Guide to The 46th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Niibori Guitar Christmas (Charity) Concerts are held in many districts in Japan in Christmas season. This concert, the 46th for this time, has been enjoyed by a lot of guitar fans and music lovers under the name of “Candle Concert”.
The series of this concert was originated by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, being deeply impressed by heart warming concert (joyful concert with performer's explanations for familiar, old and new musical masterpieces) under candle light at Mirabel Palace in Salzburg, in 1965, with his intention to take music in daily life in Japan. This concert will be the first concert with explanations in Japanese classical guitar music society, of course, and the field of concert of classical pieces of music.
Program of the concert was consisted of familiar pieces of music, almost all Japanese sang. At that time (1960s), many authorities in authoritative Japanese classic guitar society criticized the concert of pieces of music well known by general public being performed with explanations by professional performers. But it would be said as general public was looking for to have such kind of concert. Dressed up professional performers performing on stage many pieces of music often sang and well known by general public possibly seemed to be a shocking scene for audience at that time. This Candle Concert was originally performed as the 7th public performance (1966) of Niibori Guitar Orchestra, resulting big sensation to decide to continue as the series of concert with many eager requests from audience, and the site of concert has been spread widely in Japan. There will be so many peoples started to go to concert and to play music after experiencing this concert.
Continuing this charity concert praying for peace with all of heart, Dr Niibori was awarded International Art and Culture Prize (also he had been receiving many letters of thanks from Japan Red Cross and UNICEF) in 1990. After that, thought and activities for long years to bring peace through music has been awarded from various organizations in many countries. In 2001, Dr. Niibori was awarded from United Nation's NGO (International Parliament for Peace Settlement).

Then, since 2003, Dr. Niibori raised flag of "Praying for Peace” for theme of concert with cooperation of UN’s NGO, WPPS (World Peace Prayer Society) and GOI Peace Foundation, and songs and pieces of music praying for peace were arranged in concert program. “Concert praying for Peace” will be opened at Kanagawa Prefectural Concert Hall (12/5) and Hiratsuka Citizen’s Center Big Hall (12/19), for this year.
Now, for this concert, giving many opportunities to be awarded, the main point is
set as familiar and joyful Christmas concert for peoples, even if having no experience to visit concert (especially for classical music), to visit easily. And also it is the concert of performing popular pieces from Niibori Guitar concerts of the year.
Now, for the public performance, appealing “Praying for Peace”, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.) will be the main performer and song praying for peace = “Let There Be Peace On Earth” will be performed. This time, Ms. Mari Imai (instructor in vocal department of International Niibori Music Academy), increasing popularity with cute face and voice, and student of vocal department of International Niibori Music Academy will sing to present homey warm sound.

What Dr. Niibori will conduct is national anthem “KIMIGAYO” for this time and 3 kinds of “KIMIGAYO” will be presented.
Why “KIMIGAYO” for Christmas?
“KIMIGAYO” is used to be performed at New Year’s Day.
Dr. Niibori says, this concert, in certain meaning, is the final concert for the year and also meeting with new audience = means the start (as for having the biggest number of audience and enjoyable concert even for the first comers), and this can be said as the concert for the beginning of all events of Niibori Guitar for coming new year.
Present “KIMIGAYO” came with the cooperation of England (Mr. John William Fenton), Germany (Mr. Franz Eckert) and Japanese, and the words of song is “praying for peace”, thus Dr. Niibori selected this piece for this time.
For this time, from many “KIMIGAYO”, initial “KIMIGAYO” composed by Mr. Fenton, performed once a year at the birth place = Honmokusan Myokohji Temple, Naka-ku, Yokohama, (there is a stone monument, “The Birth Place of National Anthem KIMIGAYO”), present “KIMIGAYO” by Mr. Hiromori Hayashi and Mr. Eckert, and “KIMIGAYO” of the future? = “Fantasy KIMIGAYO” composed, with present “KIMIGAYO” as the motif, by Mr. Yudai Hatanaka (composer, OB of this Academy), will be performed.
“KIMIGAYO” of the first generation was performed by Japanese first brass band (Mr. Fenton is said as the originator of Japanese brass band), and we are going to try to present the effect of brass band with electric guitars. (Try anything with guitars will be a nature of N-Orch.)
Explanation for these pieces by Dr. Niibori will be interesting. Not so many Japanese are seemed to know of many “KIMIGAYO” were made for their own national anthem.

