Guide to "Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra (N-Orch.)" Public Performance 2009

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

N-Orch. attained splendid achievements with all standing ovation for both of public performances in Europe = Munich and Vienna, in 2007.
The debut and success of N-Orch. = guitar orchestra especially at sanctuary of music, golden hall of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien, possibly gave impact and pleasure, as a present, for people relating to guitar in the world. That was of course the greatest pleasure for us.
Now, let's introduce the main concert by N-Orch., scheduled in this September.
You will be able to enjoy the latest N-Method (new challenges of guitar orchestra!) and traditional sound = memory and surprise in this public performance. It will be highly valuable for leaders of guitar orchestras and peoples relating in guitar world, so that audience from all Japan and overseas will gather to the concert.
Now, what are memory and surprise for this year-----?
Dr. Hiroki Niibori, the originator and foster parent of N-Orch., musical director, conductor, called as "The second coming of Carlos Kleiber" at public performance in Europe, will conduct for this time Polka "Eingesendet" and Waltz "An der schonen blauen Donau", both pieces frequently performed by Wiener Philharmoniker.
Polka Schnell "Eingesendet" was composed by Josef Strauss (1827 - 1870), younger brother of Strauss the 2nd and called as extremely talented composer in Strauss family, in 1867. It is very charming piece with rhythmic conversation like and elegant melody.
"An der schonen blauen Donau" is the masterpiece of Wiener Waltz composed by King of Waltz = Johann Strauss the 2nd(1825 - 1899)! It is called as the second national anthem of Austria, performed at New Year Concert by Wiener Philharmoniker in every year, and supposed to be well known among almost all peoples in the world.
This piece was originally composed as men's chorus to give vigor for peoples in mother country, Austria, defeated in war with Prussia, but reputation at that time was not so good. After performing by string orchestra, it became very popular. As this piece is world's master piece and piece of work by Strauss, Dr. Niibori's favorite composer, we thought this piece would be performed soon after performing "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" (first performance by N-Orch. in 1969), with thick racial and guitar taste, but the first performance by N-Orch. was 1998, 29 years after the first performance of "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald"! Dr. Niibori was said to be having an ideal sound in his brain to perform this piece by guitar orchestra----.
Realizing his idea, improvement of performance of guitars of each sound range, progress of performing technique, and first of all, research for harmonizing with other instruments = full of harmony, were subjects to be solved. Finally, joining professional flutists, cellists and accordion players, arrangement and performance became possible to realize for this piece of music. This piece of music lead to change the name of "Niibori Guitar Orchestra" to "Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra" in 2001 and it will be said as taking a step forward to full of harmony. Since then, Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra began to perform various Strauss' work next by next.
It will be a repeat performance since 11 years absence for this piece and arranging low sound range instruments at the center for organization & arrangement of instruments will be reproduced. And the surprise for this time! Dancers will dance Wiener Waltz. Dancers will be Mr. Naoya Mihashi and Mrs. Shigemi Mihashi of Mihashi Dance School. This husband and wife are teachers having plenty of experience for competitions in domestic and England, and said to be the teacher of dance for Dr. Niibori. How the performance will go, it will be fully expecting.
Now, the comment on Strauss the 2nd written before by Dr. Niibori will be introduced here.
"All of his works existed with peoples. No matter how daily lives are (at that time, they were in war), his works gave hope, friendship, love and pleasure for peoples. From 1844, his debut, to 1899, his death, all of his activities continued to give peoples joy of life, regardless of their social ranks. He did not forget love and friendship aroused by rhythm from rustic guitar held in arms of farmer in Alps. His unique tempo rubato surely looks like a sign for calling "now, let's step out forward first, happily together, all of you unified" to performers and dancers. It looks like "interval" and "love", never written possibly in musical scores. It looks like "love" cultivated in soft strings of guitar and violin for hundreds of years."(from Guitar Music Magazine Nov. 1975)
The reason why Dr. Niibori liked to conduct the works of Strauss will be understood from above sentence. This type of music seems to be needed still now ---.
Then, charms only in guitar orchestra (arpeggio etc.) will be worth to hear for this piece. Of course, Dr. Niibori's conducting is must to see.

