Beautiful Sound, Rapid Progress with DVD, N-Group's Theme for 2009

Kiyomi Niibori (a member of NE & Ladies' Quartet, Master of Arts in Music)

It was a great honor and happiness that great many New Year's Greetings to be carried on January issue of this magazine were sent to us. Thank you.
New Year's message of Dr. Hiroki Niibori was also carried on January issue and N-Group's theme for this year was shown. Dr. Niibori talked more practically and explained how to use textbooks of N-Method, CD and DVD at "New Year's Round-table Discussion" as shown in this issue. That is introduced here to be able to refer effectively for all of you.
[From Dr. Hiroki Niibori's talk at 2009 New Year's Round-table Discussion]
Studying music in the past --- especially for the music called as classical, peoples studying it are supposed to be getting eagerly much knowledge and tried to reach wonderful performance. That is to say, study theory first. They tried, utilizing theory and knowledge with left brain, to understand the image drawn by composer.
However, I think it will be better to change the method of study. I became aware, through my experience for long years, of sense for the first, that is to say studying with right brain, gives more rapid progress.
Sound and image come first to study. Needless to say that appreciation of live performance is the best way and possibly to do in daily life is to fully utilize DVD.
Studying and giving lessons with utilizing DVD, sense the first, = "right brain centered" has been theme from last year. For this year, "beautiful sound" was added as theme. The biggest charm of music and guitar is beautifulness of sound.
Beautiful sound to heal heart of peoples is thought to be most necessary one for modern society.
CD, DVD and "beautiful sound" are necessary to be fully utilized for actual lesson and home study. Actually, making software has been proceeded for some time, and it becomes at final stage to complete systematically. "Beautiful sound", of course, and high standard of agogic (increase and decrease of tempo) are utilized, the educational system for this field in the world is very few, and this method is thought to be epoch making to be able to learn naturally and easily.
Learning agogic on the desk or teaching with letters and diagrams is almost impossible work, said to be ultimate method to express musical impression and I would like to make it possible to learn for beginners without any difficulty. It became possible with the age of DVD has come.
Picking up examples of software = texts concretely, one of them is "Small Collection of Beautiful Pieces of Music", collection of my original small pieces for beginners = just began playing guitars. CD is already put on sale and "collection of pieces•educational method" will be published soon, as scores were described separately on various textbooks and collection of pieces before.
Next one is "Textbook of How to Produce Beautiful Sound" edited with beautiful sound as the theme. Moreover, this is a collection of pieces with red arrow marks at "heart" to sound beautiful ones and this will be the collection of pieces of the first in the world! (To tell the truth, editor at that time refused as "printing the collection with 2 colors was assumed to be expensive".) Publishing went ahead for this case and now sound recording = CD is now started. I selected performers carefully from N-Method teachers performing with exceptional beautiful sound in Japan and gave lessons of ideal agogic for specific piece of music. It will become marvelous CD remembered forever.
The 3rd one is the field of solo combined with ensemble = concert and it is "Six Concertinos", my original pieces assuming to be performed by children. Collected scores were already published and DVD with performance by children were also put on sale but,,,. Unfortunately, it is regrettable that the musical performance did not reach my ideal level. Of course it was greatly valuable for educational aspect.
Composer him self wanted to present actual sound of ideal music as he imagined.
Then, for this time, I am going to produce CD or DVD with solo by professional performers, not children, in musically high leveled performance also with latest sound as a model of performance.
The 4th is "Collection of Famous Pieces Performed by Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet". It is the field of origin of N-Sound•Guitar Ensemble, Quintet with N-Method guitars of each sound range. Collected scores of pieces and CD are already completed. Both of works are very popular.
The 5th is "Nocturne", with the organization tending to guitar orchestra and collected healing sounds. This is CD.
The last one is DVD, "International Friendship Public Performance 2007 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra", with enjoyable sound and image recorded at the hall giving the most beautiful sound of guitar in the world = Golden Hall of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien.
Thus, the curriculum, making it possible without difficulty even for beginners to study music in very high level up to sound at Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien, with enjoyable DVD will be completed soon. Continuously making up insufficient points, genuine lesson system, possible to study with right brain = sense, will approach its complete finish. Paying attention to this point in starting this year, as the theme for this year, the slogan was set.
Prominent teaching materials described above are shown below. (Prices including tax)
1."Small Collection of Beautiful Pieces of Music" CD (2,100yen)
2."Textbook of How to Produce Beautiful Sound" Textbook (3,360yen)
3."Six Concertinos" Collection of pieces (3,161yen)
4."Collection of Famous Pieces Performed by Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet-1" Collection of pieces (2,940) CD (2,100yen)
5."Nocturne" performed by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra CD (1,575yen)
6."International Friendship Public Performance 2007 by Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra" DVD (3,150yen)

*Dr. Niibori was awarded Golden Medal from The Mongolian Red Cross Society on Jan. 3, 2009. This prize was sent for his contribution to humanitarian activities for vulnerable people of Mongolia. (Certificate of merit, Medal and Lapel Badge are carried on p.13 of this issue.)
*Promotion DVD of Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra was completed.Japanese and English versions are available now. German version is under way.

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