From the President Niibori's greeting message sent to the graduation concert of

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This issue in this month has put together a special issue on N-School. N-School is a generic name of vocational schools of guitar, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Ph.D) and he is working as president for all of them. The schools are consisted of Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu Campus = S-School), Educational Foundation Fujisawa Campus of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (= F-School), Foundation Tokyo Campus of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (= T-School) and all of them is called as N-School.
Specialty Course corresponding to university and High School Course corresponding to high school are prepared, and Night School Course and Saturday Concentrated Course are prepared in The 2nd Department.
N-School has been introduced sometimes in this magazine and new readers are recommended also to see Home Page of Niibori Guitar = Niibori Guitar World (both of Japanese and English versions are available).
"Evening of Concerts by New Faces" is the graduation concert of N-School. Performing solo or ensemble for High School Course and solo in concert for Specialty Course is required for graduates of N-School.
"Presented Words" by Dr. Niibori sent to the graduation concert is introduced here in this issue.

<From "Presented Words" for N-School graduates in 2009 by President Hiroki Niibori>
"Destiny" is not changeable and it means given DNA and family.
"Fortune" means to carry your life for yourself. Thus, you are making almost all of your life for yourself.
Lucky man means "person caught his/her chance".
2009 spring you graduate is in the middle of worldwide depression, as once in hundred years, and many peoples loose their jobs.
You will probably grieve, when you think generally, "graduating in awkward moment, possible to find job?, unfortunate for me".
However, it is possible to understand as "it's a chance in hundred years!, could meet rare turning point of world!".
It is simply changing from age of "material" in 20th century to age of "mind" in 21st century.
When you selected this school, knowing "job to enrich one's mind will be in the limelight in 21st century", and you are very rare lucky persons carried your life like this = caught the chance. Strongly being conscious of it, you can see results. "Being conscious of" is equal to "catching the chance".
You will remember records of all seats were fulfilled at all concerts you prepared in last year. You will clearly remember of audience overflowed at the last Spring Anniversary Concert and paying back entrance fee for many peoples to ask them go back home.
Niibori Guitar Music Schools, mother organization of N-School, are continuously accepting hundreds of new students in every month. Their age is showing wide variety, different from old times, from small children (about 3 years old) to more than 80 years old, enjoying ensembles as you know. Niibori brand was firmly selected in internet and recording continuous entering.
Many peoples in the world began to become to be aware. Present situation in Japan shows considerable fulfillment for clothing, foods and housing, but increasing suicide, and increase of peoples wishing rich in their minds.
That is to say our job is getting its turn. Chance has come. We are lucky = we have a fair wind.
All of you got marvelous chance to graduate keeping in your mind with "Niibori Method" attained all standing ovation even of European, home of music, audience.
World is waiting for you with opening both hands. Your alma mater will help you all the time. Please lead peoples firmly with "courage", "pride" and "practice".
Above is President Niibori's greeting message.
Now, graduation concert of N-School = "Evening of Concerts by New Faces" and N-School Graduation Ceremony are introduced from page 10 in this issue with snapshots.
Many concerts with not only prime guitars but also N- Method guitars of each sound range, electric guitars, vocals, and drums for solo were performed in this concert.
Each campus is also introduced in special feature articles, and please look at.
N-School is accepting foreign students also. Lessons are given in Japanese language, and "Certificate of Japanese language school record" or "Certificate of Japanese language license above 2nd class" is necessary. Requirements are set especially for foreign students such as resident's qualification should be "Foreign Student Visa".
Please ask for details.

Guide to Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public Performance
Niibori Guitar Ensemble = NE, established by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, musical director, a guitar ensemble actively performing in and outside of Japan, invited as the important guest to the guitar festivals in overseas such as U.S.A. in 2005, Singapore in 2006, Seoul, Korea in 2007, and also performed in Munich and Golden Hall of Wien, Musikferein in 2007.
It became very popular and audience and critics in overseas praised highly as world's top guitar ensemble for its ability of course, concert program, arrangements, organization, and high leveled professionals to be full of heart!
NE's recital will be scheduled in June in Tokyo and Yokohama in this year. Concepts for this time are 2 items. One is commemorating put on sale CD, collection of pieces composed by Kengo Momose = Niibori Group's famous composer, his original work pieces for guitar orchestra such as "Tsubasa", became title of CD, and others will be performed.
Another one is, performance as event concert commemorating 150 years since Opening Port Yokohama, "Opening Country Exhibition Y + 150", and original pieces for this will be performed. And Flute, Guitarron, Xylophone Concert, as in usual concert, will be performed. It will be an enjoyable concert for NE fans of course, music and guitar lovers, and first comers for classical music concert.
Especially for this time, after NE Public Performance in Tokyo, concert mainly by the Concert Master Hiromu Taguchi will be scheduled at the same place. Solo by Hiromu Taguchi of course, guitar ensemble, and costar with flute and cello are scheduled. Men's Guitar Sextet = DANROKU, he is a member, is also scheduled to perform after NE.
After the concert, "Reception commemorating Kengo Momose original CD, put on sale" is scheduled at the same place and you can join the party paying dues.
Looking forward to meet you at the hall.
Niibori Guitar Ensemble <NE> Public performance
[Tokyo] June 7 (Sun.) at Sumida Triphony Hall (small)
Part 1 Curtain rises at 14:00 NE Public Performance "World of Kengo Momose"
Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
All seats reserved.
Advance sale: S seat 4,500yen, A seat 3,500yen (on the day +500yen)
Part 2 Curtain rises at 17:00 Hiromu Taguchi Guitar Recital
All seats reserved.
Advance sale: S seat 4,500yen, A seat 3,500yen (on the day +500yen)
Reception start 19:00 Reception commemorating Kengo Momose Original CD, put on sale.
Dues (membership fee) 5,000yen
Through Ticket
Part 1 + Part 2 Advance sale: S seat 8,000yen, A seat 6,000yen
Part 1 + Part 2 + Reception Advance sale: S seat 12,000yen, A seat 10,000yen
Event commemorating 150 years since Opening Port Yokohama, "Opening Country Exhibition Y + 150"
[Yokohama] June 10 (Wed.)
Curtain rises at 19:00 at Yokohama Minatomirai Hall (Small)
Conductor: Kazuyuki Terada
All seats reserved
Advance sale: S seat 4,500yen, A seat 3,500yen (on the day +500yen)

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