''Dr. Hiroki Niibori was decorated Global Cultural Prize, historical hereditary decoration from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

Two letters written by Dr. Hiroki Niibori are introduced for this time, and the first one is delightful news.
Dr. Hiroki Niibori was decorated Global Cultural Prize on Jan. 20, 2009.
As written in the certificate of merit (carried on page 14 of this issue), signed by British ambassador Mr. Warwick Morris, the thought of "to be memorized eternally of the activity of culture, art and service ~" was prayed in this noble decoration, established by Queen Victoria in 1856. This is probably the first recipient in Japan.
Dr. Niibori's comment of pleasure is described below.

<Receiving Global Cultural Prize>
My heart is filled with deepest emotion, considering historical significance of British national organization giving "prize" for the first time to Japanese after 64 years since the war. My heart was filled with deep emotion, especially for us experienced the war, feeling like we finally could shake hands from our minds with U.K.
I would like to say from bottom of my heart thank you very much for all of related recommenders, members of British embassy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and attesters.
For the past war of both countries, Japanese (army) will say peoples in Africa etc. were liberated from British colonies, and British (army) will say Japanese trampled productive areas changed from undeveloped land, thus they grudge Japanese as so many British peoples ruined. I can understand no prize has been given to Japanese.
However, looking from viewpoint of field of art, London is the place where international professionals show their ability at their most, and world's top promoters gather. Maestros of world's 3 big guitarists, Andres Segovia, Julian Bream and John Williams, all of them lived in London to present their art to top promoters. And, Paris is the place for new stars to compete, Wien is a mecca for education, and Holland is pivotal place for information ----.
40 years ago, guitar ensemble was completely out of consideration in Japan, and we intended to receive audition in London where professionals fight. Immediately after passing audition, special do-or-die training was stated, and at last tour of 40 days was realized in 1974.
Famous Sunday Times reported "Japanese invention won big success in London!" with big headline on left top of the first page. Full of harmony with Alto guitars, Bass guitars etc. = N-Method was treated as "invention" and this organization was called as "Guitar Orchestra" for the first time in the world instead of "ensemble".
Moreover, national broadcasting station, BBC, telecasted to all of Europe and dream of international friendship concert in the world became true.
The "Philharmonic Sound" of "Guitar Orchestra" is gentle and warm to move heart of peoples in many countries, and it became to be said as "Peaceful mind was brought back and brought up". And at that time, no one could go to Nanjing because of people was saying about slaughter by Japanese army, but in 1992, 20 years from normalization of diplomatic relationship with China, we went there, accompanied by guards from airport, representing Japan, to have friendship public performance, and caused public attention to peaceful mind, to be said as "we touched millennial true art of Japan!". In 2001, if 9.11. event did not occur in U.S.A., we were scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall (tickets were already sold up to 80%) and on the next day, also scheduled to perform our peaceful sound in front of representatives of countries in war at the head quarter of United Nations.
As stated above, international friendship public performance to bring up "peaceful mind" has been continued up to 40 years, and it is my greatest pleasure and honor to be decorated historical blessing by England, our starting point.
I would like to say thank you from bottom of my heart to all of supporters.

2009 N-School Spring Anniversary Concert
Next is N-School Spring Anniversary Concert as carried on this issue as one of top news for this month (from page 8). N-School is generic name of 3 vocational colleges of guitar (music), Dr.Hiroki Niibori is president, = Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu Campus), Educational Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa Campus), Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Tokyo Campus), and President Niibori's message sent to Anniversary Concert is introduced below.

<From the greeting message for program of N-School Anniversary Concert>
I am going to tell you very important matters.
Face of unskilled performer is serious without change, and face of good performer is bright and full of life. It is not looking serious because of unskillful nor rich because of skillful. Saying bluntly, it is clearly solved that serious looking came from study with left brain only or rich looking came from finishing with right brain.
That is to say, it will be the best to try to perform with right brain.
Method of right brain centered performance comes to the most important theme of "teacher", "school" and "method (including texts)".
For instance, allegro with certain beats in a minute and ternary form etc. will need to use left brain considerably. It will be the same for memorizing score (symbols) without mistake. However, imaging as butterflies flying among rape blossoms, as moon glittering and as swell of ocean and so on will be the field of right brain. You will get lost when you tried to put in order by using left brain. When you feel with right brain, your eyes even filled with tears in sometime.
Both of sides of brain are important, and especially when you perform on stage for audience, it is needless to say that rich expression and way of reciting with right brain are very important. "Method", "Teacher" and "System and facility of school" altogether should be needed to be practiced drastically.
Higher educational institution putting heart and soul into above mentioned items is very rare in the world, and our schools practiced them, performed many times in Europe, home of music, to have been admitted professionally. The most outstanding examples of above are the successful public performances in Munich and Vienna in the year before last. World's top professionals praised highly.
"Method of our school" has excellent devices. They are musical instruments to make full of harmony with "high-pitched tone", "medium-pitched tone" and "low-pitched tone" (well-balanced sound for whole body and brain), musical scores and conducting method, and development of them is finished.
Therefore, even learning in our school, studying only for prime guitar, electric guitar (prime), singing, piano, or flute, it is impossible to obtain standing ovation of audience in Vienna.
The balance of left and right brain will be obtained by learning Alto, Prime and Bass Guitars in well-balanced manner, and for examples, students of flute or singing learn guitar or piano, students of Bass guitar learn Alto electric guitar, students of drum learn guitar or singing, and so on.
Learning method in maximum speed for them will be "experiencing philharmonic guitar orchestra and band".
In this evening, students (successors=standard bearers bringing up raison d'etre in 21st century) practiced noticeable those items in the world will perform on the formal stage. I believe you audience will understand the performers benefitting this world from their looking of whole bodies. Will you stand on the stage with us in next year? I am looking forward from bottom of my heart to success of performers.

They are president's letters. Furthermore, International Niibori Guitar Music Academy is also accepting foreign students.

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