Music and Guitars for each sound range in Niibori-Method, spreading among music lovers

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This time, this issue has put together a special issue on "Guitar" as a musical instrument. Now, in the world, many kinds of guitar are being performed, but it seems to be not easy to perform others even for usual prime guitar players.
However, guitars, invented by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, for each sound range in Niibori-Method make it possible to easily play any of them, and that will be said to be the most important factor for increasing guitar orchestra lovers (performers).
When you can perform usual prime guitar, it will be easy to perform Sopranino Guitar, Soprano Guitar and Alto Guitar, for high pitched sound range, Bass Guitar and Contrabass Guitar, for low pitched sound range, Cembalo Guitars for high, medium and low pitched sound range, and odd looking Guitarron (Mexican Guitarron has different tuning and way of performing). It is a great invention, don't you think so? The reason why performer for any one of guitar can perform other guitars for different sound range and you can get splendid sounds by ensemble and orchestra with these guitars for each sound range------.
It is shown here.
All guitars in Niibori (N) - Method have "6 strings" or double stringed "6 courses" for each, tuning interval for each string is set as "the same ratio" of prime guitar, thus making it possible to perform easily and enjoy any of guitar when you learned fundamentals of guitar. Tuning among guitars are set in "perfect interval" (octave, fourth and fifth intervals) to give natural and rich sound. Recently, Dr. Niibori announced in his article that sound (wave lengths) of N-Method Guitar Orchestra with guitars for each sound range seems to have effects to fix one's mind and body.
Next, N-Method Guitars for each sound range are introduced below for each sound range.

[Guitars for Highest Sound Range]Piccolo Guitar (double stringed), Sopranino Guitar, Soprano Guitar
Tuning for Piccolo Guitar and Sopranino Guitar is an octave higher than Alto Guitar (string #1=H, #2=Fis, #3=D, #4=A, #5=E, #6=H, and an octave higher than Prime Guitar for Soprano Guitar. These guitars give brilliance to guitar orchestra with pretty sound as music box. Soprano Guitar is often used for solo and gives vivid expression for small pieces of music in Renaissance and pre classic ages.
Combining Sopranino Guitars with Alto Guitars, also Soprano Guitars with Prime Guitars, give more brilliance and clearness for the parts in guitar orchestra.
[Guitars for High Sound Range]
Alto Guitar, Alto Cembalo Guitar (single or double stringed)
Alto Guitar is indispensable for guitar orchestra as prince of guitar! It is a star and center of guitar orchestra as violin in string orchestra. Having smaller finger board enabled to perform with super technique exceeding before. Bright and clear sound comfortably sounds to ears and often used as solo instrument. Now, world's master craftsmen, such as Contreras, Ramirez, Paul Fisher, Rozas, Kazuo Sato, Giustina, Schneider, Burguet, Perez and others, are manufacturing Alto Guitars.
Alto Cembalo Guitar has the same sound range as Alto Guitar. Steel strings are used and played with sewing needles fixed at finger tips, and acting as Harpsichord in guitar orchestra. Performing with sewing needles at finger tips is important to have the best performance of the instrument (few performers in overseas' guitar orchestra seem to perform in correct way). The equipments for this (fixing sewing needles on leather rings to fit finger tips) and performing method are described in "Master Text Book for Guitar Orchestra". The best way will be to learn from the professionals.
Other performing ways are to pick directly with fingers and to use picks to get sound of Zither and Mandolin. There are many variations for this instrument such as single or double stringed ones, sound hole with rosette, and various body shapes.
[Guitars for Medium Sound Range]
Prime Guitar, Prime Cembalo Guitar (single or double stringed)
Prime Guitar is the most well known guitar and called as Spanish Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Gut Guitar etc. It is mainly used in such part as viola (in string orchestra) and accompaniment with arpeggios or chords in guitar orchestra.
(Sometimes in guitar orchestra, Flamenco Guitars are used in prime part to have brisk and spirited performance.)
Prime Cembalo Guitars are performed with using picks or sewing needles just the same as Alto Cembalo Guitars. Combining with Alto Cembalo Guitars, main role is Harpsichord, and sometimes used as Folk Guitars. Having long lingering and dignified sound, it will be the best instrument to perform Bach's pieces for Lute and Harpsichord. It is an excellent guitar having the richest power of expression.
[Guitars for Low Sound Range]Bass Guitar, Bass Cembalo Guitar (single or double stringed)
Bass Guitar is tuned an octave lower than Alto Guitar. It plays the part of Cello in guitar orchestra. It is an excellent guitar having very long lingering sound, easy to give vibrato, and rich power of expression. Unique howling sound giving an image of ocean is one of the charm points. There is 7 stringed Bass Guitar having additional low áF string and often used for solo of Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite etc. It is performed mainly using P finger (right thumb).
Bass Cembalo Guitar is performed mainly using picks and acting part of low sound of Harpsichord when dignified feeling is needed. All of Cembalo Guitars are possible to change tone quality and volume, and it realized expressive thoroughbass.
[Guitars for Lowest Sound Range]
Contrabass Guitar, Guitarron
Both of them are tuned an octave lower than Prime Guitar, but nature is different for each other. Contrabass Guitar has the longest strings and strong, dignified fast low sound is the charm point. This instrument is performed mainly with thumb just the same as Bass Guitar. On the other hand, Guitarron has the same string length with Prime Guitar, and it has warm, wrap up all, bouncing like percussion, sound.
Performing way by right hand is rather special, roughly saying, pinch string with fingers and let go------perform as shooting an arrow.
Various expressions of low sound are possible with various way of performance for these Contrabass Guitar and Guitarron.
Guitars for each sound range in guitar orchestra of Niibori-Method are briefly introduced above and variety of size, shape, tension, as for children, students and ladies are prepared. Please find the most suitable instrument for you and enjoy with widening world of music.
Now, in this issue for this time, teachers of Niibori Guitar Academy visited Singapore to lead many groups of guitar ensemble in this April is reported. We are very glad to know steady spread of N-Method in the world. But Alto Cembalo Guitars seems to be often performed with wrong performing way. And there is annoying problem such as instruments under the name of Niibori, but we (Niibori Group) do not concern, seems to be put on sale. Instruments giving jittering sound resulted from apoyando (especially Bass Guitar and Contrabass Guitar), and high sound range guitar with abnormally high tension, are suspected as imitations (instruments made under no permission by Headquarter of Niibori-Method). And it will be also resulted from improper tuning for improper strings.
Please properly use genuine N-Method Instruments, and enjoy study.

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