''From the greeting messages sent to New Year Concert (Recital) by Niibori Guitar Music Schools, classrooms for hobby.

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

This March issue has put together a special issue on classrooms with Niibori-Method (Guitar Classes, Music Classes, and Circles etc.).
This corner in the past introduced Dr. Hiroki Niibori as president of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory, but Dr. Niibori first established Niibori Guitar Music School for general public and he is continuously working as president. Niibori Guitar Music School has classrooms directly managed by head office and classrooms of Niibori Brand individually managed by leading disciples in many places in Japan. And these classrooms have about 100 times of students of vocational colleges.
And it will be the first time for this corner to introduce greeting message of Professor Masatoshi Ishizuka, chief of Tokyo Campus of International Niibori Guitar Music Academy, 2nd department of vocational college (study a little more professionally than hobby, in the off time of work or other school). His original music scores have been introduced in this magazine and performed also in overseas. For example, now, you will be able to see on internet the performance of Taiwanese guitar ensemble playing "Dejavu", composed by Masatoshi Ishizuka, as a concert for violin and guitar ensemble.
These 2 greeting messages will properly introduce classrooms of Niibori Guitar Music School.
[From greeting message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori]
I ardently recommend "live a long life". Living a long life brings unexpected pleasure. I can say it definitely from my actual feeling.
I am not saying only for "one's life". Job, hobby, volunteer activity and so on, the contents of every thing will become genuine and fruitful just with "living a long life = continue = succession".
Saying from my experience, even for having lots of failures, things said to be impossible, and violent slanders, the rewarded days will surely come if research was continued and a little progress was made in every year.
In 53 years ago, 1 year before establishing Niibori Guitar Music School, I had zero classrooms, zero students, zero members of ensemble, zero published textbooks, zero well-known, zero achievements, zero soprano guitars and bass guitars, zero exclusive strings (for guitars of each sound range), zero funds, all of family and relatives opposed me, the only first son of poor white-collar father, to establish guitar class (music school) intending to realize my dream to "establish guitar orchestra", no precedent one in the world, that was thought to be an only impossible dream of a youth in Japanese social affairs of that time, soon after the war and insufficient clothing, foods and housings. However, putting screw nails at the side of empty box of oranges, stretching strings for Samisen, Japanese Koto or fishing lines, my eyes filled with tears at night when I succeeded to get sound 5th higher than prime guitar (sound of present Alto Guitar).
Once you mastered basic performing method of guitar, you will easily perform Sopranino Guitar, Soprano Guitar, Alto Guitar, Bass Guitar, Contrabass Guitar, Guitarron, and Cembalo Guitars for each sound range. That is the Niibori Method, fantastic method, now peoples naturally enjoying in 26 countries in the world. If I gave up on the way, Niibori Guitar Music School will not exist now. And friendship among numerous members of ensembles will not exist.
I am 75 years old now and I can clearly say that I felt my raison d'etre more in 60s than 50s of ages. And now passing age of 70, there are many items became clearer.
For my conducting method, of course, also for leading method of music in general, I am surprised and impressed deeply in my mind that I found the existence of happiness becoming able to newly learn day by day and to lead more effectively (comparing with past time).
Only by living a long life, continuing and bringing up successor, I can taste this true happiness.
Performers appearing on the stage of this New Year Concert are bringing up carefully this tradition. Each of those points is believed to be the first step to realize the big dream of "World-wide Family". The method to learn those points most effectively is just the theme of this year "Beautiful sound, Rapid progress with DVD".
I hope from bottom of my heart the concert will be successful.
[From greeting message of Prof. Masatoshi Ishizuka]
Continuation to Succession, from New Year Concert
I will start from this story, because students often asked me "why this concert was held soon after busy time at the beginning of the year?"
"Concert performed by students" is scheduled as a yearly program in Niibori Guitar Music School.
The beginning of main curriculum is New Year Concert (New Year Live for electric guitar course) held usually in January. All of students will be able to perform solo and ensemble as the concert is held for each of classrooms.
Spring Concert (Spring Live or Petit Energy for electric guitar course) is held in April and performed combining some of classrooms in the area. Solo and ensemble for this will be limited to recommended programs.
"Resound and sparkle Full Guitar Orchestra!" (Live Energy Pre-selection in July-August for electric guitar course) is held in June and public performances by each of all classrooms in TokyoÅEChibaÅEKanagawa, all classrooms in Shizuoka, and all classrooms in other districts are held. Solo and ensemble will be limited to programs recommended through severe selection. Simultaneously it is regarded as pre-selection festival for "All Japan Guitar Concours".
"All Japan Guitar Concours" sponsored by Nihon Kyouiku Guitar League (Live Energy Final-selection in November for electric guitar course) is held in October and compete for No. 1 in Japan for each of 11 departments.
Now, you understand all. Yearly goal is set in autumn, arts will ripe and best season for musical instruments, and New Year Concert, aiming the goal, is held and preparation starts in previous autumn. Stage practice is the short cut for making progress. Using DVD at the lesson, pursuing beautiful sound with taking priority over right brain, is proved as the most effective way to succeed in stage practice.
Niibori-Method allows entering the school at any time and you can make progress with enjoying it. Audience came to cheer is recommended to perform with us at the next time.
Now, New Year is beginning. Participation has big meaning! Let's enjoy fully!!

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