Splendid guest will be invited for the performance. The guest performer will be Mr. Syou Kitagawa, Balalaika performer. He was born in Tokyo in 1984 (25 years old!?).
His grand father (Gou Kitagawa) is regular conductor of Chorus Shirakaba, and his father (late Tsutomu Kitagawa) is founder of Tokyo Balalaika Ensemble. He is enjoying Russian music since childhood and attained solo debut at his age of 7! He entered Russian National Rachmaninov Memorial Music Institute of Rostov to study abroad. Since then, he continued performance activity in Russia and Japan, and he won the top prize in Balalaika department of "Perogoria Prize", The 7th International Russian Folk Music Competition in Nov. 2008.
Mr. Kitagawa and N-Orch. will perform "Dark Eyes" (Russian folk music~arranged by Hiromu Taguchi) arranged for performance with Balalaika, and duo with Mr. Kitagawa and also young performer (born in 1983) Mr. Hiromu Taguchi (guitar), succeeded in his first recital in this June, will perform "Danza Espanola No.1" from "La Vida Breve" composed by Manuel de Falla.
For the interesting first performance repertoire, traditional dance only in Okinawa-Miyakojima = "KUICHA" as a theme, "Karimata-nu-kuicha" (KUICHA of Karimata) (Kou Matsushita~arranged by Tatsuya Kumagai) will be performed. The score of this piece was carried on this February issue, and this score contains tapping (NRM), feet stamping and shout simultaneously all with performing guitar so that even member of N-Orch. experiencing hard struggle now. However, this piece will become splendid one with enjoyable rhythm and completely expressed beautifulness of guitar orchestra.
Saying about terrible piece of music, it will be concert for flutes for this year = "Grand Duet on Themes by William Tell" (Demersseman & Bertheremy ~arranged by Yuko Koshibe). This piece will require superb technique for flute than many other pieces performed in the past. This difficult piece was selected because it was possible to perform. This piece performed by wonderful flutists, Yuko Koshibe and Miki Yamamoto, was praised highly at NE public performance in June. This piece will show spreading out of plentiful drama with strained scenes and tender morning haze like scenes.
And, some one will say as joke of music------members argued both sides, yes or no!
That is, costarring with 24 electric guitars of each sound range and guitar orchestra, "Jupiter" from "Planets" composed by Holst will be challenged. Not only as a trial but also trying to improve musically, result is unknown now-----possibly complete it to be disclosed? Dr. Niibori says "if said to be nonsense, that is all, but---".
New electric guitar concert is also proposed, and now arrangement is going on.
The piece will be "Mission" composed by E. Morricone, and soloist will be Masahiro Suzuki.
Now, as the traditional repertoire to fully enjoy beautiful sound only by guitar orchestra, that is "Concert for 4 cembalos (all movements)" composed by Bach.
For this piece, dealing with combination of 2 Alto cembalo Guitars and Prime cembalo guitar (or Bass cembalo guitar) as a cembalo, 12 cembalo guitars will be arranged. Widely spreading sound with double stringed cembalo guitars, became as present mainstream, will be expected comparing to former performance in 1993.
"Little Pierrot" composed by Dr. Niibori will be performed for this time with "KONPEITOU" as soloist, not child soloists (originally composed as concert for children), young ladies' quartet, talked much about now, with N-Orch. That will be a trial as to express the music Dr. Niibori aimed to, not as a text for children.
Others as popular Ladies' Quartet and DANROKU (men's sextet) will also appear on stage.
This year's motto for N-Group is "rapid progress with beautiful sound and DVD" and many vigorous pieces are seemed to be selected for this year reflecting present affairs of society.
Above is scheduled program for this time and encores will be-----it will depend upon handclaps of audience.
This public performance with full of topics will be held at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall at 13:30 on Sept. 6 (Sun.). The hall is a splendid hall with rich sound and able to feel performers near by. You can also enjoy dining and shopping at Muza Kawasaki (urban complex facility).
Making your pleasant plan will be advised.
Public Performance by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra 2009
Sept.6 (Sun.), 2009 Curtain rises at 13:30 at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
SS seat 9,000yen, S seat 7,000yen, A seat 6,000yen, B seat 5,000yen, C seat 3,500 yen (middle and high school student 2,000yen)

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