And, “Japón Siemple Japón”, conducted by Dr. Niibori, will be performed for this time also and soloists (guitars) for this piece will be played by teachers of neighboring classrooms of the site of the concert.

Furthermore, N-Orch. conducted by Mr. Kazuyuki Terada will perform grand scaled “Grand Jingle Bells” and “Italia Overture Ponte Felice dedicated to N-Orch.”, performed and praised at the main concert, composed by Mr. Yudai Hatanaka. NE (Niibori Guitar Ensemble) will perform, for the first time, Concert for Piccolo, composed by Eugene Damare, “Le Merle Blanc” (soloist: Ms. Yuko Koshibe).

Popular ensemble = DANROK and Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet (JOYON) will also appear on stage.
Also, Christmas pieces of music will be performed with the old musical instrument, performed at only this concert, Carcassi Guitar (restoration of made in 1816) and hand bells. Old simple tone will heal your heart.
Opening performance will be played by citizen’s guitar orchestra neighboring to the site.
Above are the public performance by N-Orch. and other public performances such as mainly performed by NE, mainly by popular DANROK and GRACE, Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Super Trio, scheduled to debut in November, are also scheduled. Details will be introduced in next issue.

The 46th Niibori Guitar Christmas (Candle) Concert

«Praying for Peace»concert by N-Orch. as main performer

[Kanagawa] Public performance in Yokohama
Dec. 5 (Sun.) curtain rise 15:00 site: Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall
[Kanagawa] Public performance in Hiratsuka
Dec.19 (Sun.) curtain rise 15:00 Hiratsuka Citizen’s Center Big Hall
<Conducting and talk> Hiroki Niibori, Kazuyuki Terada, and others
<Performers> Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.), Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), DANROK, Niibori Guitar Ladies’ Quartet (JOYON), Niibori Guitar Hand Bells Ensemble, Yuko Koshibe (Piccolo), Mari Imai (Vocal), and others
Concert by Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) as main performer
[Tokyo] Public performance in Suginami
Dec. 1 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00
Suginami-ku Kinrou Fukushi Kaikan (Worker’s Welfare Center)
[Kanagawa] Public Performance in Sagamihara
Dec. 10 (Fri.) curtain rise 19:00 Green Hall Sagamiohno_Multi Purpose Hall
[Shizuoka] Dec. 13 (Mon.) curtain rise 19:00 Mishima Citizen’s Culture Hall (Yu-Yu Hall)
<Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada and other
<Performers> NE, DANROK, JOYON, Niibori Guitar Hand Bells Ensemble, Yuko Koshibe (Piccolo), Mari Imai (Vocal), and others

Concert by DANROK and Grace as main performers

[Tokyo] Public performance in Meguro
Dec. 8 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00 Meguro-ku Small and Medium Enterprise Center Hall
[Kanagawa] Public performance in Isogo
Dec. 15 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00 Isogo-ku Citizen’s Culture Center_Sugita Theater
<Performers> DANROK, Grace, Niibori Guitar Orchestra B-Group (only for Isogo), and others
<Special Guest> Amanda (only for Meguro)

For above concerts, SS Reserved seat 4,000yen, General non reserved seat 3,000yen, Non reserved Student’s seat 2,000yen
Ticket on the day +500yen *1,000yen will be discounted for audience having ticket of Dec.5 Yokohama or Dec.19 Hiratsuka for other concerts.

Public performance in Shiga Dec. 12 (Sun.) curtain rise 13:30
Ohmi-Hachiman Culture Hall
<Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada, Kiyoshi Koyama
<Performers> NE, Shiga Citizen’s Guitar Orchestra, and others
All seats non reserved Adult 1,500yen Student 800yen

Niibori Guitar Christmas Concerts will be also performed at other districts in Japan
[NE Christmas Wine Party]
<Conducting and talk> Kazuyuki Terada <Performer> NE
[Kanagawa] Dec.22 (Wed.) curtain rise 19:00 Fujisawa Live House N
6,000yen (drink will be served)

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