of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra in Wien on the other day.
Here, New Year’s bright, latest news were reported above!
(Certificate of merit, medal, message of Secretary General Joerg Steiner, etc. are carried on page 12 of this issue)

Words of delight by Dr. Hiroki Niibori
Thinking about the earth, human race, philosophy, medical science, art, theology, humanity, man of deeds, any of the fields makes me to remind the name of Dr. Schweitzer.
Dr. Isao Takahashi, pioneer in Japanese guitar society and doctor, continued volunteer work for long time in Lambarene, and said many times as “I do not know how much extent of healing effect I was given by Dr. Schweitzer’s calmly praying sound of organ after finishing hard work at deep in forest”.
Having the great honor of being awarded “Art Prize” commemorating 25th anniversary of the association, passing the heart of Dr. A. Schweitzer, the most admirable person in 20th century, I would like to say thank you from bottom of my heart to all peoples recommended me and all members of the association in Wien, representing orchestra and group.
Continuing hereafter “Peace Activity through music” in solidarity is my determination.
Thank you very much.

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