The 41st All Japan Guitar Concours, 2010

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

The 41st All Japan Guitar Concours was held from Sept. to Oct. 2010 and that is specially featured in this issue. This concours is sponsored by Nippon Kyouiku Guitar Renmei <NKG> and International Guitar Orchestra Association <IGOA> (President: Hiroki Niibori), and this is a world’s exceptional, synthetic concours (10 departments in total) organized with solo, ensemble, guitar orchestra, conducting, arrangement, composition, education, guitar & mandolin, guitar manufacturing, and electric guitar.
Here, for this time, “Greetings” for this concours, written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, chairman of judge for the concours, will be introduced. Studying method for music, now practiced in Niibori group, is written. We will be very happy when it was useful for your reference.
[From the greetings of President Niibori carried on the program of The 41st All Japan Guitar Concours]
“All Japan Guitar Concours” was established with my irresistible belief and continuing judge for more than 40 years, discrimination between “able to be top prize winners” and “performers need more time to win” becomes to be understood clearly. This is not only for me but also every teacher worked with me as judge for 20 ~ 30 years says same thing.
I would like to show clearly the method of practice to win top prize, at present 2010.
Do not begin with music (score) (left brain). You should start with DVD (right brain). Hold fast to this.
At first, you should take in “composer’s thought” to your right brain, watching DVD with large screen and 5 speakers. Then, the selection of piece of music (selection of DVD) is the key factor for rapid progress. Doing this process absentmindedly, you will need very long time (like as old college of music) to reach top level. New trials are business for professionals. Do not hesitate to utilize only good points (ways to be impressed at once).
I would like to tell another important thing.
Receiving with impression (right brain), receiving with whole body and giving off from whole body, it will be easy to memorize and hard to forget. But, memorized with knowledge (left brain), memorizing with a part of body, it will be classified and dumped (forgotten), when you are sleeping at night, and easy to result big loss.
These matters became clear recently.
Starting with music (scores) to perform music, you will forget the composer’s thought for the piece, concentrating to “perform scores without mistake”. And your expression of face and movement of body will likely to become “stiff to perform music exactly”. You will likely to become forgetting the most important thing, grasping the breathing to express the dream of composer thought.
“There is no other important thing except for grasping musical breathing” suitable to the piece of music.
How the beginner can get breathing for the level of top prize?
Practically, usual musical colleges and famous teachers excessively required lesson for long-term, I think.
Present 2010, it became the age of easy and simple for that aspect. People aware this, it will be the same as taking the super express “Nozomi”.
The answer is “watching DVD!!” I think the revolution was surely occurred in 21st century with DVD. What the beginner watch at first? First, it is sufficient to watch = understand = feel “speed”. Everyone can understand at once. “Sense the most suitable speed for the piece by right brain”, and that’s all. Understanding the most suitable speed for the piece is the first step to exactly understand composer’s thought for the piece.
The suitable speed is exactly “rhythm” and “breathing = heart” of the piece. I am saying to sense this at first.
“Music (scores) and symbols” can not express exactly speed and tone quality.
Watching only such uncertain music (scores) takes long time and you can not enter the world with full of impression soon.
The top prize winners for today will be surely the people grasped this composer’s heart = rhythm = speed.
After grasping heart = rhythm, coloring technique will be suitably understood and efficiency will rise up. Wonderful finishing will become possible. Change of tone quality and agogic come to be done suitably for the style of the piece.
Top prize winners in these years has been peoples grasped rhythm of composer thought transcending genre of classical and popular music.
Our school is now doing it with thoroughgoing and came to an era of appearing new wonderful performers continuously.
Study with giving priority in right brain, DVD, is the key factor for 10 times of impressive progress. Peoples started it in thoroughgoing will appear on stage next by next at world’s eminent concours now opening. My heart is leaping. I am expecting successful performance.
Guide to The 46th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert No.2
Concerts, NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) as main performer, popular DANROK and “Grace”, Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Super Trio going to make debut in November, as main performers, are introduced below as a sequel to last month issue.
Concerts mainly performed by NE are 12/1 in Suginami, 12/10 in Sagamiohno, and 12/13 in Mishima, and also local ensembles will appear on stage of each concert.
Teachers of music school, sponsor of concert and/or locating near by, will perform soloist of concert in front of NE. NE will perform concert for piccolo “Le Merle Blanc”, concert for marimba “Czardas” and so on. Hand bells ensemble, DANROK and JOYON will also appear on stage, and Christmas songs by vocalist Mari Imai with NE will be presented especially at public performance in Suginami and Sagamihara.
Christmas live performances by DANROK and Grace are 12/8 in Meguro and Sagamihara, and popular band “Amanda” will appear on stage in Meguro.
“Grace” will perform familiar piece such as “Scarborough Fair”, and DANROK will perform, for about 1 hour, their hit numbers and member’s original pieces.
For 12/2 public performance in Shiga, 3rd movement of concert for piano No.1 composed by Beethoven will be performed with NE. Soloist of piano will be Ms. Akiko Kawaguchi. Also the performance by Shiga citizen’s guitar orchestra will be enjoyable.
Wine Party is scheduled at “Live House N” in main building of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa) on Dec. 22, 7:00 p.m. You will be able to enjoy this party with members of NE, splendid performance by NE and game corner for wonderful presents at the party expressing thanks for support of NE fans for a year.
Furthermore, Candle Concerts sponsored by Niibori Guitar are scheduled in many other places.
There is one thing continued from the first start of this concert. That is big chorus of “Silent Night”, a hymn composed with guitar, accompanied by guitar orchestra, with all of audience and performers. If some of foreigners staying in Japan at that time, please join the concert. We are looking forward to see you at the concert.

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